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Posted in: America is the most selfish country. See in context

I think we (American) are not the most selfish country, we do more to ensure that all other less fortunate countries are taken care of and we didn't elected Bush twice he stole the first one and the second time around we didn't have much a choice Bush or the other guy. But at least we are allowed to vote for our leaders.

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Posted in: Man arrested for dragging girlfriend with car in Saitama See in context

If he want to leave in such a hurry, he could have had a little respect for his woman and given her the phone back. If you are mad and upset with her, give her all her sh** back right then and there. But I will not waste my time on this issue, they will kiss and make up and she will drop the charges and he will in up kill her sometime in the near future. stay tune

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