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Neil McDonald comments

Posted in: Rush of foreign travelers good news for Kansai love hotels See in context

Osaka needs some clean and new hostels.

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

Mc should sell gyudon

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Posted in: Zaccheroni announces Japan's World Cup squad See in context

Colombia, Ivory Coast and Greece is a pretty good group for Japan. I hope they can get to at least the 1/4 Finals.

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger, Willis team up for coffee commercial See in context

Most have been a fun cm to be an extra on.

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Posted in: Soccer star Honda films new ad for sugarless gum in Milan See in context

Like Ishikawa Ryo, he as much an advertising model as a sportsman

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Posted in: N Korean troops pledge loyalty to Kim en masse as Seoul on alert See in context

The leaflets were most likely dropped by small weather balloons. S. Korea also use this technique to leaflet bomb propaganda.

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Posted in: Tamori announces end of 'Waratte Iitomo' after 32 years See in context

One of the more watchable shows on daytime tv. I always enjoyed it when they had foreign guests on who looked bewildered.

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Posted in: Samsung unveils smartwatch ahead of rival Apple See in context

Is this designed for people who are too lazy to reach into their pocket and take out their phone? Who needs a smart watch that will most likely run out of battery and leave you wondering what time it is?

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Posted in: Aso compares Senkakus dispute to Falklands See in context

The government are wasting so much time and money on this issue, there are more important things to do.

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Posted in: No. of Japanese tourists to Beijing falls by 53.7% See in context

I was just in Beijing and didn't see a single HIS or other tour group anywhere.

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Posted in: Japan on a budget: Cheap accomodation options See in context

Superhotel offer a unique experience and breakfast is included

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Posted in: Matsuri madness: Summer 2013 See in context

The Ika Odori (Squid Dance) in Hakodate on August 2nd and 3rd is a great event. Do the squid dance to help local fishermen get a bountiful catch for the coming season.

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Posted in: Apple buys 2 startups to improve its mobile maps See in context

Nobody will use Apple Maps after the colossal cock up it was at launch.

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Posted in: Should Dr Who be regenerated as a Time Lady? See in context

How about Gillian Anderson?

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Posted in: Review: Galaxy S4 decent, but filled with gimmicks See in context

Thanks for the information about mobile phone contracts in the USA, very useful for all of us here in Japan.**

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Posted in: LDP panel presents proposal on TOEFL prerequisite for universities See in context

Most Japanese teachers I work with would struggle to get a decent score in TOEFL. It should be required to study abroad for 3-6 months for all teachers of Junior High and High School English.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

Was this article sponsored by JT? Japan has some incredibly lax smoking laws compared to the EU, Australia and most US states. Cigarette are very cheap and heavily advertised here too.

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Posted in: Review: The latest 'Die Hard' movie simply won't See in context

This movie was not entertaining and had huge plot holes. I'm glad I went to see it on a discount day and only wasted 1000円. It was insultingly bad.

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Posted in: Renowned photographer Leslie Kee arrested in Japan over obscene photos See in context

Magazines and DVDs of school children in bikinis is ok but art is obscene?

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Posted in: Cheap is king in recession-mired Japan See in context

It's the real thing. I hope that with inflation, wages also will increase. I don't know how people working baito on 800円 can have a reasonable quality of life.

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Posted in: Cheap is king in recession-mired Japan See in context

Torikizoku also offer very large glasses of about 700ml of kirin tanrei (not real beer but close enough) for 280円 and their Gin & Tonic uses Beefeater gin. You can have a cheap night out as long as you don't mind eating chicken and chicken offal all night.

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Posted in: Cheap is king in recession-mired Japan See in context

There used to be a place in Gotanda that sold nama beer for 50円. The food was also quite cheap so even if we ate and drank our fill the bill usually came out at less than 2000円. I always wondered how that place made a profit.

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Posted in: U.S. raps M'bishi Heavy for work on California nuclear plant See in context

Mitsubishi are totally to blame, their generator leaked radioactive steam

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Posted in: Ozawa's People's Life First party disbands to join Shiga governor's new party See in context

Watch as the LDP sweep to victory in an election with a turnout of 40% or less.

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Posted in: Geeks seek love at masked match-making event See in context

Nice idea if it helps people who can't usually socialise to get away from their PCs to go out and meet people.

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Posted in: The needs of early English phonetic instruction in Japan See in context

Japanese culture is the biggest obstacle - they fear being embarrassed, don't express their true feelings and generally are ignorant of foreign culture and customs.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan reprimanded for lax safety checks See in context

You don't need any ID for domestic flights in Japan.

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Posted in: AKB48 urge Tokyo residents to vote in gubernatorial election See in context

So who are the candidates?

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Posted in: Osaka to reintroduce Saturday classes for elementary schools See in context

If I had a family and was living in Osaka I would recommend moving to Hyogo or Shiga. Things will only get w

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Posted in: 'Sadako 3D' box set offers glimpse at daily life of Japanese horror icon See in context

This was a terrible 3-D cash in, none of the scares of the originals.

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