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Posted in: Couple held for refusing to pay hotel bill after 42-night stay See in context

42 days. That's a hell of a long stay, can't believe they got away with it for so long. Good thing the hotel finally took action. Better late than never.

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Posted in: In some countries, there is a ban on adults and children wearing religious clothing and symbols such as burqas, veils, head scarves, skullcaps, turbans and crucifixes in public places like schools, re See in context

if you were born and raised there. If your beliefs don't fit with that, you should go somewhere that does.

Are you serious? Can you be any more closed minded? We're living in the 21st century. Get with the times. Everyone has the freedom to express themselves no matter what their religion or race is ESPECIALLY if they are born and raised in that very country. Citizens should be tolerant with each other. Stop dividing the country by the dumb logic of 'majority rules'. We're not second graders here. Let's act like adults.

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Posted in: Sasebo girl says she wanted to see what it was like to kill someone See in context

This is what the world has come to.....

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Posted in: Silent protest held in Tokyo against Gaza bloodshed See in context

If they didn't killed those three Israeli teenagers it will not have started, so look at the point you guys

Israel is carrying out a genocide BECAUSE three Israeli teenagers were killed. Can you just read that sentence and ask yourself if that makes ANY sense to you? HOW DOES THIS JUSTIFY WHAT THEY ARE DOING? How disgusting has the world become that a country is using such a stupid excuse to extinguish the people of Gaza. So what Israel is saying is that thee Israeli lives are equivalent to millions of innocent lives in Gaza. Atrocious behavior. Absolutely atrocious.

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Posted in: World's longest-serving death row inmate freed in Japan See in context

That 2010 movie, 'Box', is based on this man's case.

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