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Posted in: Cotton See in context

...I would like to look that good at 51...and maybe be standing next to the babe as well....

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Posted in: Men act stupid when talking to beautiful women, study shows See in context

I never have this problem.... which no doubt explains my success.

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Posted in: Handling the big exodus out of Japan See in context

`@MokiDugway - and yet I know people from each of those countries who have left Tokyo specifically because of the disaster/s. And good on them. In a well functioning free market labour is mobile. I just love it when I here businesses cry about people leaving them in tough times. Ever been let go because times are tough for a business? Loyalty is just PR for these guys. If the job, conditions or other factors don't suit you. Give your 3 weeks notice, pack up and shift to greener pastures. Be in charge of your own destiny.

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Posted in: Trial of Lindsay Ann Hawker murder suspect Ichihashi to start July 4 See in context

As both an atheist and non-supporter of the death penalty (having grown up and all) I can't hope for his execution, nor that he rot in hell. But I certainly hope he faces a long custodial sentence and that steps are taken so that such people are identified early to prevent such sad outcomes... and maybe that the keystone cops of this country could learn to do their jobs a bit more efficiently.

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Posted in: Hi Hillary See in context

should that old lady really be codling up to the US Sec of State like that?

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Posted in: What is hell? Book stirs debate about afterlife See in context

I really just feel sorry for anyone that believes in any of that tooth-fairy stuff. It is so sad to see so many in the world unable to drag their imaginations above the childish prattling of religion and theism. There is no god! Now go and be happy with your lives.

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Posted in: Japan tragedy seared into world's imagination See in context

right up until you quoted the comedic 'philosopher' Francis Fukuyama, you were making sense. Surely no one has got it more wrong, in global political terms, in recent years than Fukuyama.... great advertisement for the opposite of whatever he is peddling this time.

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Posted in: Foreign box office sales plunge after Japan quake See in context

just watched Narnia... possibly the worst fantasy movie ever... maybe has more to do with drop off in movie attendance? Horrid, childish christian brainwashing much that CS Lewis peddled... blah!

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