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Posted in: How to make sweet apple pancakes using a rice cooker See in context

pancake mix is so unhealthy

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' and the rise of prime-time violence See in context

As entertaining as GOT is, it and other shows set a bad precedent for the intense level of graphic violence that is shown.

Many American parents see nothing wrong with allowing their young children view such violence and justify it with 'theyre old enough to know it's make believe' type of thinking.

Such intense, graphic violence absolutely has a negative impact on young impressionable minds and sends the message to children that physical violence is justified to get what you want.

It's no wonder violent crime is so high in countries like the US/UK/AUS with so many kids watching this stuff on a daily basis.

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Posted in: No. of people aged 65 and over in Japan tops 34.6 million See in context

Westerners often explain longevity of Japan's aging population by attributing it to diet, healthcare, etc. while ignoring the obvious factors such as social harmony, civility, respect for elders and most importantly 'we culture vs me culture.'

My theory is that these factors are ignored because it highlights the severe deficiencies in their own countries where obesity, heart disease and cancer rates are very high while also questioning their fundamental values.

Such factors have a huge impact on well-being and quality of life, especially for the elderly.

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Posted in: Japan confronts disability stigma after silence over murder victims' names See in context

People with disabilities are discriminated all over the world, Japan is no exception.

What is evident is that those with disabilities in Japan are much less likely to be victims of crime compared to those western countries.

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Posted in: Trump suggests Clinton's Secret Service agents disarm See in context

In any other developed country, Trump would be a laughing stock. The fact that he has so much support from Americans is frightening.

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Posted in: Don't eat these foods together and avoid possible intestinal distress See in context

One way (East) Asian physiology is different is that most are lactose intolerant.

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Posted in: Hollywood diversity: All talk, little change, says report See in context

Hollywood doesnt want to represent diversity, especially of the Asian male kind because they are threat to the 'tribe' that run it and much of US media.

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Posted in: Koizumi backs sick U.S. sailors who blame Fukushima radiation See in context

Typical litigious American mentality. Nevermind that US has highest rates of heart disease in the world and has fostered a dog-eat-dog system where it's literally every man for himself.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japan’s high-tech toilets? See in context

Much more civilized and sanitary than smearing feces around with 'paper.'

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Posted in: Lochte's apology is about as real as his story See in context

Ryan Lochte is the epitome of the 'ugly American' stereotype. The sad thing is, he is representative of a lot of Americans not to mention Brits and Aussies who wind up in Japan and elsewhere in Asia with their arrogant attitudes and sense of entitlement.

It seems gaijin from these 3 countries are responsible for much of the altercations and stirring up drama in many parts of Asia.

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Posted in: What can Tokyo learn from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics as it prepares to host the 2020 Games? See in context

That there will be a lot of self-entitled gaijin like Ryan Lochte who have no respect for local culture and likely will cause some sort of trouble.

They will make up stories to absolve themselves so make sure there are extra security cameras installed and any incident is video recorded.

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Posted in: Tokyo police release PR video in English to assure foreign visitors Japan is safe See in context

cops need to be trained to deal with foreigners, and not treat them as suspects every time something happens

Why do they 'need' to be trained to deal with foreigners? Theyre doing their job to enforce the laws in a country that has the lowest crime rate in the world for such a large population.

cops and politicians won't do anything about them because many of them are part of this neo-nazi organisation.

What does your home country do about the prevalence of neo nazis who often go beyond verbal abuse and engage in physical attacks against non-whites, particularly Asians?

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Posted in: America seen from abroad: Arrogant, nice, tech-savvy, free See in context

America is a country that produces a massive amount of cultural output such as Hollywood movies, music and many other (forms of) entertainment.

And sadly it's through Hollywood, advertising and other media that gives many in the world a predominantly Euro-centric view of the US despite its diversity.

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Posted in: Matt Damon's company taking steps to address Hollywood diversity crisis See in context

try freedom, merit, content of character and the diversity problem goesvaway

Obviously that hasnt worked in the entire history of Hollywood, unless you want to believe that only white people are the most talented and creative people to act/make make movies.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being left in car by father See in context

The father made a terrible mistake but the daycare center should bear some responsibility. There's no reason someone couldnt have called the parents to verify that their son was ok.

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Posted in: U.S. military prepares for biggest Okinawa land return since 1972 See in context

Japan needs to pay its fair share for protection. Two choices - pay more or reduce costs.

Why only Japan, what about EU and much of Europe? Their high standard of living and generous social benefits are largely subsidized by American tax payer footing military presence.

If they paid their fair share, could they afford to be so magnanimous...

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Posted in: Japan latest battleground in Airbnb home-sharing war See in context

How come so many places have had B&Bs for decades well before Air B&B started & it goes on with no hullaballoo

BBs require licenses while following strict regulations and are located in/near commercial areas. ABB requires none of that and allows any resident to 'rent' to someone else.

Many pay a premium to live where they do and shouldnt have to deal with numerous issues caused by transient activity that should be relegated to commercial areas.

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Posted in: Japan latest battleground in Airbnb home-sharing war See in context

Kumon, Sorobon, Shuji, Karate, Judo, Boxing, or any other type of small business that opens in the neighborhood

Which are located in commercial areas where there is more foot traffic not in residential neighborhoods.

Although ABB provides alternative travel accommodations, it also increases transient activity in neighborhoods that arent accustomed to such traffic nor designed for it.

No one wants their neighborhood swarmed by strangers unaccustomed to local laws and that have little regard for others privacy, peace and quiet.

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Posted in: Japanese nutritionist claims curry helps prevent baldness See in context

British people eat a lot of curry. And the baldness rate is relatively high.

They also drink too much which probably negates any benefits fo the relatively recent introduction of curry into their diet ;-)

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Posted in: Energized white supremacists cheer Trump convention message See in context

"America First"

A thinly veiled euphemism for White Americans First.

This guy and others like him seem to be under the delusion that United States belongs only to white people.

They often fail to realize that their very way of life and standard of living was made possible by slavery/exploitation of cheap immigrant labor which were the primary contributors to US hegemony.

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Posted in: Trump nominated as Republican presidential candidate See in context

The GOP is a train wreck.

None of their leading contenders were able to take down Trump so now theyre forced to endorse someone many if not most in their party loathe.

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Posted in: The key to loving Japanese TV if you're a foreigner See in context

JT posters love to deride anything Japanese

This is a pattern of behavior common among many westerners in Asia who choose to call it their 'home.'

They have no problems making disparaging comments as about their host countries, but any perceived slights of their home countries will not be tolerated.

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Posted in: 5 Dallas police officers killed, 6 wounded at protest See in context

The popular saying in the US, 'you reap what you sow' pretty much sums up the dysfunctional history of race relations in US which often manifests in the violence we see there today.

This is what happens when a country is created by raping/murdering the native population then further capturing/enslaving others all while proclaiming that 'All Men are Created Equal.'

The legacy of such violence and psychopathy is decades of lynchings, institutional racism and police brutality.

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Posted in: Post-Brexit, Britain may need 'Hotel California' model See in context

thetoleratedone said:

In fact they actually prefer you do not embrace their culture and do not attempt to assimilate or integrate unlike most countries.

And you speak from personal experience as a non-white person in those countries? If so, what ethnicity and which countries do you speak of where they dont merely 'tolerate' but embrace and integrate immigrants?

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Posted in: Japanese mom lists 14 ways life with a spouse differs from life with someone you’re dating See in context

For a country that heavily romanticizes dating and courtship in so much of its popular media, Japan can take a rather dry, almost pragmatic view of married life.

Isnt that much better than looking through rose-colored lenses and having unrealistic expectations?

Falling in love is easy, maintaining it is hard. Even harder is raising a family while maintaining a harmonious relationship with someone you love but do not always like.

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Posted in: High school student murders 42-year-old woman, dumps body in Ibaraki river See in context

You can not use Japanese stats as evidence that Japan is a safe place.

Stats are only as accurate as what is being reported, and by and large in Japan, theyre pretty accurate based on most peoples experience.

If you disagree, then provide evidence that supports your implication Japan is unsafe compare to other developed countries.

but it's the sheer lunacy and depravity of the crimes committed here that is unbelievable.

Are they compared to your own country? Which one is that and I guarantee we can find evidence of much worse behavior.

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Posted in: High school student murders 42-year-old woman, dumps body in Ibaraki river See in context

He sure the hell aint a "boy" not matter what the law says here.

Anyway, for no intents and purposes is a 16 year old a child. NONE. They are young adults

And what do the laws say in your own country about when a 'child' is no longer considered one? In the US/EU it's youre considered a child by law until you turn 18.

That says more about your own country. Just because a country is safer does not mean it is safe. Not for these women found in lakes.

What about the safety in your country? Is the population there equivalent or higher than Japan? If not, then by what measure are you using to deem a country of 125M people safe?

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Posted in: Netflix to boost original series, films in and from Asia See in context

Im coming at this from the perspective of someone who wants to watch English language content and doesnt really care about the Japanese stuff so much

Why would you expect a service catering to a largely Japanese speaking audience to show primarily English language content?

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa See in context

Yubaru said:

I guess it's to be expected that people who can not get perfection from within their own communities demand it from their guests.

Or perhaps they just expect adults who are sworn to serve and protect to act responsibly as 'guests' in their country instead endangering their well being.

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally leaks names, health records of students on school website  See in context

In the US, it usually originates from more malicious intentions

That also, and plenty of computer incompetence in the US at all levels of govt/institutions resulting in leaked information.

there are more than two nations in the world, and many of them are doing things sooooo sooo much better than these two.

Which ones are those? Do they have a population of more than 1M, 10M?

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