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I’m not sure the athletes, coaches etc who will now miss the games due to isolating or not being able to prepare properly will agree with him. There will be more in this situation, too. They will be thinking ‘if only it had been postponed to 2022 I may have be able to get a medal’

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In my area there’s no way 23% of people stop. I get angry when trying to cross but also when I drive I can’t help thinking they are put in really dangerous places at times. Literally you can’t see people waiting because there are trees or things obstructing your view. Also with some junctions you literally will be stopping at the junction and your car will already be half over the crossing. If they put them in more sensible places and the police enforced people stopping it would help. I tried to stop whenever I can but I do feel the chances are the cars behind me won’t be expecting me to stop so that probably makes some people keep going.

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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

My son’s elementary school is closed currently. I cycled past the school on one of my rare visits to the supermarket and as I cycled past the school ground I could see literally hundreds of kids playing together at close quarters oblivious to any kind of social distancing. After the shock died down I was quite angry. It also made me feel sorry for my kids as I haven’t let them out of the house. Only on to the balcony to get some sunshine. I understand that kids get bored stuck inside but the school might as well be open if nobody is going to take this seriously.

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