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Posted in: Some wonder if Japan's new leaders have economic vision See in context

great time to worry.... after the guy is elected. hmmm, apparently the people lack the vision to elect a leader in the first place.

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Posted in: Letterman apologizes again for 'bad' Palin joke See in context

I think the way Todd Palin replied with a detailed situation involving someone raping his daughter was very strange. The fact that their minds went to the most perverse thing kinda disturbs me. The way Sarah Palin went ON AND ON about old men was also really creepy.

It's funny how they seem easily able to conjure up terrible scenarios when Letterman said very little about any of that. And I highly doubt that Letterman making a joke requires an apology to all the girls in the country. Hey maybe they should get their religious leaders to apologize for the far worse raping of children and destroying of lives instead of making such ridiculous statements.

It's their over-the-top rude and crazy reactions that cause people to make such fun on them anyway. I wonder if they realize that. If they just responded with "That's inappropriate considering the daughter accompanying me was 14." instead of the huge, gross diatribe that came out of their mouths.

I'm glad the Sarah Palin is NOT in charge of the whole of the US.

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Posted in: What did you think of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech to the Muslim world? See in context

yabits: Why is there a section of Americans who despise everything about Islam? I doubt they know very much about Islam at all. Personally, I think Islam is as silly as Christianity, if neither of those movements make forward progression. Just because some Americans despise Islam and some Muslims despise Christianity does not mean that we shouldn't reach for a peace. Peace will be attained by teaching people NOT to despise things especially while not having even a rudimentary grasp of them, and also while not realizing that there are extremists on both sides.

I cannot foresee which leader will follow President Obama. I cannot foresee whether his olive branch is motivated by oil interests. (Though why would anyone fight for an dying supply of energy when it's insanely obvious that we desperately need renewable energy.)What I do know is that we should be reaching out to one another as humans and trying to work out our differences. Perhaps President Obama will be known in history as a fraud or just another American politician. But it's already more progressive steps than in the recent past and is what the world needs. Is it everything the world needs? Is it 100% perfect? Will Obama save the world? No. But even if it's all just a hypocritical front, billions of people around the world are coming together (even if only a little) and recognizing some fundamental humanitarian rights and needs in our advanced society.

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Posted in: How would you evaluate U.S. President Barack Obama's first 100 days in office? See in context

He appears to have done more in his short time in office than GWB did for four years. or wait, does making inane statements to the press while golfing count?

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Posted in: Should the U.S. government bail out American automakers? See in context

There isn't really a choice at this point. It is important to have the auto industry back up and running but in a more efficient way (both the cars and the industry).

It drives me insane though that for years and years, huge profits were pocketed and not put back into the companies. Also, the "bottom line" and "oil-centric" politics got in the way of doing the research to switch over to more environmentally friendly products, despite the fact that environmentalism has been a concern for decades.

In the same way though, consumers have been displaying a typical "me-first" attitude in wanting everything now and very cheap. As an example, we kill diversity and variety by shopping at the Walmarts to "save money" (so we can spend more on cable TV or coca-cola?) Consumers have the power to vote with their dollars. And we are typically cheap and unwilling to put money into new technologies until it's very late in the game. This issue is vast and complex and not the fault of just one section of people. We have been spoiled and been completely willing to turn a blind eye to all sorts of evidence, until of course terrible environmental disasters started occurring in our everyday life.

We are experiencing the "don't change the stupid traffic intersection until 100 people die from it" syndrome. That is how humans, on a mass scale, are. It's depressing that it took so long, but heartening that people are finally starting to get it. Will it be too late?

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Posted in: We could afford to feed people for a decade on what these koalas cost every year. I know koalas are cute, but this recession is hurting. The money should be spent on people in need. See in context

of all the RIDICULOUS things humans spend money on, giving an animal that we've run off it's native land, the food it requires to eat is NOT a bad thing.

stop and think of all the unnecessary junk we buy each day.

do we need lap dances and that 15th round? how about magazines about hotties or "brangelina" or makeup?

it seems like misplaced ire to worry about the cost to feed animals when there are far more incisive decisions to be made about how we each spend our money every day.

the problem is not the Koalas eating food, it's us needing to buy cable tv, newer phones, brand name crappy clothes that pay 3rd world country people pennies a day. etc etc.

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Posted in: What are your views on parents hitting their children as a means of discipline? See in context

I think hitting as discipline is a hard issue. I know for me, as a child, I would have never needed to be hit. I was (as it was the 70s/80s).

I think parents need to work harder at knowing their child and trying to explain things to them. I think most to all children should be able to be reasoned with so they understand WHY they shouldn't do something. If the proper time has been taken and emotional support given to a child, you should be able to reason with them at a certain age. This may not always be the case. But hitting your child, because they don't listen (because you haven't given them the knowledge, time, love, and emotional support) is pretty terrible and rather immoral.

Some people / personality types seem to need more than just a reasonable explanation however. Regardless, I still think that if those people / kids had someone who tried to understand them, learn about them, spend time with them, those personality traits could be "avoided" or controlled in some way.

Of course, I'm not a parent. So, I'm sure it's easier said than done.

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Posted in: Which side is more disdainful of the other: Vegetarians or non-vegetarians? See in context

It's hard to say. We're all really good at being SOOOO offended by things that we never have top actually face any issues.

Some points to consider:

Circle of life. The lion isn't thinking about how it's wrong to eat meat for lunch. Everything in life is about consuming. Breathing, eating, walking, talking. We can't get away from our consumptive nature. We burn fuel to live.

Lots of people think eating meat is OK because hey, it's in the bible. To me, it just makes me think poorly of the bible. Oh, go ahead and kill a whole bunch of animals because god doesn't seem to have the self esteem to realize his creatures are imperfectly designed.

People currently have very little responsibility for their meat eating. The meat comes already cooked in restaurants and it neat little packages that don't resemble anything as disgusting as a meat factory. People don't have to think about the horrific conditions animals generally have to live in.

People are freaking cheap and would rather pay $1 less for pork chops from farms that stack the pigs so they defecate all over one another and never see the light of day. And no, being poor doesn't count. You could not buy the 2 L of coke or bag of doritos and make some smart and non-cruel meat-eating decisions.

Most people don't stop to realize that we don't have to eat meat at every meal. We take meat for granted. Eating meat means taking a life. But eating vegetables means killing as well (though I know it isn't the same thing.) We need to show respect for everything in our lives. We need to consume to exist, but we don't have to treat other creatures and flora like it is there simply for us to use and abuse.

PS. I am NOT a vegetarian, but am trying to cut back on my Western meat-meat-meat mentality. Perhaps we should stop creating another generation of meat eaters and teach children that there is a balance and respect that is needed.

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Posted in: 'Monga' in our midst See in context

Japanese people are just people. Slightly confused and scared about the uncertainties in life in general. Each country has it's own racist / biased rants to be found. It is borne of fear and protectionism.

Still it saddens me. Mainly because I will be visiting Japan, and though I am entirely respectful, calm and admire Japanese culture, I will be affected by the need to protect, by racism.

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