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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

I am a retired English teacher and a UN representative of an NGO. I also spent my last summer in Vietnam with a thousand diverse Asians i.a. 200 Japanese. Based on experience and reading, Asian elites are attending elite US colleges, and getting through studies as quiet as a mouse: no practice speaking. I am also a pop-singer and note that not a single Asian American, first, second or third generation, is on my top 1000 singer list. In contrast I know Asians who speak both English and Esperanto and they swear that learning the easy, democratically organized, politically neutral language, Esperanto is 4 or 5 times easier than learning and using English. English speaker, stop torturing your and my Asian friends and give them a break. Native English speakers, monolingual English speakers, learn Esperanto, share in the responsibility of being bilingual, and you will see a very different world.

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