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Posted in: Foreign films a tough sell in America, but remakes thrive See in context

@ turbosat

You are right, "The Artist " won 5 of them , my mistake .

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Posted in: Foreign films a tough sell in America, but remakes thrive See in context

The problem lies in simple fact, Americans only like American stories, and they mostly dont care for foreign word , only people who are interested in other cultures and countries are watching foreign movies, but as we see , its a small niche group.

I want to remind you on the case of "Letters from Ivo Jima", while it was Clint Eastwood movie , it barely screened in US , and the reason why ? Its not because it was bad movie, quite opposite, it was one of this better works, the problem lies it was made in Japanese language and with mostly Japanese cast, and it was telling Japan story of the war . That same movies who was nominated for several rewards in world and in US , only earned 13 million $ in US , so, no mater is was mostly filmed in US and was made by US company , and was greatly well done, it still didnt managed to achieve success in US , simply, they treated that movie as foreign one ( and that is showcased how it was distributed in US, with lots of lagging ) .

And now to say another thing , about the trend of taking famous international entertainment brands and movies into Hollywood ones , of course again putting those stories into America and with American heroes , and in that way, taking away origin of those stories .

Even when story cant be changed , as it was a case with Dragon Ball movie and Ronin 47 , Americans always have a need to put American , or close to American as a main character, simply, they fear of not having character that look as mainstream American as a way of losing the money ( but again, I mentioned examples where they again lost their money , because it looked so stupid )

Telling that US mainstream movies are better than those from other markets is incredible nonsence, specially comparing it with European ones , the only diference is that European mainstream movies dont rely on super hero theme , while top mainstream movies in US are mostly super hero .

Someone say Japan movies are not well made, but what with Space Battleship Yamato movie ? It was one of the best made movies , or what to say about Ruroune Kenshin movies ? They are made under Warner Bros, so why they didnt tried to screen in US those movies ?

And then we got a Oscar, people often look at that reward as something that showcase the best from the world, but , the fact is its a show cast of AMERICAN movies , but still, Oscar is treated in the world as the biggest prize the movie can get , while the foreign movie can get only one reward there, and thats for foreign movie, and thats so sad, I can bet that Oscar is really international reward, the majority of rewards would be in the hands of foreign ones.

And now to explain my self, as someone who live in part of Europe where subs are normal thing ( tv, movies, anime, cartoons ) and we only use dub for things that are aimed for small kids who cant read , I think that people exaggerate problem of subs, I think the real problem lies in people willingness to listen foreign words, thats the problem , because subs are not something that disrupts watching movies so much as someone here want to say, and again, its a small effort to get used on subs, and not a excuse .

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Its sad to see so many people commenting negatively about this , wile actually quite well know that actions of Israel army and politicians are just excuse for destruction of numerous civilian housing complex in Gaza under pretext of hunting those who are leaders of Hamas, or as a place from where it was fired .Palestinian rockets were fired, but those rockets are primitive , weak, and not guided , compared with state of the art Israel equipment, and bdw, the level of destruction is hugely different on Israel side. There is lack of willingness from Israel politicians and army to prevent Palestinian civilian casualties .

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Posted in: World War I: Japan's ill-fated 'gift from the heavens' See in context

Again, people forget how the world in that time looked, and how majority of Asia in that time were under colonial rules of western countries, and China, totally incompetent to deal with them , so, Japan only solution is to make it self Asian power .

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Posted in: U.S. experts blame both Japan, S Korea for tensions See in context


Exactly what posters like myself, smithinjapan and globalwatcher have been saying for years. But just as in the actual relations between the two countries, the "haters" dominate the crowd here, and so nothing positive comes out of it.

It seams you didn't understand this sentence from Victor Cha, former director for Asian affairs in the time of presidency of George W. Bush in White House

he noted a growing sense of "Korea fatigue" in Japan over the criticism from Seoul.

Constant criticism and trashing coming non stop from Korea , they spam for change the name of Sea of Japan into East Sea , then posting numerous comfort statues all over the US , making exhibition in France of drawing that show how Japan soldiers tortured comfort women , and not to forget the most hideous attempts to claim all that is noteworthy from Japan culture,is actually of Korean origin , this is something that will create the rift between two countries for centuries to come . This things are what create " Korean fatigue " , but my personal opinion is that still majority of Japan people don't know how much Korea is trashing Japan .

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Posted in: Ice Bucket Challenge See in context

What a charity, this is just propaganda tool for him, he will do anything to build fame around him , and if you believe him, , then, his goal is achieved .

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Posted in: Samsung extends deal as Olympics top sponsor to 2020 See in context

So, unhealthy food makers , McDonald and Coca-Cola , are sponsors of Olimpic, how ironic, and so shameful.

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Posted in: Former Korean sex slaves to meet pope in Seoul See in context

CNN= every step that Pope makes, its news there , incredible. And of course, Koreans are truing to use Pope as much is posible, K-pop stars even made a song for him, and with that, they actually promoting them selfs , not to mention that info was spammed on CNN for two days , really, what a combo . And of course, now they want to use hil like this , really, Koreans are biggest manipulators today in the world .

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Posted in: Woman, 3 minors arrested after girl's body found in apartment See in context

This is another proof that teens are not kids, because teens are quite intelligent to know that they can avoid crime penalties because of their age, and I am feared that they will get only two years in institution, and then released, again because of the age, I dont know the laws in Japan, but thats how it hapened in the case of Junko Furuta , so , law needs to change, so that crimes done by teens , that result in death , should be prosecuted as adults , simply, teens should be taught that they cant kill, and then to escape the responsibilities just because of their age .

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Posted in: Film on 1597 victory over Japan breaks Korean box office records See in context

I also wonder, how they showcasted their warriors , the Koreans, did they call them as Ssaurabi ? I again have to put in light the Korean propaganda that want to steal the cultural roots of Samurai, with claiming that it is theirs , , and also, they want to say that Katana is also Korean origin, and also, their try with Chosun Ninja to claim also that Ninja is originated from Korea, and of course, just look on this huge list that exist on wiki on how Korea influenced Japan, and what is strange, the same list of how China influenced Japan dont exist on wiki, so, we know the influenxe China had on Japan, but these Korean obsession with truing to show them self greater than Japan, and also they want to show them self as origin of the best of Japan culture and history , and in that way, to say the world that they need to forget Japan , because all those things that people love in Japan are actually Korean ones, so , Korea should be loved, not Japan . And again to say , but with bold leters, KOREA WANTS TO ELIMINATE EVERY TRACE OF JAPAN IDENTITY IN THE WORD, AND TO REPLACE WITH KOREAN ONE And this movie will give them the strength to continue in that direction , because Korea is the most cohesive country in the world, when it comes hating Japan .

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Posted in: China wraps up anti-Japan propaganda campaign See in context


So when Japanese officials, including those in government and at the national broadcasting agency, and the movie industry embark on a campaign to whitewash and glorify their own wartime history, that's NOT also a "propaganda campaign"? Gimme a break.

Everyone whitetrash history on this planet,on lesser or bigger way, but Japan do not spread hate against China, Korea, nor US with their movies and dramas , while on other hand , Korea and China are constant in promoting hate toward Japan .And bdw its a fact that that Japan has long time history of evading making movies that promote hate toward another country , or nation .

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Posted in: Retailer decides not to post suspected shoplifter's face online See in context

Simple, he didnt stole money, but he stole a toy, and frankly, seeing how hard time s are in Japan, this person did probably not for living, but rather for his kid, or he is just lonely otaku, who wanted to have that robot, in any way or another, is shows person who have problems in his life, and frankly, I also understand the stance of police, because revealing the face, would risk the image of the persons associated with this fellow ( if he have family ) or on other hand, even force him to do suicide , so, in any way or another, the damage done by revealing the thief face would be greater than the stolen robot is worth , as I say, the man dont have the use of that thing , unless he got a child, or he is otaku with no money .

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context

Incredible propaganda, another attempt by western countries to destroy history of Japan , if Japan kick Kanji, huge number of old things would be hard to read , and with that, hardly understandable, shameful article , pure example of manipulation . Kanji is perfection , and I, as foreigner, love it , and this is clearly another atempt to create more bigger separation between Asian countries, and this article just show that for western powers, united Asia is out of question, and think about it, that in some miracle way China and Japan find mutual political language, that would create region of Asia as the most prosperous one , but thats not something that is in western interest .

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Posted in: Australian PM appalled at decapitated head photo See in context

Thats the risk of imigration, people dont change when they come in your country , they bring their own manners, mostly bad ones, and thats something that Japan need to avoid ,bdw, I live in Europe , in region where muslims are majority ( Bosnia ) and I can say that people here are becoming more and more radical, not to mention that some of them joined the ranks of ISIS, and even some of Bosnian immigrants in Austria joined their ranks, but the most stunning was the story of two teen Bosnian females, ages 15 and 16, that lived in Austria, decided that they want to go in Syria , and you can see them posing with AKB-47 .

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Posted in: Texas boy, 7, shoots 8-year-old cousin See in context

I watched today on RT, about how there is book for children of how guns are needed, and also, watched videos where small kids are learning to use guns, and also , they put the number of 3 000 kids every year get killed in US from the fire arms , and that three times more kids , than adults got killed in Japan in same time ( I think last year it was even below 1000 people killed ) . I wonder, those advocates for guns, do they see Japan , where crime rate is low, and murder rate also, and also has no guns ?Japan -no guns , low crime , US, -guns, big crime rate .

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Posted in: Sino-Japanese War still stings China 120 years later See in context


China peaceful rapid development ? I will say China was wolf under sheep skin, just for the sake of having thousands of western and Japanese factories build in China, thats the only reason behind so called rapid China development, the super cheap working force . And in that way you obtained the much needed money and technical development for your military .

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Posted in: Osaka police admit hiding 81,000 crimes to clean up image See in context

People, you seem not to read news well, this isn't cower up on national level, this is cover up of OSAKA police department, and this crimes are on OSAKA politicians to blame .

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Posted in: BABYMETAL plays first ever U.S. show See in context

I am so happy to see your post @yoshisbuddy , I watched your videos , thanks for sharing :) .

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Posted in: BABYMETAL plays first ever U.S. show See in context

I follow them for some time, their appeal is their energy , and most important , the ability of Sue-metal ( main vocal ) to give great vocal performance on live concerts, and also, they got great band behind them, and great people who make music for them, and what to say, they are massive .

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

McDonald = unhealthy food, and that they pull out of Japan, would be dream come true .

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Posted in: Saudi Arabian TV tempts would-be thieves in Tokyo to test Japan’s honesty See in context


Oh Christ, here we go again. Japan = nirvana on earth etc etc....

Ok, tell me, what country for you is closest to be called nirvana on this world ? For me, its Japan, for several reason, and trust me, I know majority of bad things that Japan has, but still , the positive things are for me more important, and one of those things are mentioned in this article .

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

He wanted to shock reporters, so that he can avoid questions, heh.

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Posted in: Game plan See in context

Heh,. Macedonian flag is highly similar to the Rising sun flag :)

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Sadly for you, Japan got the best fans any team can wish for ,and thats fangirls :) . And for the result, what is football ? Its a game, so chill pout , they lost in game, so what ? And dont start with fanboy argue of how game must be won , pls, dont be boring .

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Posted in: Advisers urge Japan to offer foreign aid to richer nations See in context

@Knox Harrington

Yep, this all just sounds like a way to make it easier for the corporatocracy that is Japan to funnel money into the pockets of their buddies, all the while patting some backs and smiling at the populace, who, understands nothing of what is going on.

Hm, I think you described US government with this .

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The ad posters that failed to include the word "National" were prepared by a media entity comprised of media such as NHK, the Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun

So all this is actually the result of Japan news media, another proof that most media in Japan are has pro-China and pro-Korea attitude .

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Posted in: 'Patriotic Wives' praise Abe, censure China, S Korea See in context

Lets face it , actually majority of normal Japan people dont have a clue on what extend Korean propaganda work against Japan . And Japan goverment not only that have problem with Korean propaganda in the world, but they got problem with huge Korean propaganda in Japan . While Koreans are spreading hate toward Japan in the world, in Japan, they are trying to spread idea on how Koreans are super cool nation, and how Japan should follow them.

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Let the right wing apologist screams of - " this is just Chinese propaganda fabrication and there is no real proof" begin. If that doesn't work, roll out the " other country soldiers did it too " line. 3,2,1.....

Oh, marcelitoooooo, you want to suport China ? Why China now started with this ? Why China in any way had any contact with Japan then ? Why they let firms from Nazi Japan to be on their ground all these decades ? Why , Why, Why ? I will tell you why , because now China has money and with that, they managed to raise big army, while before, they were comedy of the army , and now, they want to bring back the glory of old China that ruled the Asia, thats why they are doing this now . Dont forget that China is in conflict with Philipines and Vietnam too, also because China wants to expand it self .

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Posted in: No charges for man held in Anne Frank diary vandalism case See in context

Ah, spamers, at least they know his face, just all libraries need to have his photo, and its ok .

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Posted in: S Korea holds live-fire drill, ignoring Japan's protest See in context

Clear provocation by Korean politicians, they always look the ways to provoce things , and making live practice so close , and in Japan terms, in Japan territorial waters, is clear provocation, another proof that Korea is constantly thinking how to provoke Japan . This act is same as slap in the face, and another proof how Koreans are dirty manipulators .

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