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Neko_Nebula comments

Posted in: ASKA's arrest on drug charges delays Hayao Miyazaki Blu-ray collection See in context

Luckily in 2014 this type of censorship is silly, anyone can feel free to watch "On Your Mark" on Youtube

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Posted in: Japan shuts down one of two operating reactors See in context

They're not necessary, but they're having to pay to import energy and gas which is costing them more, but its obviously worth it if they can't fix the problems in Fukushima.

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Posted in: TEPCO discovers pipe leaking radioactive water at Fukushima plant See in context

Finding more problems and never giving us any solutions or even ideas of how they are going to contain this. I wish Japan would just put away its pride and ask for help, because it is becoming more and more apparent everyday that they cannot fix this problem on their own.

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Posted in: Once-reluctant Japanese get behind Tokyo's Olympic bid See in context

I have a feeling that Spain is going to win this. But, please Japanese government, don't put money into anything before you fix the embarrassment that is Fukushima. I feel so bad for all those people still in temporary housing.

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Posted in: High radiation readings found at Fukushima tanks See in context

I'm amazed TEPCO can even find people that are willing to walk into that nightmare.

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Posted in: TEPCO president apologizes to Fukushima fishermen See in context

This is whole debacle is so sad, as if an earthquake and tsunami weren't enough, we now have to deal with this manmade problem of incompetence.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven illegally threatened store holders over discounts, court finds See in context

I love it when supermarkets and places in stations mark down their stuff in the evenings, so I can definitely understand why 7/11 owners would want to do the same thing, way to go! :)

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Posted in: WHO releases mixed Fukushima radiation report See in context

People obviously aren't informed on radiation and this leads to fear. I kind of wish the government would teach everybody about radiation and it's effects and everything, but we just let the ignorant people be ignorant, and it's kind of not their fault.

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Posted in: Penny the latest big name to disappoint in Japan See in context

anybody watched "Mr. Baseball" recently, lol


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Posted in: Japan switches off final nuclear reactor See in context

economies can bounce back, but it'll take nature hundreds of years to bounce back from the damage we've done

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Posted in: Japan switches off final nuclear reactor See in context

I think people are more willing to sweat over the heat in Japan this Summer, than sweat over their fears of radiation and nuclear fallouts while waiting for the next major earthquake.

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Posted in: Hunger strike See in context

Hunger strikes are a form of nonviolent protest and no these people aren't committing suicide and are definitely not going to die. Nonviolent protests are used to create buzz and get attention for your cause, which it seems like these people did.

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Posted in: Japan to shut down last nuclear reactor See in context

I think the overall problem here is that the Japanese government and TEPCO are way too close. I remember Kan saying something about how they might have had to evacuate Tokyo and didn't know how they could move that many people. Considering the fact that the government hasn't given us solid numbers on the radiation levels in Fukushima, I highly doubt they are forming plans for the next, god forbid, worst case scenario. Instead TEPCO is more worried about their profits and the government will assist with their scare tactics, when the scariest thing is leaving these two in charge.

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Posted in: Hunger strike See in context

In the short term it may be rough, but in the long term it's better to put nuclear power on hold. With it's location on a fault it's just not worth it for Japan. The effects of the radiation from Fukushima won't be seen for years and the people affected will just end up being pushed aside and ignored by their government. The overall job of the government is to protect it's people and if they wanna do that, then they need to re-evaluate their energy options.

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