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Is the young girl awake? She looks like she wants to be asleep...

Michelle Yeoh, of course-FABULOUS!

And what happened to Fraser? He used to be somewhat good-looking but looks fat and bucolic. EEEWWW!!! Maybe that's the young girl's problem-being touched by him.

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I was there live but didn't myself enjoy at all! The police and rent a cops were out in full force pushing people around who had stopped to look at the fireworks-isn't that what one does at a fireworks show??!! I understand not wanting people to block thoroughfares (even though entire city blocks had traffic barriers up blocking car traffic) but demanding that even children keep moving and nudging them along with batons after yelling in their faces with bullhorns is ridiculous!! I thought the point of having a fireworks show was for people to watch and enjoy the show-but I guess the whole event is just an excuse for the cops to do something other than stand around and give directions. I'll never go again!

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