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Posted in: Do you think bringing foreign nurses and caregivers to work in Japan is a good idea? See in context

I am a portuguese nurse working in the UK, not by choice but as a necessity. I came here to earn enough money that enables me to go and work as a nurse in Japan as this is my dream. Unfortunatly that seems like a unreachable goal since Japan has really strict regulamentations for foreigners to work and live long term in Japan. Japanese don't want emmigrants living and working in Japan. In their minds, single people can eventualy marry japanese people and therefore "corrupt" their descendency...there would be more mixed children and less "pure" japanese kids, no mather how much they need children in their country for the continuity of the growing economy, japanese governemnt still has ideals of racial purity from WWII in my oppinion, and this ideals are supported by older generations which make the most part of Japan's population.

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