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Posted in: Facebook to let users give input on policies See in context

This seems to be quite positive..

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Posted in: What bad manners annoy you the most in public places? See in context

In my homecountry, when some men pee on the streets (usually after getting drunk)

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Posted in: Temple burns down as monk attacked by hornets See in context

It is such a shame... poor guy

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Posted in: Our approach to reducing crime should not be killing those who harm us. On the contrary, in the interest of learning what makes them tick, we should keep violent criminals alive and conduct thorough r See in context

I agree with solarbuster. Punishment is a deterent, because Criminal Law acts once a crime is commited, in other words, when it is too late. Therefore, Criminal Law is not only about punishing criminals, it is also a mean to disuade people of breaking the "social contract".

Still, I must say that some thinkers do not consider Death Penalty as a penalty itself, as it is a mere supression of a human being, while the goal of penalties, as stated by authors such as Cesare Beccaria, is to reinsert the criminal back into society.

Death penalty is a controversial subject, and sometimes I have felt that it is in some cases necessary. Anyway, I think Ms. Tanaka is right when she notes the fact that crime is not only the individual’s problem, but it’s society’s problem as well.

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Posted in: The Catholic Church and Yasukuni shrine See in context

Solarbuster, before saying that Catholicism "has committed more atrocities in the name of God throughout the world than any other [religion]" you should at least inform yourself... You are right about the fact that if someone wants to honour the dead at Yasukuni it is their business, though.

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Posted in: Vatican: Believing in aliens does not contradict faith in God See in context

As far as I know, Christianity regards mankind as children of God, while the rest of sentient beings are regarded as mere creatures. If we accept the existence of aliens which are smarter than us, we could consider ourselves as mere creatures as well, while these aliens would be the "true" children of God. Of course, I don't mean this seriously, I am just rambling.

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Posted in: Obama turns focus to race against McCain, as Clinton struggles to keep campaign afloat See in context

I think Hillary Clinton is harming the Democratic Party with her stubborness; she lost and she should quit. I would blame her if the Republicans win the election.

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Posted in: Banana doughnuts and shake See in context

Ecuadorian bananas! As an Ecuadorian I'm so proud... I just hope they hadn't been exported by Grupo Noboa

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