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Negative Nancy comments

Posted in: Japan weighs incentivizing childbirth by fully covering expenses See in context

Childbirth should be free.

School should be completely free, including all materials.

School should be from 8:30 until 3:30 every weekday, without half days.

The standard working day should be approximately 9-5.

There should be serious investments in play spaces and activities for children.

But fundamentally, the whole situation would be easier to deal with if there was more flexibility in working patterns- no stigma related to changing jobs and decent wages for part-time jobs that enable you to support a young family. Both parents can thus earn money, but they can still be there for the children.

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Posted in: Osaka police ask public for help on girl missing since 2003 See in context

How awful. After all these years, the chances of any kind of outcome must be very, very remote and the family will likely always carry their grief.

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Posted in: War crimes prosecutor seeks arrest of Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Netanyahu See in context

A victory for common sense! Hopefully now that someone had the sense to speak the truth of the matter, others will follow.

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Posted in: 500 melons stolen from greenhouse in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Oh, how I miss tabloid newspaper headlines from the UK. They would have had a field day with this.

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Posted in: Jake Paul and Mike Tyson trade insults as they hype planned summer fight in Texas See in context

MoonrakerToday  04:24 pm JST

Meanwhile, there is a genuine heavyweight boxing match that will unify the belts this very weekend, featuring one of the best fighters ever and another one who just has so much will not to lose. This Tyson-Paul event seems like a pathetic sideshow

Cannot agree more. The match this weekend is one of the biggest fights in the last decade, if not more. It is unfortunate that this novelty act is taking the headlines. The difference? The big fight doesn't have any Americans in it. That's also why it's not reported here.

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Posted in: Jake Paul and Mike Tyson trade insults as they hype planned summer fight in Texas See in context

All criticisms aside, this is a big event and even people without much interest are curious about it. I can't wait to see how it plays out. I really hope Tyson gets some kind of closure from it and makes this his last go and does so without tainting his legendary legacy (even more).

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Posted in: 64-year-old woman arrested for fatally stabbing 76-year-old husband See in context

Just couldn't put up with him any longer. Retirement and being together all day, every day must be just too much to bear for certain people.

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Posted in: Visitors to Japan exceed 3 million for 2nd straight month in April See in context

Welcome, people of the world, welcome! It is wonderful to see so many happy smiling people bringing color and diversity to this country. I'm so glad to hear that all the efforts that went into the Cool Japan campaign have come to fruition.

There has never been a bigger need for Japanese people to learn and practice foreign languages. That's great news for all the people who work here teaching English.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

As a person born overseas myself, I think it would be ironic if I didn't welcome other people from overseas to work here. In my experience, a lot of people who have been here for several years are a little bit sensitive to other foreigners being here because they see it as de-valuing their own experiences. The days of being a novelty or curiosity by simply being here and looking different are long gone, and some people just cannot accept that. I applaud the convenience stores for embracing change and making the most of an untapped pool of talented people.

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Posted in: On the ball See in context

I think someone in a meeting must have pointed out that those balls are cheaper than providing proper office chairs and an appropriate working space. The poor guy in the middle doesn't even have a monitor!

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Posted in: Palestinians rally in Tokyo to mark 76 years of displacement See in context

Well done to all of those who showed up. The world is slowly but surely seeing the Zionist crimes for what they are.

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Posted in: Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics? See in context

I think they should abandon the idea of trying to host it in just one city. It absolutely works for football to spread the venues out across a country (or countries!) and it means existing venues tend to be used rather than creating new ones. The national stadium is still the centerpiece, but the potential audience is bigger and more diverse because people can attend events closer to their homes rather than having to travel to the one city. This is surely easier on the infrastructure too- no one place has to deal with the influx of people coming into the city for the games.

In 2012, when the Olympics were in London, the torch relay came through lots of smaller towns that were far removed from London itself, and even that generated support with people coming out to see the torch! Without that, it might have been seen as just a London thing, and the nation might not have been behind the games in the same way.

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Posted in: Japan’s wedding gift etiquette rule too expensive, young people in survey say See in context

With a large family in the UK and key members of the Japanese side unable to travel, we didn't bother with a wedding, and I think it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We did, however, have a series of great meals in both countries with all the important people. We celebrated our marriage, but we didn't need to spend much on venues other than the cost of some meals. More often than not, our friends and family decided to pay for the meals as a treat, and all went home happy. They are still treasured memories, we took lots of pictures, we ate well, we socialized, and we didn't have to burden anyone (including ourselves) with high costs. I recommend this to all!

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Posted in: Japan's brother-and-sister act eye more Olympic judo gold See in context

Uta is gorgeous. If she does get gold, she will be the darling of the media and will become a megastar,

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Posted in: World Athletics 2025 logo See in context

This is my first time to hear of this because I'm not in Tokyo. It's good that they will be using the stadia from the Olympics for a major event.

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Posted in: We know late-night screens are bad for sleep. How do you stop doomscrolling in bed? See in context

I read books before bed, and I have no reason to be touching my phone after dark because I prefer to spend time with my family. We don't have the TV on after approximately 8pm so that does not serve as an obstacle for the children having a reasonable bedtime. We dim the lights in the house as we prepare for going to bed too. Those ridiculously white LED lights really don't help sleep quality either.

That's not to say I'm not doom-scrolling on the train on the way to work, my current habit is to watch the short clips that come up on Facebook. While I don't have much activity on there these days, the algorithm has learned what I enjoy watching, so I get enough content to fill my journey.

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Posted in: Japan's military needs more women, but it's still failing on harassment See in context

In my early years here in Japan I was taken back by the difference in how the JSDF is perceived here compared with how the armed forces are seen in my home country, the UK. The rhetoric is very different. We in the UK tend to use words like 'pride', 'heroes', and 'best' in conversations about our armed forces. The recruitment adverts are full of content about adventure, skills, training, and bettering oneself. We tend to look up to servicemen and women rather than look down on them. I feel like it is a very different situation here- I don't live near any prominent JSDF bases, but people I have met often look down on it and see it as a last resort vocation. I don't recall ever seeing much in the way of participation in community events like I have seen with the police and fire and rescue service. I rarely watch TV, but I have not seen much on TV about the JSDF in a good light, always in relation to something negative on the news. I see recruitment posters in the toilets at Lawson and that's about it.

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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

I learned from this article that HIS are still in operation. I totally forgot that travel companies have actual premises that you can walk into and let them take a cut from your travel expenses.

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Posted in: May Day march See in context

Marching for what?

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

Its only a good thing that there is some accommodation for the hot summer heat, but why is it necessary to dictate a start and end date? Surely just following common sense is enough?

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Posted in: Police arrest dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters in Columbia University raid See in context

This was ended because it is an embarrassment to the administration, nothing more. Irrespective of the reason for the protest, it goes against the government's policy. The Land of the Free, ladies and gentlemen.

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

Part of the problem of the current tourist boom is that people from overseas do not travel in the way that is typical of Japanese tourists. The 'cool Japan' campaign really bit them on the bottom because the infrastructure was completely unready for it. Foreign tourists are getting the blame because they don't tend to travel in tour groups, they prefer individual freedom. The irony is that they often tend to end up doing the same things anyway (because of the promotional campaigns?), but without being nicely organized.

The hotels here are designed with businessmen in mind. The trains are designed for commuters in mind. The tourist destinations have long been adequate to deal with organized tour groups and school excursions, but there is very little consideration or provision for people who do not conform to these norms.

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Posted in: Osaka governor suggests lowering voting age to 0 to curb population decline See in context

Did people actually read the article regarding the logic behind the comment, specifically about the Demeny voting system? Obviously, children would not be able to actually vote. The problem with thinking out loud (and into a microphone) is that people take your comments verbatim. The idea that voting could be adjusted to give a larger voice to the child-rearing generation of voters is interesting, if far-fetched. On a practical level it is not very helpful, but as a theory, it makes sense to me. The older generation is going to continue to dominate politics because of their greater number, so younger voters are going to be increasingly less heard. When they represent the future of the country, it is potentially a big problem.

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Posted in: What smartphone habits by some people bother you the most? See in context

Immediately looking something up rather than thinking about it and remembering.

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Posted in: Imperial graveyard visit See in context

Since the recent moves by the family to go online with Instagram etc., we've seen a lot of pictures of them. It's nice to see, but in the case of Princess Aiko I can't help but remember the stress and difficulties she endured as a child and the pictures of her some years ago looking like she had an eating disorder of some kind. While she seems to be in a happier place now, I hope she is not suffering behind the scenes.

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Posted in: Japanese ramen restaurants under pressure from new yen banknotes See in context

Surely installing a PayPay terminal or going the whole hog and facilitating card payment is easier than trying to convert an old analog machine. Incidentally, competition is great to some extent, but when there are dozens of very similar businesses in close proximity, it's time to have a serious think about changing business. If you want to be in business, then you have to have some business savvy.

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Posted in: Number of young women to halve in 40% of Japan localities by 2050 See in context

As someone who loves very happily in a smaller city, I do not see the appeal of actually living in a larger city. For 70000/ month I live in a ten-year old five-bedroom house with a garden and parking spaces. I walk less than ten minutes to the train station, and I commute fifteen minutes to my workplace. I am a full-time employee of the prefecture on a permanent contract with a great salary and the ability to do freelance work should I choose. My son goes to the local school, which has smaller class sizes than average. There are plenty of parks nearby, and other open spaces. We regularly attend local events, can shop in the malls and independent places and there is an abundance of good quality restaurants. There are a large number of volunteer organizations, social circles, sports facilities and so on. We have a proper community, which strikes the balance of being warm and inviting but not intrusive. We are about an hour from a major city. Why would I ever trade that in for life in the big city?

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Posted in: 63 doctors, dentists sue Google for keeping reviews they say are unfair See in context

Five-star reviews are a waste of time anyway. Normal service is never written about, people only think in terms of fantastic on one side (their mate's place) or dire (they happened to have a poor experience. It's a shame that small businesses can be harmed so badly by this, but that's the nature of the beast. Perhaps a solution would be to cull the reviews every year or so, and then the comments would at least be current.

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Posted in: Coe divides Olympic movement with prize money move See in context

I think it is naive to assume that Olympians in this day and age are true amateurs, especially in the high-profile sports. The big-name athletes, which is especially applicable to track events are making a fortune on endorsement deals, especially if they win medals. Full-time athletes are rife, and have been a long time, including in Japan. Just think of the tennis players and footballers, some of which are millionaires from their sport. The difference here is that the money is coming from the Olympic organization itself. It is problematic because it will go only further cause disparity between the major and minor sports, which struggle to get funding anyway. It's a shame that the Olympics has come to this, but it is nothing new at all.

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