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Posted in: Philippine president assures Japan his visit to China was all about economics See in context

In other words, I have a price, China's made a bid, can you beat that?

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Posted in: International Rowing Federation against Tokyo 2020 venue change See in context

FISA and the IOC and the world's athletes were all promised something, and now Japan says actually we can't live up to that and you blame FISA?

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Posted in: S Korea surprised by 2020 Games venue relocation reports See in context

IOC: If you don't build it, we won't come and we'll move the Olympics to Korea! What do you say to that?

Tokyo: Okay.

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Posted in: IOC, Koike to set up 4-party review panel on 2020 Olympic costs See in context

Makes this article from 2013 all the more interesting...

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Posted in: Olympic discussion See in context

The art of deception.

Right now, she's taking his wallet cuz she needs some cash!

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Posted in: IOC, Koike to set up 4-party review panel on 2020 Olympic costs See in context

Somewhere in a government office in Istanbul: Hahahhahaha! Hahaha! Ha ha haha!

Your first Tokyo Governor and his cronies lied to get the Olympics with fanciful promises. He resigned due to a financial scandal.

Your next Governor and his cronies (most of the same cronies) paid for plans, scrapped plans, paid for new plans and these new plans were also a fraud. That governor has also resigned in disgrace because of a financial scandal.

Now, your city is also in a crapstorm because of a fish market and that money pit.

And you're in a business with a crooked entity in the IOC who refuses to adapt to new times and common sense that a country can't build state of the art billion dollar facilities for every single sport only to be used in this large capacity once.

If I was Tokyo, or Koike, I'd play hardball and say, Nope. We're holding these events at good, but used facilities and if these Olympic athletes don't want to come, then don't come, but you're not holding us hostage. We'll put on the best games we can where we can hold them.

Not that I'm rooting for Tokyo, cuz it's their fault for trying to sell a lie to begin with.

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Posted in: 'Snowden' director Stone warns of U.S. bid to 'control the world' See in context

Well, if the US is trying to control it...

I'd say the Chinese are trying to own it...

The Russians are trying to hack into it...

The North Koreans are trying to blow it up...

The Brits are trying to exit it...

and Japan is trying to ignore it.

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Posted in: Foreign spies hacked Australian agency, report says See in context

Please watch the documentary Zero Days.

When everything from a city's infrastructure to your personal info is controlled by computers, Cyber Warfare is terrifying.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

First off, I'm surprised anyone can understand a train or bus driver's announcement. They always talk like they inhaled the mic.

Second off, I don't think you need to warn the Japanese there are foreigners on a train. A foreigner on train, in a supermarket, in an elevator, is the first thing they notice and stare at.

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Posted in: The government has proposed mandatory country of origin labeling for all food products processed in Japan. Do you look at labels to see the country of origin when you are buying food? See in context

Honestly, the first "label" I look at is the price.

Then, I'll check the cheapest one and see where it's made. The problem is, the woman I'm related to by marriage is Japanese and she always trusts "Made in Japan" blindly and goes for that.

I've been able to over time teach her not to judge food by it's cover.

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