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NCIS Reruns comments

Posted in: FX reaches back over 400 years for its next series, adapting hit novel 'Shogun' See in context

and a love story between Blackthorne and translator Lady Mariko (Anna Sawai).

Lady Mariko was an interpreter, not a translator. There's a difference.

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Posted in: Sweden has around 62,000 persons linked to criminal gangs, police say See in context

They also have gangs from eastern Europe. The 62,000 figure is about double Japan's number of designated gang members, which makes it quite impressive considering the difference between the two countries' populations.

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Posted in: Watch that melted during atomic blast over Hiroshima sells for more than $31,000 See in context

China is even jailing Marxist student agitators.

China has a new Mao now, with his own set of rules.

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Posted in: Former yokozuna Hakuho punished over protege's violence See in context

Former yokozuna Asashoryu was one of the worst in this regard. He used to amuse himself by shooting at the buttocks of his subordinates with an air rifle.

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Posted in: Trump pledges to defend Christianity against the left, which he says wants 'to tear down crosses' See in context

This is classic, textbook demagoguery that should put any thinking person on his or her guard.

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Posted in: Solemn monument to Japanese American WWII detainees lists more than 125,000 names See in context

I suppose many Americans did feel sympathetic for the Nisei back then. My father was a graduate student on the East Coast at the time of the incarceration. Once I asked him about it and he told me, "We knew, and we didn't like it, but there was nothing we could do about it."

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Posted in: Crooked restaurants caught overcharging customers, serving mislabelled meat See in context

It may suggest too, like with so many of the labelling scams in the time I've been around, that great numbers of people have no great discernment about what they are eating or drinking, though they like to believe they are gourmets.

Agree with you. I have actually seen evidence of this on a TV show some years ago, when a 4-person panel did a blind test on three types of rice. Two were brand-name varieties -- I forget the types -- like Akita Komachi or Koshihikari grown in Niigata, etc. The third was a "generic" rice purchased in bulk by restaurants. The rice varieties were all steamed under identical conditions. None of the panel members could discern any real difference and either 2 or 3 of them -- sorry, it was a long time ago -- actually stated they preferred the rice that turned out to be the generic variety. And as for shabu-shabu, the boiled meat gets dunked in vinegar or sesame dip on the way to your mouth, so it's hardly surprising most customers can't tell what type of meat they're eating.

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Posted in: Crooked restaurants caught overcharging customers, serving mislabelled meat See in context

I think since most restaurants are honest, some people let their guard down, or would be reluctant to raise a stink if they are with friends or clients and want to avoid an embarrassing situation. Also, police are loathe to intervene in cases of simple overcharging; they would only take forceful action if a customer were physically threatened or otherwise intimidated.

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Posted in: Putin says he prefers 'more predictable' Biden over Trump See in context

That's one endorsement Biden does not need.

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Posted in: Australia to ban doxxing after pro-Palestinian activists publish info about hundreds of Jews See in context

Another problem: If you're dealing with a list of hundreds of people, what are the chances that some of them aren't even Jewish? I mean, Australia doesn't exactly require them to go around with yellow stars of David on their lapels. Antisemitism acts are bad enough, but the morons who would attack someone from a doxxing list probably won't take the trouble to differentiate.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift reaches LA in journey from Tokyo to Super Bowl See in context

Frankly all this hype is a big turnoff. Thanks for nothing, MSM.

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Posted in: Dog that bit 12 people not vaccinated for rabies See in context

The owner registered the remaining four dogs after the city issued a guidance on appropriate pet ownership on Thursday, and he also plans to have them all vaccinated.

Nope, the city should ask the court to take away the other four dogs and permanently ban him from owning more.

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Posted in: Putin, in rare U.S. interview, says Russia has no interest in wider war See in context

but the important thing is that you don’t have any right while sitting on a chair to speak insultingly to the heads of states of any states.

Since we live in countries with protected free speech, we not only have a right, but that right is enshrined in our constitutions. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Slava Ukrainii!

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard vessels enter disputed waters in East China Sea See in context

The islands are strategic in the sense that a military presence there can flank U.S. and Japan forces on Okinawa. China will need to control them if they plan to encircle Taiwan ahead of an invasion.

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Posted in: Japan to allow longer stays for digital nomads to boost consumption See in context

The taxes they would have to pay here, AND their home country, makes this sound like something only a few might use.

Most countries don't tax their citizens on income earned abroad. The US does, but allows for a tax credit, so the amount of tax they paid in Japan could be deducted against the total, and if they're lucky it's enough to avoid double taxation. There would be no escaping having to pay separate accounting fees, however.

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Posted in: China overtook Japan as world's top vehicle exporter in 2023 See in context

The bigger question not answered, who is buying these made in china, chinese cars?

Many people have never heard of Xiaomi, China's second mobile phone brand after the famous Huawei. It has the world's second largest market share after Korea's Samsung. As for passenger cars, incremental progress suddenly turned into a flood and I suppose China caught the crest of the wave of new demand.

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Posted in: Watch out for the human vultures who prey on the departed See in context

Ah yes, the notorious "gomi yashiki." My place is probably borderline. (At least it doesn't overflow into the yard.) If I don't get rid of more clutter by the time I shed this mortal coil, someone's probably going to be stuck with a big bill for cleanup services. I doubt if my old Seiko watch has any resale value, however.

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Posted in: China overtook Japan as world's top vehicle exporter in 2023 See in context

I own a Suzuki-brand scooter built in Jinan, China. It might not incorporate the state-of-the-art, but it has required no maintenance since I bought it and starts right up on cold mornings. It covers all the basics, and that's good enough for me.

Like Japan after WW2. China developed its motor industry with motorcycles and scooters. After it determined the quality and reliability of China-built two-wheelers were up to Japanese standards, Honda revived its "Benly" line of scooters with commercial models imported from China.

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Posted in: China overtook Japan as world's top vehicle exporter in 2023 See in context

I remember around 1966, when the US magazine Consumer Reports summed up its review of a Subaru mini-van by writing, "It was a pleasure to squirm out of the Subaru, slam the door and walk away." A decade later, following the Mideast oil embargo, Americans were buying up the gas-thrifty Japanese cars in droves. If the Chinese can compete in terms of value-for-money, with no sacrifices in reliability, crashworthiness and passenger safety, then more power to them.

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

I have never met a Japanese just randomly stopped and checked not once in well over 30 years!

Antique@ I have seen it, especially during the six months after AUM gassed the Tokyo subways.

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

Being under orders to pick on foreigners can be stressful for the cops too. In the rare instances I encounter them I try to maintain a friendly demeanor. By engaging them in a positive manner they almost always act favorably. (Being fluent in the language helps.) If it's any consolation, the police perform this kind of shokushitsu (stop and question) on Japanese nationals too, so it's not exclusively a foreigners' problem.

Once on a Shinjuku street I was witness to a traffic accident where a taxi plowed into a bicycle rider. (The cyclist was completely at fault). I hung around and gave my contacts to the cops. I could tell they were blaming the taxi driver when he didn't do anything wrong, and was almost disappointed when nobody contacted me.

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Posted in: Aso praises Kamikawa but says she is ‘not very beautiful,’ and calls her ‘Kamimura’ See in context

Aso gets a free pass by virtue of being a grandson of a respected prime minister, Shigeru Yoshida. This is a prime example of the Japanese nanahikari system in action.

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Posted in: Man believed to be fugitive 1970s terrorist bomber dies in hospital See in context

As some suspects, including 75-year-old Ayako Daidoji, are still on the run overseas, the statute of limitations in Kirishima's case has been suspended.

And others, like United Red Army leader Fusako Shigenobu -- who planned the attack on Lod Airport in May 1972 that killed 26 people (mostly American tourists) -- have been released after serving long prison terms and remain totally unrepentant, actively promoting their agendas in the media.

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Posted in: Nazi death camp survivors mark 79th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation on Holocaust Remembrance Day See in context

Even the numbers of Jews killed in the death camps are estimates from the Jewish population before the war, and the survivors after the war. There are no 100% accurate figures. The 6 million is an estimate.

No 100% accurate figures, true, but many details that provide evidence. For instance, Deutsche Bahn, the German railways, took counts of the Jews they transported to the death camps and billed the government accordingly. These records for date, train, number of passengers and destination were captured intact by the Allies. And among the victims were many thousands of infants, whose names were not even registered with authorities at the time they died. Scholars generally agree that the deaths are likely to have ranged to slightly above 6 million to the high end of 5 million, but within this rather narrow range.

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Posted in: M4.8 quake jolts Tokyo, Kanagawa, other eastern areas See in context

To put the icing in the cake, historical data shows any major quake in Kanto or especially Tokai has a high probability of causing an eruption of Mt. Fuji.

Some quakes precede or accompany volcanic activities but don't "cause" them. A huge quake occurred in the Tokai region on December 7, 1944, for example, but Fuji remained dormant. Likewise for the Great Kanto Earthquake in September 1923. All you can say is that a correlation exists.

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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

This is the kind of article that makes readers stop and think, and that can't be a bad thing. It occurred to me that the organizers of the contest might have considered the negative consequences of being exposed in the media for telling Karolina, "You can't be a contestant because you're not really Japanese (or Japanese enough)." So they allowed her to enter, and deserve credit for that, although perhaps they didn't anticipate such an outcome.

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Posted in: Shinto shrine naked festival ritual asks men to cover up for first time in three-century history See in context

"...their manly bits."

That's a new one for me. I googled it and got very few references to it meaning genitals. The expression seems to be more widely understood in Australia.

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Posted in: 'Pokemon with Guns' proves a blast See in context

You can't sell entertainment in the US without a gunfight, car chase and explosions.

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Posted in: Man stabs himself at Hachiko Square in Tokyo’s Shibuya district See in context

Sigh. That place has really been going to the dogs....

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees told to undergo contraception to work in Japan See in context

And not mentioned is that young Vietnamese are lining up in their thousands to get the chance to work in Japan.

No, they're not.


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