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Neo_Rio comments

Posted in: China protests over Japan-U.S. statement on human rights; blasts U.S. 'evil past of genocide' See in context

Super powers will do whatever they want, using any excuse they like.

Unfortunately it's us little people who get thrown under the bus Every. Single. Time.....

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Posted in: China calls for action from Australia; raps agreement with Japan See in context

China is suffering from famine (see reports on their recent "Clean Plate" campaign), and yet they knock back food imports from Australia?

In the list of possible stupid strategic moves, this is another one made by China. It's almost like they want to shoot themselves in the foot.

Australia is a sovereign country that's just going to go on doing what it does regardless. It may not be a military or economic heavyweight, but it is a diplomatic one.

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Posted in: IAEA chief says Fukushima water release plan meets global standards See in context

“Global standards of practice” for an event so utterly unprecedented means that they’re making this up as they go along. But what’s worse is the lies and weasel words.

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Posted in: James Bond producer rules out female 007 See in context

A post-operation trans women as James Bond would be pretty interesting though. It would make the films a parody of itself , but pretty funny

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Posted in: Keeping it real: A behind-the-scenes look at 'The Lion King' visual effects See in context

Technically it was an amazing movie — but it just didn’t work as a piece of cinema. The realism and wildlife documentary feel of it was constantly snatched away from you with the film’s lighthearted and comedic dialogue.

As a tech demo, it was pretty amazing though.

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Posted in: 'Joker' leads Oscar nominations with 11 as women miss out See in context

I have a dream !... that one day movies will be judged on the strength of their performances, and not the color or gender of their creators.

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Posted in: Were foreign visitors' wild brawls at Shinjuku's Golden Gai a taste of the Olympics to come? See in context

Street Fighter: 2019 drunken edition?

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Posted in: It's a denial of democracy if just that many protesters would be enough to decide the will of the nation. The number of voters in Japan is 100 million. The protesters in front of the Diet would be not See in context

Unfortunately he's right.

The apathy that the Japanese have to vote speaks louder in a democracy than their enthusiastic protests

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Posted in: Microsoft to launch Windows 10 on July 29 See in context

XP was relatively stable, but I can't recall how many times I needed to reinstall that system after it started grinding slowly after a few years of use... no it wasn't as good as 7 in my opinion.

Windows Vista was an unmitigated disaster.

As a long time Windows user, I can safely say that Windows 7 has been the most stable and functional.

Technically Windows 8 was a further refinement - if it weren't for the god-awful Start screen.

Windows 10 should be similar to Windows 7, but Microsoft is pushing to get this out the door in time.... that means it will likely be quite buggy when it arrives, but what I've seen holds promise. People looking to upgrade from 7 have a year to do so for free. My advice is that if you want system stability, wait until around May next year to make the switch.

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Posted in: Group says 'American Sniper' film spurs threats against Muslims See in context

It's almost laughable that propaganda to get people to join the military, or at least hate a particular enemy, is being lauded as Oscar worthy. Just like Dark Zero Thirty... Just like the Hurt Locker...

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Posted in: France arrests 54 in crackdown on hate speech; Charlie Hebdo's new issue sells out See in context

Islam is not something that you can appease. If you are nice to them and try to avoid offending, they will still come after you anyway.

Just go to any Muslim majority country and talk with the minority Christian or other religious group. You have whole villages running religious apartheid (complete with signs), dividing the place up. The demoralized minority wouldn't and doesn't dare harass the Muslims, but they are persecuted regardless by baseless rumours threatening to burn their houses down. All the houses end up getting marked, passover style, into muslim/non-muslim, to the point where Christians hang Quranic verses on their wall to ward away threats.

... and I witnessed this in so-called "moderate" Indonesia.

When there are no more Christians to persecute, then Muslims turn on themselves... calling each other apostates.

So please world media, post more Mohammed cartoons. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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Posted in: Apple sued for promising more available storage space than it actually delivers See in context

Because the marketers use a numbers trick on people. For example, when something has 1000 MB - the packaging marketers call it 1 GB. But in computer terms, 1 GB is actually 1024 MB (digital means using the power of 2, y'see, 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024). Now do the same from KB to TB and so on and so on. Nifty trick, huh

1GB = 1000MB, whereas the more technically correct 1GiB = 1024MB (the while gibibyte thing is a recent invention to avoid this issue)

This lawsuit against Apple is peanuts compared to dealing with large enterprise storage vendors.

Modern SAN systems do all sorts of useful things that further blur the lines beyond a simple issue of format overhead and OS installation. You have RAID levels in multi-drive configurations, parity groups, thin provisioning (essentially getting the system to promise more storage than it may not actually have), and then filesystem snapshots and virtual copies that use the thin provisioning.

The large vendors have teams trying to explain how this all works to enterprise customers - and have it try and make business sense the next time they need to plunk down huge wads of cash to buy 20+ TB of disk space, while only able to use 10TB of it

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Posted in: Many Japanese women’s new image of the ideal man See in context

Once of the first accusations to fly from Japanese women is the standard "you must be drunk", or "you are a playboy", or insinuating that you are so sure of yourself, or have everything planned in advance for the date - anticipating on eventual success. In fact, the who "low ego" thing seems to be fairly common with Chinese women as well.

In reality though, these women are unbearable themselves. They act predictably entitled and arrogant, while accusing of the same based on zero information. It's their skewed perception that is unfortunately their reality - and once the accusations start, they crash an otherwise pleasant interaction. You just have to walk away, because you can't get anywhere with them.

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Posted in: Halloween in Shibuya See in context

Japan loves cosplay. Halloween is cosplay. Enough said.

Although there was a huge mess on the streets on Shibuya come early morning that needed cleaning up. Lots of Japanese people felt shame because of that. It's not like it was in a controlled environment where people were being paid to clean the area up. It was in front of Shibuya businesses.

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Posted in: Survey reveals chance of marrying your first love in Japan See in context


This quaint notion that humans stay together in monogamous relationships forever, and that there is "someone for everyone" is a myth perpetuated by society.

In reality, approximately 20% of the men mate with 80% of the women.

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Posted in: Apple iPhone a threat to national security: Chinese media See in context

Oh the irony of the Chinese state broadcaster going under the acronym "CCTV"

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Posted in: The end of poverty? See in context

It's not greed that is the issue. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the population growing and limited resources.

Some people are going to miss out, because people breed what they cannot feed, and then get angry at people with money for not giving them free handouts. When they are given work, they always want more. This is their justification for looting the rich.

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Posted in: Sony still a Walkman in an iPad age See in context

On the TV front, Sony is having it's lunch eaten for it by LG and the Koreans.

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Posted in: Women vent their anger toward mothers, husbands See in context

LOL. Why on earth would you say that on your wedding day.

Absolutely. A bit late to discover that he was set-up to be a slave to two women. She should have run away from the wedding.

Husbands are guilty of many sins toward their wives, and are hated for many reasons.

If they're guilty of not making enough money, not giving all of it to their wife, not doing what they are told, not spending time with their wife, or arguing too much, not saying "I love you" enough and being deliriously happy with their poor treatment, then they're guilty of trying to get away from their slave-driving wives.

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Posted in: Advice from Japanese women on dealing with boyfriend’s anime girlfriend See in context

Dont get an anime boyfriend, get a real man,

The problem is that "real men" have competing real girlfriends.

I feel a little sorry for Japanese women. They want a guy rich, smart, and attractive to give them everything... and yet stupid enough to ignore the fact that there are lots of women out there to "play the field" with when you have that much attention coming towards you.

That would mean for women to.... gasp.... treat men as real people and as friends, and not as brainwashed money-making slaves for women to manipulate.

...but once that happens,... there goes the neigborhood!

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Posted in: Advice from Japanese women on dealing with boyfriend’s anime girlfriend See in context

Replace "anime girlfriend" with any other male hobby that absorbs his time, attention, and money, and women will still find reason to complain. It's not good enough that the man spends some of his time, attention and money on her. She wants ALL of it.... otherwise, what's the point of the relationship? ;)

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Posted in: RIKEN splashed cash on luxury furniture to use up budget: magazine See in context

This comes as no surprise.

I did a stint as as sysadmin at a RIKEN facility about ten years ago, and when it came time to empty the budget out, the people responsible bought a whole rack of computer servers that they didn't need... only to discover that the data centre didn't have enough electrical capacity to power them on. So they just sat there!

Wish they gave me a pay rise instead, but they didn't, so I left...

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Posted in: Disappointed Abe says Japan will abide by ruling on whaling See in context

The win here for Abe is if he can spin this around and put China's claims over the Senkaku's in perspective.

If Japan can show that it will follow the rule of law, China loses a few legs to stand on by claiming ownership over the islands. Japan can say "Well, take your case to the ICJ" knowing full well that China would fail to make a compelling case.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants in New York introduce ban on tipping See in context

Service is generally pretty crap in the US, and the gall of some of the service staff to DEMAND tips in the face of a bored, angry, and disinterested waitress/waiter/taxi driver is basically a slap in the face - or at least it feels that way to me.

Best places for service stateside is at the upscale places where a service charge is included in the bill. Go figure.

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Posted in: China consumer TV show targets camera maker Nikon See in context

Well, that's one way the Chinese can encourage their citizens to buy Chinese. I'm pretty sure that trashing popular foreign brands is pretty underhanded though. The irony is of course, the multiple issues that Chinese products have. Tomes have been written about that.

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Posted in: Mini-skirt turbulence at Skymark Airlines See in context

All I have to say is, that if you make women feel bad about looking sexy, they'll stop doing it, and you'll miss out.

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Posted in: How come Japanese couples don't say "I love you" to each other as often as their Western counterparts? See in context

They don't say it because the women don't really love the men (men are supposed to be out there working hard doing and making money for her, no need to lie to them about loving them to keep them going), and the men don't say it to the women because they've figured out that women really don't care about them, and saying it to them would be pretty stupid.

Incidentally, scientific studies show that women are more likely than men to lie about their feelings with "I love you" if they ever say it, and if a man says it to her, she loses respect for the said man. Once a woman has captured a man's heart, she has completed her conjugal goal and further interactions seem pointless to her, so she loses interest. I need to dig out the references, but they are out there.

Besides, the Japanese are non-primitive, highly civilized, highly rational and highly pragmatic. They are beyond most primitive outbursts of emotion.... except when drunk ;)

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Posted in: Yamato deliveryman kept 2,723 packages at home because he was 'too busy' to deliver them See in context

That's one way to "Go POSTAL"!

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Posted in: Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox looks into criminal complaint See in context

Se... the problem is that Bitcoin isn't backed by any government, or any army, or an array of warheads. That means when an exchange broker goes boom, there is no recourse whatsoever.

...and people who lost their money on bitcoins, I just want to say that currency trading is a difficult task, and over 90% of traders lose money due to their greed, fear, inexperience, and ignorance. Also you have to choose well capitalised and regulated brokers who can afford to pay you out and not shaft you.

In currency trading, your first lesson is that you do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose, and secondly that all money you give to the broker is effectively their money until you file for a withdrawl. You may as well kiss it goodbye until then (but you probably won't if you're in the 90% loser category - you'll just margin your account out)

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Posted in: Head of Mt Gox bitcoin exchange says he is still in Japan See in context

This guy basically ran a brokerage. Typically these things abide by financial laws in certain countries (if you're talking about FX for example)... and "bucket shops" who don't even execute their clients' trades, expecting them to lose money.... and when a rare trader actually make a LOT of money, they don't have the capitalization to offer a payout.

I have to wonder a few things. If the bitcoins were "stolen", then it was basically a computer crime of some sort.... but I wonder if it's just a cover for the aforementioned master trader coming along and draining it that way.

The next thing I wonder is what laws in Japan would apply to bitcoin, if any. Financial instruments are regulated.... so if he was trading equities for example, right now he would be off to the slammer.....but this is bitcoin and doesn't really "exist" in the strict sense, nor is it legally recognised in any way.

Would he go to jail? ... or would the fact that there are no laws surrounding bitcoin enable him to pack his suitcase and walk out of the country unhindered?

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