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Posted in: Brazil packed with travel riches, so why so few tourists? See in context

And it's very far.

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Posted in: Voting gets under way in regional elections See in context

I did not have much choice so I voted for communists!!

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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

Huge gap in gender proportion.Some estimates 50 million men in India will never get married!!

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Posted in: Hostage video: Was it really done outside? See in context

Hey Coward put off your mask.

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Posted in: 300 police officers subjected to disciplinary action in 2014 See in context

Bad cops are in every country!!

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Posted in: Islamic State threat could stiffen Abe's stance on security See in context

What about Mr Abe ruquest them like Please do not kill them for the sake of ALlAH!!

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Posted in: 3 people perish in Nagoya apartment fire See in context

Yeah these heaters also smell bad!!

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Posted in: Smoke haters go after smokers with a vengeance See in context

I was born in a family who were followers of only and one religion which does not allow smoking!! Sikh !! So obiviously I never smoked!! Smoking or not smoking is someone's choice!! I know many people who smoke, most of them are well behaved ( here i am not taking their side, smoking is not good ) . And I know many hard core anty smokers who behave like a cult ( here i am with them too if they behave rational ) On a lighter note , once I kissed a woman who was a smoker !! Taste was bad !! Cheers friends and Happy New Year !!

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