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I agree it beautiful..

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I hope soon the Russians will show these islamists exactly where their place is..

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it seems you have never stepped in a university here..

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Finally in Sweden they started to understand what immigration can cause..

Congratulation to the The Sweden Democrats and Mr. Jimmie Akesson.

''57% of immigrants were working'' only this fact is enough for everyone to get how these people are abusing the system..

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Posted in: 'Norwegian Wood' debuts at Venice Film Festival See in context

XXXXX, most Japanese people donT know the Beatles song at all.

It is absolutely normal in this context to give any kind of title. Whatever Murakami thinks is right.

As for the song, I think the book is making it much more popular than the other way round.

I personally, hate Murakami and all of his masturbation literature, but in this case the writer is absolutely free to give such a title.

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Posted in: We youngsters lack passion and ambition? Hardly See in context

.. again an article defending the spineless lizards..

Some real facts:

Japanese salarymen, who were once regarded as modern-day samurai, are today known as soshoku-danshi (wussy, unambitious “grass-eating men”). Since 2003, the proportion of young Japanese entering the labour force who want to be entrepreneurs has halved, to 14%, while those who seek lifetime employment has nearly doubled, to 57% (see chart 2). Bosses grouse that the young eschew overseas posts; even a foreign-ministry official confides that Japanese diplomats prefer to stay at home.

The herbivores are markedly less “globalised” than their elders. Since 2000 the number of Chinese and Indians studying in America has doubled, whereas the number of Japanese has dropped by a third, to a fraction of the other Asian countries’ total. And despite years of mandatory English-language classes in secondary school, the Japanese score lowest among rich countries on English tests.

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what is wrong with killing dolphins.. ?

and why should some foreigners tell Japanese people what to do..

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"...a Brazilian of Japanese descent..."

Shall we comment more...

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Posted in: 23 injured by monkeys in Shizuoka See in context

It's not true.

I have killed 2 by myself. Golf sticks do the perfect job ;)

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