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Posted in: Marauding monkeys have Y200,000 bounty on their heads See in context

monkey see monkey do!

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Posted in: Toronto police questioned after summit arrests See in context

The TO (Toronto) police did an absolute fantastic job during the G8 & G20 protests. If anything, they were too light on those out-of-control lunatic protesters!!

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Posted in: Why Japan matters: iPad mania, cloud computing and social intelligence See in context

Ha ha ha, have to laugh at this guy, 3 weeks? Yeah, wonderland is all sparkling & shiny. Once the wonderland phase ends this kid is off the block and back in the US in no time flat.

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Posted in: Nap time See in context

Geeeeeez, let's hope and pray this guy doesn't become PM of Japan!!!

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Posted in: Tying the knot See in context

Give it about two years.

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Posted in: Hatoyama lookalike thanks PM for his time in the limelight See in context

Believe me buddy, you don't want to look like him any more.

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

Total cowards for not showing this remarkable film!

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Posted in: Bureaucrats dig in for fight to the finish with anti-digital TV diehards See in context

Try using usb tv! It's great! I download all the quality stuff - outside Nippon!

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Posted in: Hatoyama's flamboyant shirt inspires copies See in context

A breath of fresh air. It's wonderful to see the Japanese PM wear such colours. Hope it spreads throughout the country! Time to end the ugly dark and gloomy colours so common over here!!!!!

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Posted in: South Korea beats Japan 2-0 in World Cup warm-up See in context

Geeez,shades of 2002 and 2006 again!

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Posted in: Setting up your own business in Japan – Is it worth the risk? See in context

A huge gamble with little incentives.

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Posted in: Flowers See in context


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