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Posted in: Japan's lofty 'hydrogen society' vision hampered by cost See in context

Hydrogen is an energy storage mechanism, it’s not a source of energy. So you have to get that energy from somewhere. It’s extremely inefficient.

So are battery powered electric vehicles so I am not sure what sir Elon Musk is trying to prove here. I am getting a little of a AC vs DC deja-vu here.

Anyhow, vehicles working with energy storage mechanisms (battery or hydrogen) still depend on electricity provided from a power plant, which makes them not a solution of the problem, but rather it moves the problem towards the power plants.

Which is actually a good thing, as power plants have a much higher fuel efficiency or just use existing renewable sources to generate it.

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Posted in: Are you proud of your nationality, whatever it is? See in context

You should be proud of what you do, not of what you are (in this case, nationality).

While obviously you can be thankful/grateful.

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Hyper inflation will do the trick I guess

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Unlike America, Europe is not used to migration, so some nations prefer to die slowly from within rather than embrace the growth this movement would bring.

Yeah, because the US - Mexico border is really a good explanation of how embracing the US is, just fence and wall everybody out.

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Posted in: Japan policymakers to guard against market volatility after Greek vote See in context


tldr; Do not fear, unlike those EU cowards, we can and are willing to print more money, it's just numbers in the computer after all.

You mean like we have been doing since March 2015? sincerely, a EU citizen

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Posted in: Coal in Europe's crosshairs, but still fueling emerging markets See in context

the UN target of limiting warming to 2.0 degrees Celsius (35.6 degrees Fahrenheit)

While 2 Celsius is indeed 35.6 Fahrenheit when talking about absolute. In this case as it is meant to be a differential value, it should be 3.6 Fahrenheit (as 0 Celsius is 32 Fahrenheit)

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