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Posted in: Japan urged to stop requiring transgender sterilization See in context

> > Burning BushToday 07:32 am JST

What happen when a Lesbian dates a transwoman.

Wouldn't they effectively be in a heterosexual relationship with the ability to bear children.

Yes, science has shown there is only two genders, male and female as in X & Y chromosomes. Therefore the trans spouse is just a man in women's clothing and make up, pretending to be a woman.

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Posted in: American man arrested over murder of wife at Tokyo Family Court See in context

I can tell you he is criminally liable for stabbing her and killing her

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Posted in: Companies offer smaller pay increases amid sputtering economy See in context

DisillusionedToday 07:17 am JST

What a load of self-indulgent piffle! Over 60% of the workforce are on short-term contracts with yearly evaluations and NO salary increases what-so-ever! However, you can be sure the executives get their salary increases at the expense of the other 90% of the workforce.

That's the nature of things. The lion gets to be on top of the Food chain

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Posted in: Mammoth moves: Frozen cells come to life, but only just See in context

Why would they want to recreate a mammoth? Its long dead.. let it be

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Posted in: Britain in Brexit chaos as parliament crushes May's EU deal again See in context

Aly Rustom

I'm guessing the EU will give the UK a hard brexit. I'm guessing they hope one of 2 things will happen:

After a hard brexit, Scotland and N Ireland will leave the UK and join the EU as separate entities or with NI joining the republic as one country. Then England and Wales will come back to the EU because they will have no other choice. OR..

> How exactly are Scotland and NI going to leave the United Kingdom while they are part of her Majesty's realm? Remember what happened when someone tried to forcefully take her territory, the Falkland's, it did not end well.

The reality is, UK will not be part of the EU and will not break apart without the London government defending its territorial integrity. What is EU going to do if Britain says Scotland cannot leave? Build a new German Army and take Scotland by force?

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Posted in: Britain in Brexit chaos as parliament crushes May's EU deal again See in context

Whatever one thinks of the original vote, its time for the United Kingdom to be independent of the EU. The EU is a bureaucracy controlled by unelected council and is not representative of the will of the people.

If United Kingdom remains, they can stop pretending to be a democracy, and call themselves what they are, a Franco German Colony.

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Posted in: Kremlin says talks with Japan over territorial dispute could take years See in context

Just send in Japan Defense forces. What will Russia Do? Drop a Nuke on Japan? Their forces cannot and do not have the ability to retake the Islands back without nuking Japan, at which time it would be over for them..

Putin only understands force. This is the only answer.

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Posted in: More Japanese companies could leave UK over Brexit: ambassador See in context

firefoxToday 10:38 am JST

....... you said.... they forget that the UK has the British commonwealth, 

well let's see then...

Australia already told the Brits they cant just join the TPP, since they are located in Europe not the Pacific.

Canada wont/cant let the Brits become part of Nth American free trade area.

Maybe India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc will come to rescue their former colonial masters?

....... you said.... The English have long memories. 

So do the Irish. And the French. And all the 27 EU countries.

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You are sure Australia will not give the UK special accommodation? The Queen is the head of State over there. Australia is part of the Realm. When reality sets in, Australia will go with its mother, the UK. Watch.

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Posted in: Nagano tries to preserve traditional insect dishes See in context

ubaruMar. 4 07:05 am JST

Well I don't think there will be any international protests about this "cultural" part of Japan!

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This is certainly better food than whale from an international norms perspective

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Posted in: Former AKB48 singer Maeda gives birth to baby boy See in context

So glad for him and his wife.

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Posted in: S Korea considers replacing envoy to Japan: report See in context

South Korea is quickly becoming a Chinese puppet state, this is why President Moon has been making trouble with Japan.

On the Other hand, Trump wants to have US troops stationed in North Korea. His aim is to make North Korea a US puppet State.

So, this Japan Vs. Korea drama is going to end with a US or Chinese win. The Loser could be Japan, depending on how it all plays out.

Abe should hold direct talks with Kim.

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Posted in: More Japanese companies could leave UK over Brexit: ambassador See in context

Brexit is going to happen one way or the other. Japan and the UK will find a way to do business. For those counting the United Kingdom out, they forget that the UK has the British commonwealth, which will be easier to work with as soon as United Kingdom is out of EU.

The English have long memories. They are watching who is on their side.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi jet starts test flights in U.S. to gain safety certification See in context

SerranoToday 09:43 am JST

the country's first home-made commercial passenger jet

Bout time!

has started test flights in the United States... On Sunday, engine functions of the narrow-body, twin-engine jetliner were confirmed following a flight from the base of Mitsubishi Aircraft, a unit of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, in the western U.S. state of Washington

So it's not really home-made.

FAA is really the agency you want to certify your aircraft. Good for Japan, China is trying to get FAA certification. Russia gave up on ever getting FAA certification

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Posted in: Nuclear weapons on menu at Trump-Kim dinner See in context

The article is so negative.

Nothing has changed really from the investigations so far, and North Korea is speaking to it's greatest foe

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Posted in: Trump visit to Japan eyed for May 26; may be 1st guest to meet new emperor See in context

Its an Honor for the American people. The Friendship between the two nations is great. But remember, the President of the United States bows to no man, but Jesus the Christ.

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Posted in: Body of missing university student found; suspect arrested See in context

Why is it that Japanese girls are so quick to meet people that they have not been formally introduced to?

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Posted in: Restoration of Nagasaki's famous A-bomb statue begins See in context

But what about Okinawa and Okinawan victims? The tragedy of the Okinawans is never really discussed or documented in detail in Japanese and American history books. The Battle of Okinawa is mentions at best only as a paragraph or footnote. 

Japan is 100% responsible for the suffering of the Okinawans. The Japanese Army indoctrinated them and fought foolishly over a battles they could not possibly win. What did they expect the Americans to do? Say this is too difficult, I am going home?

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Posted in: Police raid yakuza office in Tokyo over Kabukicho shooting See in context

Japan is such an interesting place. Yakuza dudes walk around the streets dressed like this?

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

We all know Nissan is part of the old Datsun warlords society. Nothing has changed in Japan. The Warlords still run the show

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Posted in: China could gain, U.S. lose from Japan-S Korea feuds, says Abe adviser See in context

Mahesvara-of-Japan said on Jan. 25  09:27 am JST

South Korea has always been a close ally of China; however, losing South Korea may cause the two Koreas to unite as one country and that could pose serious trouble to Japan's national security. Without a doubt, when the Koreas unite with the support of China, it would be Kim Jong-Un as the supreme leader of United Korea and he is an enemy of Japan. It is in the US's best interest and also Japan's to make sure the Koreas remain separated as two different countries. Like Kawai-san said, Korexit is indeed a nightmare!

> I have  better idea, US should give Kim  II asylum and let when the Koreas are united, the United States will have US Army and US Marine units on the Chinese and Russian borders, coupled with US Naval and US Airforce bases on the Korean peninsula

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Posted in: Abe, Macron express hope for smooth Nissan-Renault cooperation See in context

Nissan is leaving the alliance and we all know it. They now control Mitsubishi motors, they do not need Renault

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Posted in: China could gain, U.S. lose from Japan-S Korea feuds, says Abe adviser See in context

S. Korea president is a Chinese puppet

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Posted in: Japanese whalers discuss plan to resume commercial hunt July 1 See in context

Man, this is a backward practice. Why does Japan not find something else to fish?

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Posted in: With Venezuela convulsed by crisis, Trump's hawks take dramatic turn See in context

Trump should stick to his own instincts. Foreign entanglements do not help anyone. Let Venezuelans solve their own problems. They want to be free? Let them take the initiative themselves.

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Posted in: Renault names new leaders to replace Ghosn See in context

Nissan is about to leave the alliance

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Posted in: S Korea accuses Japanese patrol plane of threatening flight See in context

South Korea president is a Chinese puppet

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Posted in: China demands U.S. drop Huawei extradition request with Canada See in context

The world also doesn't exist to meet the USA's whims. People are concentrating on the relative merits of the two countries' judicial or political systems and not on the reason behind the arrest of Meng Wanzhou

Haajajajajajajajajaja..She violated US law. She is facing US music. that's how it works.. use US banks to evade sanctions and expect to get away with it.

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Posted in: China demands U.S. drop Huawei extradition request with Canada See in context

These Chinese princes are about to find out who the boss is. America will nuke them before they circumvent the rule of law.

Be Warned Chinese rich kids.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan make no visible progress on territorial dispute See in context

Abe will call Russia's bluff, send in Japan Defense forces, occupy the place and see what Russia is going to do. Russia is weak and cannot withstand a naval or land combat with JDF. They cannot nuke due to big bad US. What will they do?


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Posted in: Aso urges G20 to renew commitment against protectionism See in context

Japan is shameless, the most protectionist economy in the world telling the world about open markets.. lol

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