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Posted in: Crumbling 'children's palace' in Aoyama occupies some of Tokyo's most valuable real estate See in context

Sorry, I meant Center Gai.

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Posted in: Crumbling 'children's palace' in Aoyama occupies some of Tokyo's most valuable real estate See in context

Yeah, I walked past that place just a couple of days again on the way to Shibuya Station, and was thinking the same thing. Likewise for the UN University just next door, which I understand has something like 200 students. If it were a private college they would squeeze in 10 or 20 times that figure and put it on a paying basis. No, take that back: if it were a private college they would move the campus to Hachioji or some other distant suburb where the students could see trees outside their classroom windows, and where they would not be so close to the distractions and temptations of the Golden Gai.

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Posted in: Armani uniform at public elementary school spurs parents' complaints See in context

This is raising the spirit of national narcissism to new heights.

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Posted in: Tokyo to encourage foreign tourists to splurge on nightlife See in context

Is the Tokyo metropolitan government seeking to actively encourage sex tourism? 

Sex tourism will happen here anyway when legal casinos go into operation, since the high rollers like to party after they leave the tables.

But seeing as how the sex business is mostly part of the underground economy, the government doesn't have much incentive to promote it.

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Posted in: Series of trials on Aum Shinrikyo cult ends See in context

Asahara was like a combination of Charles Manson and Jerry Falwell. The passivity of the police and legal system here tolerated the crimes of his demented minions -- disregarding the screams from Aum's victims -- while they ran rampant for years, and it took something as extreme as gassing a rural city (Matsumoto in '94) and the Tokyo metro (in '95) before the police finally stepped in. Sometimes I ask myself which was crazier, Aum's guru or the system that stood by for so long and did nothing. (Just as they did nothing for years when they were certain North Koreans were abducting Japanese.) Japanese inertia and indecisiveness is truly a thing of wonder.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro hit by spate of train graffiti See in context

Japanese courts need more flexibility in sentencing offenders to community service. Give the aspiring artists cans of turpentine and rags and set them to non-remunerative work removing their artistic efforts from the trains and buildings they deface. There may have been proactive efforts in the past to ban sales of spray paint to minors, but if so, they certainly aren't working.

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Posted in: Japan refutes U.S. denial about flight by helicopters over school See in context

Any day now, I expect the locals to start retaliating with drone attacks.

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Posted in: Gov't tells NHK not to repeat false missile alert See in context

What's really dopey about this is given the heavy coverage of the false Hawaii alert on NHK News, one would think that its staff would be moved to exercise a modicum of caution. This is the goofball equivalent of a copycat crime.

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Posted in: Zushi City ordered to pay compensation to man whose wife was killed by stalker See in context

And the private detective should have received 5 years in jail.

Double that, and I'll give you a thumb's up.

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Posted in: Trump uses slur to describe Haiti, African countries See in context

Obviously, Trump doesn't know about the Bill of Rights: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal".

Viking68@ you are quoting the Declaration of Independence, not the Bill of Rights.

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Posted in: Will foreign car brands move in while domestic producers squabble with the bureaucrats? See in context

What does that even mean?

It means if you buy a Lamborghini in Japan, you'll never get out of 2nd gear, even on the expressway.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'heartfelt' apology from Japan over 'comfort women' See in context

In the Japanese scheme of things, even an admission of wrongdoing and apology can be a way of gaining "face." But it takes two to tango, and I can understand Japan's reluctance to take Moon up on his offer, since the likely response would be more hysterical denunciations and attempts to pour more salt in old wounds. The headline I saw in a newspaper a day or so ago suggested that Japan's future course of action be "mokusatsu" --- to treat the issue with silent contempt.

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Posted in: Eyes ahead please See in context

The photo may have been staged, but similar scenes are ubiquitous almost anywhere in Tokyo. Railway companies' public service posters and announcements to curtail such behavior falls on deaf ears (and dead brains). Zombies indeed!

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

I hadn't realized Japan observes a National Pro Wrestling Day.

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Posted in: Emperor greets cheering crowd at palace for new year See in context

Hang in there, Your Highness! One year and four months to go!

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Posted in: The 3 ways McDonald's Japan achieved its amazing recovery See in context

At least they offer a choice of salads instead of fries, so to some degree it's possible to say that "health" is also on the menu. Just barely.

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Posted in: Setagaya family murders remain unsolved 17 years later See in context

Since the forensic leads have been exhausted, I think the only avenue remaining for the police is to use computers to develop a psychological profile of the killer. Not necessarily his motives for the crime, but a profile as reflected in his behavior while inside the house. He might be a gamer or have ties to some other subculture niche. By now he'll be approaching 40 years of age. He surfed the web on Miwazawa's home computer, presumably visiting Japanese-language sites, although details have not been made public. The security cameras at stations on nearby rail lines like Odakyu and Nambu apparently gave nothing useful. Years of dogged persistence by the detectives aside, it's become a cold case.

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Posted in: Is Aum 'guru' Asahara's execution imminent? See in context

Killing him will put blood on all our hands 

Sorry, but as a foreign national I refuse to accept blame for Japanese criminal procedure. I suggest you narrow your focus.

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Posted in: Japan tells S Korea no other option but to stick to 'comfort women' deal See in context

Korean leaders seem eager to fall back on the comfort woman issue to distract the populace from their own failings. Japan has become the convenient whipping boy, much like countries in the middle east treat Israel. It's become a self-perpetuating issue and now that SK feels moved to erect comfort woman statues in every city and town in the world, it's no wonder Japan is throwing up its hands in frustration over SK's childish tactics of "tattletale diplomacy."

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Posted in: Is Aum 'guru' Asahara's execution imminent? See in context

There's an obscure and rarely invoked law in Japan that a condemned prisoner must understand why he is being executed. It's possible Asahara's lawyers are using it as a delaying tactic, because Asahara has not been compos mentis for many years. He sits alone in his tiny cell, making incoherent babbling noises and loading his diapers. Would probably a good candidate for euthanasia.

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Posted in: New app lets you traverse the streets of modern Tokyo and ancient Edo at the same time See in context

I have done this kind of exploring on my own and can appreciate the amount of effort that must have gone into creating the app. In terms of the Edo period, stations along the Hibiya Subway line appear to have the greatest number of locations with historical value.

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Posted in: Japan cybersecurity survey finds 20,000 fake shopping sites See in context will sell you almost anything, although some goods won't ship to Japan. I'm pretty satisfied with their service and prices. Often at the time of purchase they tell you a 2 to 3 week delivery date for Japan, but then the stuff shows up within 10 days or less. Amazon Japan is okay too, although foreigners needing large-size clothing probably won't have much luck.

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Posted in: Bitcoin suffers dramatic price plunge in Asia See in context

You might say the drop took a bite out of the investors...

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Posted in: As Disney swallows Fox, a new era dawns for Hollywood See in context

None of this really matters unless Americans can find a way to make the odious Murdoch shed Fox News and his other toxic media holdings before booting him back to Canberra.

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Posted in: Aichi police develop smartphone app targeting drinking spots that overcharge customers See in context

Hmmm... the police have been known to inflate figures. Maybe it's exaggerating the head count of the number of app users in order to justify more budget for next year.

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Posted in: Bill letting people bring concealed guns across state lines passes U.S. House See in context

Happiness is a warm gun...

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Posted in: Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital See in context

Trump cares nothing for Israel. This is a domestic political move, a distraction designed to induce squabbles among the overwhelming majority of Jewish voters who are anti-Trump Democrats. It has the stench of Steve Bannon all over it.

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Posted in: How do railways figure out congestion on their trains? See in context

But Japanese commuters are so considerate... Whenever I do find a seat they usually give me plenty of space by leaving the one next to it empty.

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Posted in: Taking the scenic route: Osaka to Tokyo by local train See in context

I can beat that, I went to Osaka via Gamagori in Aichi pref., island-hopping across Ise Bay to Toba by hydrofoil, and then taking the Kintetsu line to Tennoji Station in Osaka via Yoshino in Nara. Great scenery.

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Posted in: Korea tensions rise ahead of U.S.-South Korea joint military drill See in context

Sort of reminds me of the US buildup in 1962, a game of nuclear chicken in which the Soviets and Cubans backed down. I never expected to see this kind of Cold War brinksmanship again in my lifetime...

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