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"I've never ever heard anyone here say they don't celebrate Christmas because they're not Christian."

I'm not arguing with your points on Christmas and religion, but your experiences with people and mine are obviously different.

Not saying one of us is wrong or right, we just have different experiences because I am not exaggerating when I say 99% between my personal friends and the friends and relatives of those friends.

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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending Christmas in Japan? See in context

In Japan, I have to more or less make the Christmas spirit where I live in the country because honestly 99% of the Japanese people I know say, "I'm not Christian, so I don't celebrate it."

Well, I'm not Christian but I celebrate and beyond the inside of my apartment, not much goes on where I live.

Whereas in parts of France, the Us, Germany and even Scotland where I've had the fortune of celebrating because of my dad's work, the communities create a whole Christmas experience that keeps you warm in the cold.

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no, No, NO!

Why is that woman holding a "Gael Garcia Bernal" photo on a stick?!

Guy-Next-To-Her, quickly tell her wrong picture! Or wrong movie if she's doing "Y Tu Mama Tambien"

Or maybe she's just showing pictures of their previous co-stars to the arriving actors from Rogue One, either way, Not Cool.

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Posted in: Japan's pudgy pop stars take aim at obesity prejudice See in context

No, this isn't taking aim at prejudice, it's just catering to a niche market: a fetish for pudgy girls.

They found out you can be fat and make money doing it, like Naomi Watanabe, Chris Farley, and so on. So more power to him, but don't act like they're heroes because they're telling everyone it's okay to eat an unhealthy diet.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin end summit with little to show on isles row See in context

Japan has zippo, nada, zero leverage.

This is Putin. PUTIN! Of the KGB!

In Soviet Russia, he doesn't give to you, you give in to him! Just ask Crimea. Just ask Trump.

Abe, you have a cute military that's green surrounded by countries that eat cute militaries for breakfast. It's best you call it a day on getting these islands back.

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Posted in: Diet enacts law to allow casino gambling at 'integrated resorts' See in context

It is sad this island nation is now just going to become one long Las Vegas strip.

As if the love hotels along every road and highway wasn't an eyesore already, now there will be glittering Golden Nugget at every off ramp.

Japan isn't as wide and vast as the US to hide their casinos in tucked away spots, and I mean...

"Billionaire U.S. casino moguls such as Sheldon Adelson, head of Las Vegas Sands Corp, and Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts, or their representatives have often visited Japan to lobby for legalization."

Doesn't the above scare you already enough to fight this legislation?

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How long will it take for Japan to nominate these casinos as UNESCO heritage sites?

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Posted in: Gov't reconsiders plan to change Japan's iconic hot spring symbol after backlash See in context

People, we're talking about symbols on a map. Not renaming Mount Fuji to Mount Steve, but something to help guests who are coming to spend oodles of cash in your country. Who cares.

That's first, but second and most important is underneath that symbol it should say: Tattoos not allowed because that'll save many of us the time of finding what the symbol is supposed to represent.

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Posted in: The government hopes to get a casino bill passed in the Diet this month. Do you think casinos should be legalized in Japan? See in context

No, no and no.

Studies have shown that the values of homes near casinos decrease.

Only hotel owners and real estate investors make the real money.

Local places of entertainment, restaurants, etc lose their business and usually are forced to shut down.

The majority of the gambling money comes from locals and not tourists, thus any financial benefit to the community just gets spent at the casino.

Also, the majority of money made comes from addicts, those with mental health disorders.

Substance abuse, suicide, mental illness, violent crime, auto theft and larceny, and bankruptcy all go up by about 10%.

The rise in crime ends up costing the community because for each man hour spent solving the crime, housing and processing the criminal, and the trial all costs money.

In Japan, roughly 1 in 10 plays pachinko. Now imagine adding poker, roulette, Vegas style slot machines, etc and the addiction will only grow.

Jobs are created, but jobs are lost.

Tax revenue is greatly increased but since when have we wished the government had more money? The government can't manage to spend wisely what it already has.

I've been to them, lived near them, and casinos are like the Olympics are pro sports stadiums: The community ends up paying for them for years and years and years and end up getting buried by them.

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Posted in: X-Japan musician Yoshiki promises his support for Cool Japan See in context

Japan has some cool things about it, but Cool Japan is definitely not one of them.

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Posted in: IOC: Tokyo's huge cost could scare off cities considering bids for future Olympics See in context

I find it so hilarious that the IOC is emphasizing that a country use existing facilities to reduce costs when the IOC itself never gives the games to a city that already has the facilities. Brazil, Socchi, Tokyo all won the games by promising to build new billion dollar arenas.

If reuse is important, let Athens host it again, or London and so on.

Tokyo lied in its bid. Pure and simple and should lose the Olympics.

I love the idea behind the Olympics: Athletes coming from all over the world to meet one another, to share in each other's culture, and to compete after training for so many years and giving your home country some pride.

And then it got corporate.

NBC pays billions for television rights and dictates start times for the main sports, cities spend ludicrous amounts of money just to be awarded the games, and the economic benefit of holding the games never reaches the citizens who are displaced or the problems a country should be spending money on.

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He needs rehab, which is what he never got the first time. Real rehab, the kind Japan doesn't have because they don't admit there's an addiction issue here.

You just throw people in a jail and think that'll sort a junkie out, make a criminal go straight, but not at all.

Japan doesn't have a heroin issue or a cocaine issue, but alcoholism is rampant, other kinds of drug addiction, and people with these addictions are ignored and left to solve things on their own because Japan doesn't devote the resources to helping these people.

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It's called good business.

Her role is probably a throwaway role, not vital to the story and anyone could have done it.

But pay a little more to cast her and maybe it will help at the Japanese box office.

It's one reason why American movies are starting to cast well-known Chinese actors in their films, helps them get free marketing in China and helps to get more international attention.

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Man these comments. Instead of old people telling young people to dress respectfully, now young people are telling old people how to dress!

Isn't the whole point to express yourself and to be who you are and not dress like everyone else? Get your freak on!

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Posted in: Trump sees Abe as ally in push back against China: adviser See in context

I am thinking with the little Tao Farmer inside me, you know, that old story of teaching everyone to not jump to conclusions and to "Wait and see" or "We'll see".

Because I'm less worried about Trump and more worried about a Republican controlled House and Senate. They have a long track record of wanting to strike down Roe V Wade and of being global warming deniers. Plus, almost everything deplorable thing Trump has said, Republicans who are still in office have also said, like things about women and minorities.

I'm just saying, let's see what Trump's first 100 Days are and what the first orders he stamps and signs are.

Maybe this could be good for Japan, business, and (gasp) America... and I hate the guy.

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Posted in: Japan a great place for returning lost-and-found items See in context

I don't agree that Japan is some utopia where everything lost finds its way back to its master like some idealistic tale of a pet traveling the country to find its owner.

I've traveled around enough to know every country is hit or miss when it comes to lost items. I've gotten things back in Japan and I've never seen again certain items I've lost in Japan.

I never expect to get back what I lost, but when I do, I'm always overjoyed and I, not Japanese, always treat every item I find with care and turn it in knowing I'd want the same done to my lost property.

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I'd say reading the books are a waste of time because every time Trump speaks he rewrites his own history.

Before becoming president, not much concrete can be said about Trump beyond his marriages and kids because reports on his businesses vary, reports on political beliefs vary, reports on his friendships vary, and no source about any of this information can be trusted.

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Hollywood Celebrities In Shock because Hollywood celebrities don't really live in America.

They live in an insulated world where your friends are celebrities, your homes have high walls, you have trained yourself to ignore real people on the street because of what they may say or they're taking photos of you.

And America was shocked because we listened to The Daily Show, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Kimmel, Colbert and the like telling us over and over how stupid the Trump people were and let's laugh at these idiots...

...And that's the problem, we lived in our own worlds, watched the shows we agreed with and mocked middle America over and over, but never actually talking to middle America.

That's why were all shocked. Fox News, Jon Stewart, they don't actually inform us, just separate us.

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I think this annoys me more about Abe, more than the Abenomics and Everything's Under Control, because those actions and decisions were based on him thinking about his country and thinking on his own. RIght or wrong, he was acting on his own.

But this abused girlfriend who keeps going back to the bad boy-attitude is so frustrating. This I'm with America no matter what they do or what they say about me or what they want me to do, I'm always by your side thing is pathetic.

Have some pride, man. Isn't that what Japan is always accused of having too much of? I know I'm asking for too much, but be smarter.

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Honestly, I just don't know what these angry white voters saw in Trump's whole history that made them think He cares about us, the little guy.

He lost a billion dollars! In one year. He uses Chinese steel, he's scammed the lower-income students at his university, he's exploited low wage labor...

I can't , I just don't want to imagine this man in the white house, his finger on butt-ons and representing America. This serious, it's not a joke, and a lot can happen in 4 years. A lot. This isn't just one in the loss column, it's a big victory for those with hate in their heart and that scares me.

So angry.

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I also believe the Social Justice Warrior aspect made the angry disenfranchised white voter come out in droves, and Clinton never campaigned to blue collar whites in rural America.

She kept her campaign focused on showing minorities she was their voice while Trump appealed to majority of the population, Whites.

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Posted in: Canada's immigration website appears to crash as Trump lead grows; NZ also gets inquiries See in context

But all lines are open on JET Programme and Eikaiwa sites.

Teaching English abroad looks a little better now, huh? ...

Of course, Trumpica will soon be foreclosing on Japan so there is that...

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I wouldn't do it. Call it stupid pride, but, no.

If you ever needed a gentle nudge to diversify your business dealings, well now you got a great big shove. Dust off those relationships in Europe and so on because this man will buy your house and foreclose on you before the handshake is over.

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I'd say the majority of Americans have said they want to blow this whole thing up and to give Washington a wake up call.

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Well, what most people seem to forget is that the country is very much a majority white country and the white voters have seemed to come out in droves like hispanic voters or black voters did for Obama in 2008.

The problem is, Obama had a strong male vote where men overall have been voting for Trump this time.

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Honestly, I feel like I'm in a "The Man In The High Castle" alternate universe.

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I've never seen an election where the people cared so little about so much with Trump and cared so much about so little with Clinton.

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I think another thing that we are seeing is those doing the polling didn't ask or were too scared to ask the uneducated white voter living in the rural areas who'd they vote for because as you can see, it's overwhelmingly for Trump.

But what really shocks me is how much of the female vote that Trump is getting.

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Absolutely. Heartbreaking,

But not surprising. America has become so racially divided this past year and the Angry White Voter is voicing their feelings with their vote.

Black Lives Matter and the national anthem protests have united the media but you can see in the election the Angry White Voter now has this scared animal backed up in a corner mentality and they like Trump's attitude toward minorities and immigration.

It's truly scary stuff. I literally feel chest pains.

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A: How many business leaders does it take to put on an earpiece?

B: Business leaders don't put on an earpiece, they hold a meeting and just talk about putting on an earpiece

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