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Nelson Surjon comments

Posted in: Fukushima aid official under fire for Twitter tirade See in context

Thank you Mizuno san. People like you can only help in shortening Abe's "reign" in power.

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

Emotional distress of carrying a missile attack and inhaling radiation exposure from freshly blown reactors only a couple of football fields length away, is a strange comparison! You people are making light of it all ... What a shame!

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

The Japanese govt and TEPCO lied through their teeth about the meltdowns ! They should be sued and sent to jail ! As for these sailors, they should sue the US as well. They knew very well the amount of radiation spewing out of Daiichi. In the meantime, the inhabitants of Fukushima are also suing most of the same people. The more lawsuits against these goons, the better. The way Japan is dealing with the aftermath and its consequences on its population is absolutely irresponsible and borderline criminal. Furthermore, the rise of Abe, Ishihara (sr and jr), Hashimoto and the other fascists now in power will try to minimize even more so the true danger of radiation exposure, will resume the restart of most of the NPPs in Japan, will return innocent people into the most highly radioactive areas, will continue to incinerate radioactive debris (now known to contain randomly isotopes such as Strontium, Uranium and/or Plutonium), will increase its (silly) propaganda that all is fine and will continue to force feed young children radioactive lunches at school!


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Posted in: Gov't must do more to address people's radiation fear: U.N. rep See in context

and I agree with Farmboy : I have read Grover's comments in other articles ... His comments are totally misinterpreted in your article. Please, stick to what he really said. Thank you.

Some highlights and recommendations for what is needed:

-government did not evacuate properly or communicate radiation doses and implications to the public.

-government neglected hotspots and used 20msv/year limit implying this was safe which is not.

-radiation monitoring stations did not adequately reflect exposure data. Therefore all validated data, alot being collected by private individuals, should be made public.

-potassium iodine was not handled properly.

-provide holistic and comprehensive treatment for ALL radiation effected zones and include wider health consequences than the current health survey.

-err on side of caution and monitor health outcomes for an extensive period of time.

-allow individuals access to their health data and that of their children.

-initiate long-term monitoring of sub-contract workers at the ruined plants.

-evacuation centers did not provide adequate facilities for women with children and the disabled and elderly. Separation of families due to inadequate evacuation procedures has caused unnecessary anguish.

-government needs to strengthened food contamination monitoring.

-adopt an action plan with clear timeline to reduce contamination to 1msv per year.

-restore subsidies to all evacuees so they can make proper decisions about whether to return or leave.

-government ensure that TEPCO is held financially accountable and that taxpayers are not.

-ensure participation of effected people, particularly vulnerable groups during all parts of decision-making process, including health services and decontamination. This is not currently being done.

-implement the “act on protection and support for children, and other victims of the Tepco disaster” which was enacted in June, 2012. This act provides a framework for those affected by the disaster and provides opportunity to enlist affected people in decision-making.

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Posted in: Gov't must do more to address people's radiation fear: U.N. rep See in context

should do more to address fears over radiation ?

inconsistency between that limit and the 5-millisievert dose allowed around Chernobyl before mandatory resettlement after its nuclear catastrophe created confusion among a significant number of the local population ?

nuclear fears ?

Is this article or Grover's comments implying that people of Fukushima are delusional ? Irrational fears ? People are stupid for not believing in mad scientist Yamashita ? One day, people will have to say "I'm sorry' to these innocent people. I am happy I won't have to be one of them. Long live Fukushima! Long live Japan! May justice be rendered and save the children of Japan to radiation exposure.


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Posted in: Radioactivity: Japan's invisible enemy within See in context

Oh boy! Another article by nuclear apologists! Comparing a dose of X Rays to the current situation is an old propaganda. People are getting smarter. And if you really believe in what you are writing, feel free to eat as much Cesium and Strontium as you want ... "all you can eat" , there is plenty! I am glad some of my friends in Fukushima cannot read English ... or they'd be pissed to read such a thing.

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