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Nenad Jovanović comments

Posted in: Gov't to launch campaign against hate speech See in context

I see hate speech everyday , specially against Japan , who will stop that ? Dot we got in Germany rallies of thosuand of cultural and well educated germans who protest against Islamisation of their country, isnt that same hate speech? Why Germany has not law to prevent that , but rather just Cancelour Mercel has to express her thinking on tv how thats a bad thing ? Lots of countries in this world actually dont prevent hate speech, but rather left them as a freedom for their people to express them self .

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Posted in: Korean group Big Bang finish 5-dome tour, drawing 740,000 fans See in context

Suport for all things @genjuro told in his statement , and more bonus info on that, the sole reason why Korean wave exist is only because big investment from Korean goverment,for instance, Korean goverment gave from budged 5.2 bilion dolars to the culture ,and majority of that money if fueled into K-pop groups Kdramas, and thats why Korean dramas and music videos look better, its because Korea is spending serious money into that area, for Korean goverment, its a way to propagate their agenda , but yet, 2014 in K-pop will be remembered by the huge protest of lots of K-pop members , who protested for not getting proper money for their work, and the reason behind that is whole Korean K-pop industry, witch is based on searching for talents from early age, and then training them for years , until they attain certain age , but then, when they start their carrier, the money they earn first goes to the company that trained them, to repay all those trainings that they got , and that results in crazy fact that majority of these popular artist actually barely has more money than normal citizens, in fist several years of their carrier .

And for @smitingjapan, I am sad to inform you , but BABYMETAL was popular way before being as opening act for Lady Gaga, they only used that for promoting it self to the pop audience, while Metal audience knew it very well who they are, because lots of metal magazines in the world had lots of articles of them.

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Posted in: Nicki Minaj apologizes for Nazi imagery in video See in context

Nicely animated music video, but so bad and simple melody , and lyrics , omg, only trash words . And for all concept, yes, it resembles Nazi , but that is there only to show she is a ultimate boss of huge amount of people who would do anything for her, thats the point of video,ultimate glorification of one person, with no compromise .

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Posted in: Struggling in India, Toyota asks Daihatsu minicar unit to help See in context

The problem lies in cooperation with Indian company, and the problem with workers strike , but the most importantly, the Indian version are the most ugliest and cheap looking Toyota cars in the world , sadly, I like Toyota, but those cars made there are horribly designed, and of course, with workers that are so negative against Toyota, the quality of work done on those cars are also questionable.

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Posted in: Nissan says first-half net profit up 25% See in context

Again, western firms are making biggest gains from anti Japan sentiment in China , and thats why western countries have no intention to make relations between Japan and China in any way better .

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Posted in: Some fans love Pharrell’s 'It Girl' video; others call him a pedophile See in context

The little girl represented in video is actually representing the audience, and wast majority of that audience are teen girls, so , this video is centered around them, its fun video where they are playing , and enjoying in fireworks, and itd itd .

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Posted in: Japan’s PR battle for U.S. hearts and minds See in context

Well, China is usin brute force propaganda, while Korea is using the most perfid ways of manipulation, they are the most adept ones in manipulating westerners, their K-pop and K-dramas are mostly centered around fangirls, and thats why Koreans are pushing "confort women" so much, because they got huge number of female suporters in the world , bdw, did you know that some Korean confort womens sued Korea for making them work in bordels for US troops ? here the article http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/11/us-southkorea-usa-military-idUSKBN0FG0VV20140711

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Posted in: Disney pens love letter to Japan with robot film See in context


You compare "Ran" movie with "47 Ronin "? Ran is partially based on King Lear, that means on how the story develops, but the story is not hapening in Britain , but the story is placed in Japan, and there is no western names, people not places mentioned there , bdw read here all the diferences that exist between those two works< http://www.aems.illinois.edu/publications/lessonplans/chalk/chalk_5.html>.Bdw remember "The Magnificent Seven" ? Its a pure example how westerners used Akira Kurosava movie to make their own version, see, and you come and complain how Akira Kurosawa butchered King Lear, o really!!!

And now I need to explain the problem behind "47 Ronin " , its a story totally based in old Japan, with only Japan people, but the western director wanted to inject Keeny Reews in it , and not only that, but also he had to create the story to resolves all around him, while the name of the story is "47 Ronin" , the story should be spreaded all over them, simply to say, the movie is too much centered around one actor, and not around the story , and as the movie is centered around him, Japan people really didnt wanted to see glorification of Keanu Reeves .

For this movie, comparing Frozen and Big Hero 6 is stupid, because it has opposite audience , Frozen had god-bad sister story, and majority of audience was actually females of all ages ,, and most surprisingly, majority were grown up females , who liked the story a lot , while this Big Hero 6 , from what I see, his target audience is male kids , but even they will be probably repelled with that inflating robot , I mean, who wants robot who is so vulnerable ? And also, I have seen photos of that robot in Tokyo movie festival, and it looks more like Mishelin mascot, or that beast from Ghoust Busters , so, frankly, there is no way this movie will get close to the Frozen , not because of its use of Japan influence , but rather of focusing too much only on kids . And there is that feel of "parent dont understand kids " story, or better to say, creating story making the border between two world visible, and there is several scenes that going in my presumtion, in trailer, where he came in police station, office look at him as a kid who is imagining things, or when he came at his home, he is try to hide his robot from parents, it shows that he is afraid of his parents , so again that kids/ grown-ups barrier ,while in Japan , that border dont exist , there is no separation between kids and grown ups .

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Posted in: Disney pens love letter to Japan with robot film See in context


They don't want to see some weird version of their own culture thrown back in their faces.

You are right on this one , but frankly, who in the world wants to see their culture misused ? As 47 Ronin is prime example , they totally butchered historical story , and created mystical one , and of course, Keanu Reeves had to be main character , and of course, Japanese actors and Japan was only a stage for him , and another stupid thing , making the movie to be out in time of New Year, when people expect happy movies , it should have been in summer time , when people are for action movies . But on other hand , movies like " The Last Samurai" and "Letters from Ivo Jima " had huge success in Japan .

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Posted in: Will Apple Pay be the next iRevolution? See in context

Oh gosh, just look this article, the pure example of marketing propaganda , really !

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Posted in: First Japanese passenger jet in 4 decades rolling out See in context


Its designed and build in Japan, under Japan firm , so it is Japan airplane, no mater that engines are not from Japan .

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Posted in: First Japanese passenger jet in 4 decades rolling out See in context

@Serrano Do you understand that in today world, there is no pure "one country" made civilian aircraft ? From Boeing , Airbus , to the smaller manufacturer , they all got parts that come from all over the world and if you ask your self why MRJ is small one, its simple, so that not interfere with Boing planes , as Japan is one of major contributors for Boing airplanes . And for engine, while Japan has jet engine manufacturer IHI, they chose Pritey because their engines are No1 in today world, when it comes on fuel efficiency, and MRJ need to be as much economical as possible , so, its a business decision .

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Posted in: After 15 years of ninja action, manga Naruto is ending next month See in context


Well, actually, my country is quite not good for those who are part of LGBT , and even our Patriarch Ilinej from Orthodox church openly speak against those population , and he describes them as cancer of the society , so the decision to make him a female was quite political .

And for part where he say " I am a boy " , I checked , in our dub, he also say the same line "I am a boy ( Ja sam decak )", but still, that line isnt to problematic because we had , in our Serbian history, a female that fought as a man in WWI , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milunka_Savi%C4%87 , so , we interpreted that as something quite logical for female fighter not wanting to be called a girl .

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Posted in: After 15 years of ninja action, manga Naruto is ending next month See in context


Lots of anime male characters are voiced by the females , look at Naruto, he is also voiced by female , but that isnt the same as the fact that Haku ( male ) was changed into female in Serbia , here is the quote from this page http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Haku

In the Serbian version of the anime, other characters erroneously refer to Haku as female.

And thats how I saw him, and believed until I watched the original version .

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Posted in: After 15 years of ninja action, manga Naruto is ending next month See in context


Its nice to hear people getting emotional about some things, and admit it openly, my respect for you . Bdw, I am also anime fan, but at first, I didnt wanted to watch Naruto, because I read in one anime review that isnt nothing special, so I avoided, but then it started airing in my country , I started to watch, because it was in that time one of the rare anime series that aired ( it was several years ago ) , so I watched and get in the part where Haku dies to protect Zabuza, and that episode was a slap in my face, I never seen before nowhere that someone could sacrifice his life to protect his friend , and I even stopped watching after that Naruto, I didnt had strength to continue , so it passed at least one year before I finally managed to start watching from where I stopped, that how that part of Naruto shaken me, of course , I must to say, as I am from Serbia, we are the only ones that changed the Haku genre into female ( yes, our dub treated him as female ) .

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Posted in: What’s wrong with English education in Japan? Pull up a chair See in context

Why not just start with compulsory Kindergarden English lessons and teach the kids English phoncis. That way they will get use to the proper pronounciation from an early age which is sadly lacking in this country.

I really wonder how will knowing English prononciation would help Japan ? Will they achieve better sucess in the west ? Are xou going to buy more Japan product because of that ? Tell me , what use Japan will have with that ?

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Posted in: What’s wrong with English education in Japan? Pull up a chair See in context

One Japanese netizen suggests that TV dramas should be utilized to hear real English, while seeing the facial expressions and mouth movements all together in one package.

O really? Or better to say, the excitement of learning all posible way of cursing , swearing and itd ?

TV shows, movies, books, games, and it's not even limited to entertainment, scientific journals, international business and the majority of the Internet is conducted in English.

What kind of nonsence is this ?All those TV shows and movies exist in Japan, but translated in Japan language, and for games, majority of western games are not so popular in Japan, specially FPS games , but those that are , are translated in Japan language, so, no need for English ,, and for international business , again , its only small portion of Japan people who will, in their life time, to be in position to get into contact with those international firms . And for Internet , well, I really dont see nothing worthy on it for someone to learn English , I see only trash sites and thats it , , because internet is actually big place for trolls and haters, so, its not so happy place to be .

I am sorry, but I am someone who actually dont like this western pressure on Japan to accept English language as must have .

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Posted in: Mass grave found near Mexico town hit by violence See in context

So, Mexico is left to be a hell on earth ? It seams so called civilized society dosent exist in this world, but its used as a political tool . Sadly , US dont care for small people, they need people who are happy to work for small pays ,and who are happy just to be alive, and Mexicans are also one of the people who are coming in the US , and working for small pays .

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Posted in: Thousands swarm Hong Kong leader's office; China tells U.S. to back off See in context

There we got is, thats the face of second largest economy China , its a authoritarian system that wants to occupy Hong Kong with their authoritarian rule , I also watched on CNN Christiana Amanpur interview with former chief secretary of Hong Kong Anson Chan , and thats

It does not help, however, that China international trade partners have by and large signalled that they are willing to do business with Beijing "almost on any terms" -Chinese domestic issues be damned.

Its simple, China is playing in free trade world , while their market they control completly, because all production in China has to be done in cooperation with domestic state firms, and that shows huge benefits in development for Chinese firms , but also all negative things that is hapening in China is neglected, including the question of Tibet and Uyghur population , the totall controll on media and internet by China state .

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Posted in: Costs, politics erode chances for a Tokyo casino by 2020 See in context

Happy day for Japan, I hope more happy news like this one .

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Posted in: Miranda Kerr’s photo shoot for Vogue Japan stirs up controversy See in context

Incredible, so , again we see racism from the white folks in the west, complaining how one of their stars are truing to be Japanese ? WHAT IS THIS, so, in that way, should we kick every rocker, hip-hop and rap artist from Japan , because they want to look as westerners ? It seams people tolerance in the world is at lowest poing ever , I believe this is the result of the Internet, its a place where people are used to say every tiny thing they got on their minds, and also, the place where all kinds of racist people can express their hate toward other cultures ? What is wrong with world today ? The terms as weeabo , wapanese , are all used as terms of actually hating Japan culture, they hate everything that is good, instead to try to embrace positive aspect of Japan culture, why people from long time history watched other cultures ? To see what good they can apply on them self's , thats how culture exchange work, but today, its quite opposite.

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

First for all, digital download dont count into Oricon chart, and fans of certain groups , including K-pop one, are ready to spend lots of money just to see their group as higher posible on that chart , because better position means better status for that group in the eyes of the fans .

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Posted in: Defense ministry wants its own early-warning planes See in context


F-2 isnt just a copy of a F-16, read this article, before spaming here with your lies, F-2 is joined project of US and Japan military companies , and F-16 is used as a starting point for creating more capable fighter, with longer range, and with bigger payload , http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/lockheed-mitsubishis-f2-fighter-partnership-03188/ , I write this again, READ CAREFULLY EVERYTHING IN THIS ARTICLE .

The C919 rollout is this week.

Delusioned , here is the truth "The first C919 plane is scheduled to have cockpit system installation and safety checks in 2015, and its maiden flight may occur as early as the end of 2015." Thats the news from ESCN.CN , from yesterday, so, pls , go spread your fantasies elsewhere .

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Posted in: Defense ministry wants its own early-warning planes See in context


And you forgot F-2 ? Thats a staple of Japan air military force at a moment , they incorporated some high tech things in the time of building it .

China assembles 737s by the hundreds per year.

Again , you show your aggressive stupidity , there is NO assembly line for ANY Boeing airplane in China .

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Posted in: Defense ministry wants its own early-warning planes See in context

Japan is already developing their new maritime patrol aircraft Kawasaki P-1 , here you can see it takes off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eg-MEeqj1E , Also, the new transport airplane Kawasaki C-2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p99rSn-Vh80 Amphibious aircraft ShinMaywa US-2 , that India wants to buy from Japan , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV6NnVTOBjo

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Posted in: Japanese scientists among Ig Nobel spoof award winners See in context

WDF !!!

Other teams earned prizes for studying what happens in the brains of people who see the face of Jesus in their toast

So test subject were all Catholic ?

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Posted in: Japanese rising sun badge upsets some at Asian Games See in context

Its offensive for them because they HATE Japan, and actually Rising Flag represent fighting spirit of Japan, and thats why Korea and China are so against that flag, because they want to broke Japan spirit, not to forget, Korean and China ARE biggest enemies of Japan, and next to them are all those westerners that want to change Japan to their liking , as @smitingjapan is so hard truing to do .

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Posted in: Japanese rising sun badge upsets some at Asian Games See in context

This is their emblem, you can see it in upper left angle, http://www.en.hockey.or.jp/ , and Koreans know from the start it will be like this . Adn bdw, only two biggest haters of Japan has a problem with this flag, and also those who work against Japan all day and night .

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Posted in: Chinese buyers in Tokyo lead charge in iPhone 6 global debut See in context

IPhone has Japan parts too, Screen Sharp, camera Sony, and also, as someone did all ready tear down on net of iPhone 6, some components are also from Toshiba, so, in some way , iPhone is at least 1/3 Japan product .

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Posted in: Ehime’s new women’s prison decorated powder pink 'to relieve feelings of oppression' See in context

Men feel discriminated, what a joy !

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