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Posted in: Body found on Beppu mountainside identified as missing Kobe nurse See in context

This is so sad. She was brave to go out on an adventure by herself. It sucks that it had to end like this.

It would be easy to blame the victim for going out on her own. What are women supposed to do? Go out under armed guard everywhere they go? It's not like she went out to a war zone.

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Posted in: BSE and foot-and-mouth disease give beef producers plenty to chew on See in context

I highly doubt that the majority of beef-eaters would personally kill a cow. That's why it comes packaged and anonymous. No need to muck about in the messy business of slaughtering. For those of you who would (and do) kill your own food, all the power to you, but you're part of the non-hypocritical exception.

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Posted in: Police nab 77 in 3 prefectures during one-week crackdown on train groping, molesting See in context

This is patently incorrect. Most women are naturally docile and shy. Women who are the opposite are rare, and where they are not, its them that have been conditioned to raise a stink.

Naturally? I don't think that word means what you think it means. Either that, or you have a myopic view of women and/or sociology. Monkeyz was right: it's total conditioning that encourages a woman not to "make a stink" when she's being molested.

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Posted in: Obama signs $938 billion health care overhaul into law See in context

Then the readers who believe that forcibly taking money from one person to pay for another person's health care is slavery have no voice here.

Nice hyperbole. Well, guess what? I wish MY tax dollars didn't go to subsidize the meat industry to keep your big macs cheap. Millions of us don't want our tax dollars going to finance a war. And you have a problem with healthcare? sheesh.

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Posted in: Keihin Tohoku Line to get women-only cars as anti-groping measure See in context

Yes, it's a bandaid, but until men can control themselves, the onus is not necessarily on the women. Women "demand" segregation? Until these gropers can find it in themselves to act like human beings, JR is doing what it can to make women more comfortable. For myself, a good flesh-tearing scratch to the offending hand tends to work like a charm.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 5-year-old stepson See in context

It's a crime that the mother didn't step in, but it's a worse crime to actually perpetrate violence on a child. Kudos to the teacher! @illsayit: are you really defending the 22-year-old abusive man? Wow.

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

A horrible tragedy, but, wow, the details of this story have gone a little askew, in the original JT story and especially in these comments. It's like a bad game of telephone.

The local news (in Okazaki) is that they were found near the front of the market, they had been frozen--not in the supermarket freezer--within two days of their deaths. They didn't die in the freezer. Not that it makes the deaths anymore horrific, but try to reign in the outraged imaginations, here.

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Posted in: Law may be changed to reduce number of long holiday weekends See in context

I don't know about you all, but I love my Happy Mondays

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