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Posted in: Is incest Japan’s latest literary craze? See in context

First off I want to say I'm from the Western Civilization, (America). I get the "Japan Today" in my email and I enjoy reading everything that it has to offer. I am not by any means one of those Americans who push there ideals and morals on someone else. I am a 33 year old student studying the old world and someday would love to move to Japan. I'm a Cultural Anthropology student. Even over here in my country incest is a taboo, and in some instances there have been ppl who have a sexual relationship with their younger sister. But they are only related by marriage. Their might be a few who are blood related, who live in areas where there is not much of a choice.(because they are already related to everyone in that area.) I personal don't agree with incest, but who am I to judge what anyone does!! Also on another note I watch a lot of Japan's anime, and I let my kids watch it also. If it showes no actual sexual scenes than what is the harm in it. Then their is times when I was in high school I was hooking up with my little sisters friends. Which was frowned apone.... Now I have read a lot of the other comments and I'm not quit sure why anyone brought up the remarks about the gay communities, as far as I'm concerned that has nothing to do with this. Again what happens behind your closed door is your business!!! Not mine not anyone's. Unless your government comes in and finds it not suitable.

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