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Posted in: Why U.S. immigration policy needs tweaking See in context

It may actually be a progressive idea. There are a lot of advantages to having a US HQ, a US VC and the US law whetting and protecting your start-up.

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Posted in: Japan: A paradise for entrepreneurs See in context

Tainted article. Sounds like a pitch to certain types of start-ups to call upon the services off....

In this day and age its difficult to make an honest living.

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Posted in: Put me down See in context

Japanese babies are the cutest ...

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Posted in: Shinsei, Aozora banks may drop merger plan See in context

Its poetic to see this news on Valentines Day ...

No bonding ... no love .... tsk tsk ...

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Posted in: Ginza's hostesses feel the economic pinch See in context

try and port chinese business people to this social network and see the amazing results.

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Posted in: Japanese newspapers look for new ways to survive See in context

The whole country is going to default and deflate. With all these excesses built into the system to prop up social insurance. Its best to sell your asset holdings in the short term.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for staying in hotel 36 nights with parents and not paying See in context

Japanese hotel industry, come to the modern ages and require a credit card to rent a room..

Japan come to the modern ages !

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Posted in: Flying high See in context

Sunset, JAL, DUH !!!!

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Posted in: Vroom vroom See in context

Japan has its own breed of Punjabi Yuppies. They totally would buy it...

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Posted in: Man eats at Yoshinoya before robbing store with knife See in context

So they have

camera footage possibly his fingerprints an employee who should be able to recognise the face no one else in the store

Does it get any easier ?

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Posted in: Student flees with body of 80-yr-old woman on car bonnet in Tochigi See in context

She could have driven to a hospital instead ...

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Posted in: 52 suffer food poisoning at Yokohama InterContinental Hotel See in context

Close it down !!

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Posted in: Hatoyama said Japan will consider selling India nuclear power technology See in context

The Japanese should now consider leaving India alone. Its the only one country in Asia where they havent been able to make whores of the women, fight a war with.

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Posted in: Japan becoming nation of unrelenting complainers See in context

Well lets take my example to make a point. When I was rich and earning a lot of free money I was everyone`s fav guy. Then I got sick and thin and lost my money. Now I complain about everything and everyone complains about me !!

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Posted in: Meet and greet See in context

need to sell us treasury bonds + have passport + will bow

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Posted in: Rio wins bid for 2016 Olympics; Tokyo eliminated in 2nd round See in context

sigh ... there goes regular TV programing for the next 100 days. All we will talk about is how this debacle could have happened. And of course the customary Obama lost sooooo much face sigh sigh sigh.

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Posted in: Nomura to raise up to Y510 bil from share offer See in context

Double or nothing bet.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shoplifting with 9-year-old nephew See in context

When the going gets tough, the tough quit and resort to escapism.

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Posted in: Auto sales rise for first time in 13 months See in context

Its so funny, I just read that in India Docomo-Tata (that gang) are giving unlimited talk time. I winced when i looked at my bill this month here in Japan.

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be prime minister of Japan after the Aug 30 election? See in context

actually this whole charade is for the DPJ to be brought in to take the blame for all the hidden bankruptcies and pain. Typical ...

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Posted in: Three missing at Ibaraki beaches See in context

Wonder if there is a correlation between the earthquakes and these mishaps. I always worry that the reactionary locals dont quite know how to interpret data and deliver information.

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Posted in: Bollywood star's detention at U.S. airport prompts outrage in India See in context

get real is right, some of these stars have the capacity to public opinion to the tune of billions. Wake up america and be nice.

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Posted in: Student accidentally sets off fireworks on train See in context

So what is the liability for such cases. Is the train operator liable or is the boy liable ? There is a way to streamline such cases and that is to make more people pay for their mistakes.

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Posted in: Katsuura: Sun and surf without crowds in eastern Chiba See in context

katsu smell maybe ?

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Posted in: Public servant arrested for stalking woman in Tokushima See in context

So many data points of madness need to be collected by so many different means to be able to make a decision you see.

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Posted in: Why the Japanese Are a Superior People See in context

zero risk capacity. Zero volatility exisitence. explains nippon completely.

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Posted in: Clawing back tenant rights See in context

although i dont usually take stands in this kind of a debate. I would like to officially despise that one broker that pretty much takes all gaijin for a ride. If I could I would form an organization to handle all the undercover abuse that they lump onto us because we dont have choices and dont speak the language as soon as we come into the country. They endear themselves to the landlords by "handling" us vermin as they like to think.

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Posted in: Obama, Gates, policeman pledge to try and move on See in context

Its nice to see the president spending energy on real issues.

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Posted in: High-flying FX trader comes down with a thud See in context

History stands testament to the number of such schemes that occur in Japan. Maybe its time to create a consumer protecting rating agency or regulation body that gives out an ISO type certification around the very basics of an investment product.

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Posted in: Professional evictors target working poor See in context

Its a scam, Japan has to do away with guarantors for every thing. The landlord or the counterparty should bear the risk. The landlord should be the one buying insurance against this occurance.

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