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EastmanToday 09:01 am JST

right move,its time to work together more than before,put away old fashioned views and propaganda.

Highly unlikely. China wants to dominate and acquire more territory regardless of the toll on human lives. The rest is just for show. Regarding "Propaganda" perhaps you should turn off the TV and do some actual historical research on the subject.

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Posted in: Biden says U.S.-led evacuation from Kabul is accelerating See in context

Biden stood there and lied more times than Pinocchio. Multiple intelligence agencies as well as commanders on the ground apprised him of the situation on the ground months ago and what steps to take to avoid the current crisis. He has always been a liar and incompetent as well. Even the US Media is turning against him.

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Posted in: Toyota reaches settlement over bullied engineer's suicide See in context

Sorry to inform you, but bullying is not tied to a singular generation. It comes in all forms, shapes and sizes....

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Posted in: Toyota reaches settlement over bullied engineer's suicide See in context

OlympicSupportToday 05:05 pm JST

Lip service....Bullying, harassment is part of the Japanese culture and will continue to be until this old generation dies off and is no longer in charge.

Sorry to inform you, but bullying is not tied to singular generation.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot dead by police officer in Toyama See in context

The shooting was legit. If he was brazen enough to threaten a police officer with a knife, what did he think was going to happen? Some lessons need to be learned the hard way.

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Posted in: Police officer shoots knife-wielding man dead in Niigata See in context

u_s__reamerDec. 19 11:35 pm JST

...when the attacker is within 2 meters with a knife, the police is instructed to shoot to neutralise (=make SURE the attacker is stopped on the spot).

Yes, but stepping back would put more distance than 2 meters between them before shooting the legs to "neutralize" without taking a life. I'll say it again, there is no excuse for jackleg cops with guns.

If you have never been in that position, don't be so quick to criticize. If the perpetrator is brazen enough to threaten a police officer with a knife, then he is taking his own life in his hands. He could throw the knife and severely injure the officer. The office did the right thing and stopped the perp. before he could the officer or anyone else.

It's called personal responsibily and there is no exuse for threatening people with a knife.

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A fair enough settlement -- in America, she would have been overpowered by 2 or 3 burly security guards and wrestled to the floor, then tasered (or shot!) if she showed any resistance...

This reminds me of "O Brother Where Art Thou?" when Everett was punched and told to "Stay out of the Woolworth's".

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Posted in: Trump claims victory despite uncounted votes; Biden urges caution See in context

From the beginning the fraudulent mainstream media was asserting that Biden was the victor. The entire Biden / Harris socialist ticket was a joke to begin with. The Dem's never condemned the burning, looting and rioting of armed thugs (domestic terrorists) while they tore down Dem controlled cities. Good for Trump. For the rest of you, the truth hurts.

Get off the MSM and TV and do a bit of research.

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Posted in: Springsteen on 1st guitar, touring and Twitter See in context

Takamine guitars are excellent. My lead guitar player never used anything but Takamine. Whilst I used Jacksons and floating bridges, his neck through always stayed in tune, had great sound and a fast neck. The pickups sounded great as well.

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

No thanks. They can keep them.

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