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@gaijinpapa Well, depression is relatively new in Japan. In a conference, a Japanese psychiatrist said he believed there was no mental illness but simply different types of people! You see, even some psychiatrists here do not believe that mental illness exists! It can be understood by the large emphasis of Japanese society on personal responsibility. On the other hand, they define insanity as total disregard to social norms.

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Blame the Japanese system too! Here many still do not believe in Depression! Essentially, many Japanese systems reject the idea of mental illness. In a society like this, all problems are attributed to stress and personal behavior, and no one will consider the possibility of a disease that can be treated with medicine and other remedies.

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This is a cultural issue. Very often people do not talk about their differences over various matters for a long time, thus Gaman. People continue to control themselves to the point of explosion, and an explosive response is going to happen sooner or later. Essentially there is little skill to negotiate and compromise. Everyone has a very strong opinion on his/her position. My Japanese ex suddenly decided to attack me with a hammer, while she had refused to talk about her issues with me earlier that day. I have spend many years understanding what went wrong. This is cultural.

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There was a case of 200 grams of weed smuggling by Bangladeshi students in Oita last month that has never been reflected on national news, just local. Here we have this relatively small case reported on national level. Is it about bribing the news media?!

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Somehow,Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) in Japan and National Rifle Association (NRA) in the US deny the risks of using dangerous material! What does NRA really stand for? Narcissist Reckless Abnormal?

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@katsu78 I never said the murderer should not be punished. He should. But this is not something to be used as an excuse to put pressure on US government. If Okinawans have a problem with so many US soldiers, they had better resolve it with their central government. To blame the US for all the kindness and tolerance they have shown to Japan, is wrong. If Trump comes and leaves Japan with its own plan of self defense, you will realize how safe it will be.

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You would not believe the level of ridiculous court ordeals in Japan. Basically, it is about trying not to use the brain and rely mainly on some algorithmic lines of reasoning that are Japanese robotic in nature. This results in such nonsense rulings. The guy has planned, purchased items for body disposal, drugged the woman,taken her to the bay, used concrete to drown her while still alive, and has gotten away with murder. There are only two reasons: 1- because he did not confess, he used the court inability to think like an intelligent human. They can only deduce that they do not have 100% confidence in proving he committed murder. 2- they blame the woman, the victim, for having a relationship with a successful businessman who was married, while the victim was not. Essentially, the Japanese do not believe in equal human dignity. Men of higher status are above those of lower status. She is dead in their logic, because her wrong actions called for it! Yes, Japan is still 50 years behind a modern world.

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I believe that all Japanese should show a lot of respect to USA. USA not only treated them nicely after they lost the WWII, it allowed for rapid economic development by opening its markets to Japan and protecting it all this time against any threat of retaliation by Russia, China, ... The life of Japan has depended on US friendship including the life of its emperor and the voluntary return of Okinawa islands. Never forget these.

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Isn't the Red Turtle changing into the Red hair Woman?

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This type of corruption, spending money to influence votes so Japan wins an honorable bid, is systematic. I have witnessed many similar cases at prefectural level. Nobody cares as long as an honor is brought to Japan. The idea of fairness no longer applies when it is not within the Japanese society. They spend money on foreigners and some other foreign country loses the bid. So what? that kind of thinking. Even Japanese people do not mind because olympics brings honor to Japan. You have all factors needed for systematic corruption and cover up.

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@Vee_David This KanjiHybrid method may only help with the Meaning of Kanjis but offers no solution for how they should be read, how they sound. The book presented here has a great emphasis on how we read kanjis and is not merely a mnemonic technique.

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I predicted this a couple of weeks ago. Didn't I? The show business decides the fate of their puppets and easily manipulates the public through various media. They are more powerful than the government itself ...

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You need to understand Japanese culture and way of thinking to comprehend this ... In short, they are saying that they do not have self incriminating evidence in their own hand, which they can trust, and therefore have unanimously decided they do not need to be blamed for it! Well, it is a silly psychology but I see it all the time at various levels.

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The whole story is a sham. Do you really believe all these young pretty women on TV have no sex life? Their sex lives start with the directors and producers of the programs and continues to many others they need for their contracts. The truth is that somebody decided Becky needed to be replaced by a newer face, and what would be an interesting scandal to show the force of the Media to the Japanese public, in bringing justice to the society!

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Essentially, Japanese system of justice Discriminates Systematically between Japanese and non-Japanese individuals. In this system, a Japanese individual should not be jailed for offenses made against non-Japanese. This case is a good example. But there are thousands. For example they do not care at all for wrong translation offered to non-Japanese people in their court system. They hire anyone to do the bad translations. But they are extra careful to explain the technical meanings of Japanese legal words to Japanese persons in the court! This country is no different now from its Dejima roots.

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There is nothing about culture here. It is only to deceive the Japanese people. This is another example of how corruption exists in Japan. The whaling activity is hugely subsidized and people's taxes are paid to fisheries to do some obsolete activity with a very small market. If Japan withdraws from the International Whaling association, the government cannot subsidize this whaling under the name of research. Then no fisheries will be able to make money but will go bankrupt. Japan has its own way of corruption through corrupt politicians and associations and groups, and this is just one example.

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He also told police he had wanted to kill someone for a long time.

Don't you think he may be the reincarnation of some WWII soldier or another mass murderer? What other logical explanation is there for such insane excuse?!

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Abe and Park were both pushed by the US to enter these talks for the fear of China's increasing activity in the region. The funny thing is how Abe and Park both try to pretend they are sticking to their original pledge while in fact they need to find a solution soon, they are told ;-)

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The way the confession is taken is also funny! They commonly insist that the accused should do hansei! This is then used indirectly to say the accused has accepted responsibility and kind of confessed! They start from there! In the next interogation, they start from accused having accepted and now should only tell then the story otherwise he will be accused of lying, and more trouble will come ...

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I totally agree that child porn should be banned in any form. However, how do you judge the age of a "drawn" person? Children are defined based on age. It could be under 15. When it is a person, the industry finds adults with childish looks! With drawings, how can one say for sure? Well, they may be stupid enough to mention an age in the story of the manga or draw a kindergarten as the place. But they may simply continue drawing childish looks for college girls! Does anyone know how the law can be implemented in such conditions?

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It is Japan's responsibility to send troops to fight alongside American soldiers when US soldiers are here on Japanese bases to protect Japanese from threats. Abe has to act on his responsibilities towards their most important ally, supporter and partner.

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Abe has to do it because the US says so. The Us also stopped the central bank in Japan from more monetary easing. We need to let the US take care of these policy issues because there is little wisdom among the politicians here. Do not worry; big brother is in control :-)

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Lawyers in Japan are mostly too evil. I wonder if he did it because he had no hope for justice if he took legal action. The lawyer could have been a womanizer and he wanted to put an end to all of that! We need to hear more about the guy's motive ...

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@asdfgtr Maybe it was not necessary to win the war and USA could have waited for Russia to take Hokkaido forever, and to have more US soldiers die entering land of Japan. Yes, maybe that is the case. But I hear beyond the mushroom cloud the screams of more than 20 million people in Asia who suffered from Japanese aggression; I hear the screams of unit 731 victims who were cut open alive and without anesthesia who said: we are not dead yet, do not cut us yet! Don't you think their screams may have something with the only nuclear explosions on two cities?

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A couple of months ago there was a reality program about a father and daughter who had not met for 15 years BECAUSE she worked and lived in Tokyo!! And when the Tv brought them together, they bowed to each other, no hug, not even shaking hands, and started crying! I think such examples show love between father and daughter is a taboo in Japan (yes, you read it correctly) and such commercials use the excitement associated with showing that. My Japanese friends always are surprised to know my dad calls my sister every day or kisses her whenever they meet. You cannot have that in this country ...

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OK, let me suggest a Test: Let's assume Julie Hamp is guilty of Smuggling Drugs into Japan. Thus she got drugs from her accomplice in the US who Smuggled the drugs by trying to hide them into a fake necklace box. So he is at least as guilty, and probably guiltier than her. Why not ask the US to extradite him on Drug Smuggling charges? ........ Now you see how ridiculous this sounds. Any court in the US can have a laugh about this: oh, crazy Japanese hahaha. Even here they know very well how this sounds because in fact they know this is no crime. Now let me tell you how a Developed country would deal with this issue: Take the painkillers. Send a letter you need to prove with a doctor's letter and prescription that you medically need this, and if not, you must pay a fine of 20,000 yen. This would be the cost of checking the box, processing the letter and paperwork. Period.

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to A Realist I wish you knew the realities of police work in Japan. I had a friend who was interrogated for driving at 90 km/h in a wide national road that most drivers drive at 80 to 100 all day long but has one of those mouse traps! He had to go for the routine interrogation. They asked him questions about his personal life such as his ex-wife and having been told he could be silent in fact they would insist to get an answer anytime he showed reluctance to answer, such as to mention his ex-wife's name that had no relation to the incident. My friend being a psychologist realized they were intimidating questions similar to what is by gangs harassing a man to get full obedience. You can guess what is happening to Julie Hamp. If we still have gangs on the streets, if we have bully problems at school and work, if ... it is because of this "Intimidation Culture" that that "Any accused is guilty till he/she can prove innocence". Legally speaking, Julie Hamp could challenge all accusations against her in this case but the first recommendation a Japanese lawyer would provide her is that she must accept guilt, apologize, resign to save Toyota from embarrassment, and Tolerate the torturous treatment.

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I promise you the number of illegal intrusions against Julie Hamp's life has been much higher than her illegal act of getting painkillers. They are now treating her like a natural born criminal who brought shame to her employer Toyota! No part of her personal life is immune from questioning and if she does not want to tell them about her very personal information, she will be further accused of withholding information! If you like your country, you need to start trying to change that. You deserve your almost democratic constitution to US occupation. Not respecting Julie Hamp's rights will end up in a lack of respect to Japanese citizens. That is Karma.

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What's wrong with that? You probably looked suspicious to him. He is doing his job.

You see. This the problem. Here officially formally and publicly agree that People can be judged suspicious because of their Looks!

From the way you talk, I think she would refuse. Another interesting observation. Yes, in "dictatorships" defense is based on Accepting the Accusation and Apologizing. There is no room for actually defending yourself. That upsets the court establishment.

As I am not a Japanese, I will be happy to see Julie Hamp leave here and return to a deserving society. I am only upset if my friends ask me about this and I have to say: well, it is Asia, but still quite exotic sometimes!

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Just let me tell you I am not much upset as I am amazed by this situation. If there were SMART comedians in this country like Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, ... (not those clowns smacking the crotches of one another) we could all have a laugh about this thing having reached to such a level of national security! John Oliver has a program "How is this still a thing?" That applies very well to your justification of 23 days of detention for Receiving prescription pain-killers from one's father after arriving in Japan for a month?! I am just wondering what is going on in her brain now: what did you think when you were offered this position in "Japan"? No wonder she has resigned. She must have had enough of the interrogation where they are asking her about the schools she went to, her brothers and sisters and other relatives and just intrude into her life like she was a born criminal for Receiving pain medication from her dad ... Go back home lady. God saved you from wasting a lifetime here and realizing what was going on after all that.

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