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Maybe they can consider emptying CA and Hawaii of people and selling these sunny and genki places to overseas investors. Its called a "carve out".

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Posted in: Truck thief gets away after crashing into five police cars in Chiba See in context

where did he think he was going to run away too ? hahaha ...

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Posted in: PCCW Global, Tata launch TGN-IA linking Japan and Singapore See in context

Tata is taking over the world !

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wonder if they managed to get okada`s interview this time to explain how he felt on a second-by-second basis through the game. over grown melo drama queens ...

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it should be easy to see camera footage at the exits and see who had marks on their grills or even launch a nationwide search for all vehicles that travelled that road for the last 12 hours. Its only a matter of time and I think the joker is going to come forward and say ... umm i felt something go thump but i didnt realise it was a human ... duh .... Might as well have come clean.

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i`ll eat my hat if they make it anywhere at all. i love it when they interview even the towel boy after the game and i love that even the water cup boy has an opinion about how the game was played and the strategies deployed and the result expected.

crybabies, melo drama queens

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who is nakamura ? who is nakabayashi ?

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This is the future, the equity markets are kinder to new firms with singular business lines. All the biggies realise this and will create more spin offs; everybody wins

spinco because of singular business and the fresh biz focus confusedpapaco because they get majority shareholding and cash out during IPO shareholders, more transparent business model instead of iamdoingeverythingpapaco spinco management gets incentivized. confusedpapaco management gets kudos for creating wealth

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If the author is actually presenting his opinion then it is to be respected. I would like JT to clarify where his investment research firm gets their revenue dollars from; in case his business model is to provide investment research to foreigners as they invest in Japan then this here can be categorized as pre-sales opinion or what we call a "pitch". It just becomes easier to digest when we have this information, it becomes clear that a salesperson is trying to push his goods.

The "story" needs to find its buyers and does become a reality. The "story" needs to find new buyers (under-informed) to keep replacing old buyers who have been burnt.

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