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nedinjapan comments

Posted in: High court upholds obscenity ruling against 'vagina artist' See in context

The high court is the lowest, with its shameless record of 99% stamping whatever the first court said. May God punish you all.

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Posted in: 26 'compensated dating' teenage girls in custody following police roundup in Tokyo See in context

Remember, they are paid a lot more than cafe waitresses. In a society where money (Yen, just the way they pronounce it) is everything, even young girls may learn how to make more money, and faster.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 Japanese men remain unmarried at age 50 See in context

I got married to a Japanese woman in 2005. She had been so nice and kind to me. Everything changed after marriage. Some changes happened overnight, some happened more slowly. One of my conditions was that I pay her a monthly living cost (100 K) and kep my salary. In 2012, after 7 years, she could not accept it anymore. One night, she woke me up and attacked me, broke the door of my room and assaulted me with a hammer. To cut the storu short, I could finally get a divorce after 4 years but the unfair court took all I had and gave it to her. The morale of the story: 1- Never marry a Japanese woman. 2- You can find the smartest men in Japan among the one fourth who stay single.

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Posted in: Japanese tourists in flu masks frighten British supermarket shoppers See in context

If they do not have time to comb their hair, they put on a hat. If they do not have enough time to wear makeup or wash their faces, they wear a mask. To understand the Japanese mind, you need to put yourselves in their shoes, which is not easy. Functionality is a big concept in a Japanese minds. The same thing that makes most of their cars so ugly. Functionality ...

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Posted in: Mother, daughter killed after car hits concrete wall in Kitakyushu See in context

@AN Other Not much fast! These K cars are built based on the premise there will be no collision! A crash at 40 k/h can easily deflate the whole front of the car till dashboard. The K car is evidence that Anzen Dai-ichi (safety first) is a lie, and Money First (for the companies building these, and government giving tax breaks to make them top sell) is the true spirit of Japan.

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Posted in: Is globalization a good thing for the world's economies? See in context

In general, yes, if you follow economic theory. But there are always specifics that need to be taken care of, and also exceptions where regulations need adjustment.

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Posted in: Who would you say has been the most famous fictional character of the past two centuries? See in context

Santa Claus is not fictional! lol

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump is yet to name an ambassador to Japan. Which is more important for incoming ambassadors: To be well connected to their head of state or to have a good knowledge of the coun See in context

What if he appoints a hot model, just like her current wife, to work together with the Japanese on Kawaii culture but with a sexier attitude and less pedophilia?

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

Smoking is a harmful addiction to second hand smokers too. It is dirty, disgusting and uneducated.

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Posted in: 73-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of killing sister dies in custody See in context

You cannot make sense of it unless you realize the role of money (yen) in Japanese culture/society. Almost everything including family relations revolves around money. A dispute over financial issues is a serious one. Whether one kills, hires a lawyer, a hitman, or commits suicide or goes silent with sever depression, is just a secondary thing.

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Posted in: BOJ tries a little learning where a mound of money failed See in context

@sangetsu03 You said it all right. I have been explaining this for ages to our friends in academy and unfortunately there is little appreciation for it. Those in business also use the same traditional trap of making a potential customer pay as much as they can make him to, to increase spending! The existence of these traps is also scaring some customers away from the market.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby girl left on grounds of Gifu shrine See in context

Many such kids belong to women whose boyfriends left them and did not take responsibility. I have got to know an associate professor in a university in Beppu who has fathered two children from two women who are now single mothers. In such cases, it is a choice between becoming a single mother with a lifetime of difficulty in Japan, or finishing it by infant murder.

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Posted in: Gov't reconsiders plan to change Japan's iconic hot spring symbol after backlash See in context

If you think the older symbol represented a hot bowl of soup, then you may also think the revised symbol shows cannibalism by representing people being served in a hot bowl lol

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Posted in: Tokyo man awarded Y40 million for winter jacket 'defect' See in context

The point is that he would get not a penny if it was about Uniqlo!

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Posted in: Mercury-poisoning victims demand tests, 60 years later See in context

Chisso factory that released the toxic waste in Minamata bay runs a business in Minamata city. In Japan, business comes first. Such tests are bad for business! Also Chisso was related to the emperor. Therefore the rightist government does not like the idea to talk too much about victims. Japanese justice at its best, guys.

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Posted in: Tokyo man awarded Y40 million for winter jacket 'defect' See in context

Let me enlighten you how this happened. Theory is a US company based in New York. The judge believed it was time they treated US companies liability as the US treated Japanese companies liability cases. The legal system in Japan is just like that. It is not about principles, but putting things back in places from which they had been moved!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating boyfriend to death because he locked her out See in context

What if she knows that "secret punch" like the one in "Kill Bill"? lol

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Posted in: Serial foot licker apprehended in Kyoto See in context

Lucky she didn't receive a bill for "organic cleaning of your feet" ! I bet she would if she were a foreigner lol

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Posted in: Separate bedrooms best for a good night's sleep, expert advises See in context

I totally disagree! My ex-wife and I always slept on the same bed and the very first night I went to sleep in my own room because she was angry at me, she assaulted me after midnight in my room, broke the door and took a hammer against me! She could not stand the idea of me sleeping in my own room and not listening to her nagging. Be very careful about the advice you hear.

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Posted in: Toyota to pay up to $3.4 billion to settle U.S. truck lawsuit See in context

I have not seen more crooked than Japanese lawyers and courts! Here your own lawyer conspires with the lawyer of your opponent and may make decisions against you if that is what the court seems to like! Karma is the word, bro!

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Posted in: Obama administration suspends TPP vote effort See in context

Obama was after TPP for his corporate buddies supported by the Republicans. Now of course that is their problem. This is just Atarimae as Japanese would say ...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating boyfriend to death because he locked her out See in context

Momoko needs my ex-wife7s lawyer. Then she would claim that the boyfriend had committed DV and that she was only upset that he was with another woman. Then the judge would say Momoko must be right because she is smaller and weighs less than the boyfriend. Finally she would cry in the court and the boyfriend would be forgotten unless he had parents who would come and also cry in the court.

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Posted in: Some women find escape from poverty in sex trade See in context

I liked this article. Be reminded that Family and Love are a bit different in Japan. Marital relations are governed by Money and Duties not Love and mutual pleasure. A sex worker provides services that a sexless marriage does not, and receives only a fair payment. The payment is not for sex, but for her to leave you. On the other hand, many Japanese wives take all salary of the husband, provide little pleasure of living together including sex matters, and torture their husband into total obedience and slavery. I feel pity when I see Japanese fathers struggling to calm one or two crying kids in the Onsen because the wife forced him to act on his duty of taking the kids to the bath. (I have seen countless times how a poor father takes a 6-7 year old daughter to Onsen and cannot relax a bit.) From an economic point of view, this happens because dysfunctional families have created a market for it, and will continue as long as ordinary jobs are paying so little.

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Posted in: Crime-busting deliveryman foils yakuza pair  See in context

These were low level Yakuza. Most Yakuza work within the protection of the law. For example, in Oita they own and control the largest real estate firm dealing with renting apartments and buying-selling property. In a case that went to the civil court, their agency evaluated a 29 million property (kantei) at more than 40 million, namely 11 million above the maximum market price. The judge simply dismissed the fake evaluation but did nothing about the fraudulent assesment. Yakuza is part of ongoing life in Japan and will only change shape and form.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

Japanese racism is a very special case. The underlying feeling is one of insecurity. They express it as having "yellow skin" (?!), a flat face with a small nose, etc (when they are drunk). That results in an overreaction towards others, but changes the context to "ultra-nationalism" because race would just leave them on the side of Chinese and Koreans, their main target! Because nationalism is always a source of pride and encouraged, they can hardly ever fight this brand of racism. This is the complexity of the issue in Japan.

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Posted in: 'Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary shines light on controversial legal system See in context

Essentially, anyone who goes to police first, wins. When an accusation is made against someone, he/she is considered guilty until someone else confesses, because nobody is even going to look for the real criminal! Sometimes they do this to the extreme. I had a cicil case where my ex-wife assaulted me with a hammer but accused me of domestic violence. Because she changed her statement and had not mentioned that she broke the door of my room trying to enter, the judge realized she was lying. But still only resisted issuing an order for 20 days and finally issued according to her lawyer because essentially the accuser wins! There is so much injustice in this system. In a way, we live in a modern North Korea, but the thinking is not that different.

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Posted in: 40% of young Japanese single adults are virgins: poll See in context

I totally believe this figure. Let me give you an example. I was in a party with two average normal Japanese, one a handsome man, one a good looking woman. They were both single. We made friends and had some fun talk and I offered to host them so they could become a couple, in which both were interested, in theory. The man said he was busy at work, so I said OK not this weekend but maybe next. His counter offer was in 6 months! The woman was also so passive; like she said nothing. There you go ...

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Posted in: Koizumi backs sick U.S. sailors who blame Fukushima radiation See in context

Many Japanese people got sick and died too. Some were relatively long, in their 40s. None of it was made public. I know a person from their communities who gives talks about the suppression that has been going on. According to him, many such people had to remain silent or lose the temporary housing they received after evacuation. There has been tremendous pressure on these to not talk. The deaths are not even investigated. So many have been covered up. It is good that at least Americans do not remain silent and may break this glass.

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Posted in: Fear and murder plague Fukuoka golf courses over a checkbox on application forms See in context

So ridiculous! First, Yakuza could deny they were criminals by not ticking the box, but apparently they are honest truth-telling Japanese and cannot do that! Second, they are trying to stop criminals from playing golf so that they spend more time doing what they are supposed to do?! What is wrong about some people playing some game in a vast field? Install some camera if you are concerned!

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Posted in: Woman sets fire to estranged husband’s apartment See in context

Basically, Japanese wives want all the man's salary so that they pay him back pocket money. Anything less than that will cause their fury. My ex attacked me with a hammer, and yes, she did arson too. But police fully ignored her actions because I was a foreigner. Now there is a national scandal on them lol

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