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Posted in: Japan probing bitcoin exchange after huge reported theft See in context

Undercapitalized bucketshop broker shuts up shop. ... probably destroyed by a competant currency trader.

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Posted in: Sony says PlayStation4 sales exceed 5.3 million See in context

Why bother with wanting backwards compatibility when you already own the old console anyway? I suppose it means you don't get to sell the old one and it clutters your AV cabinet... but so what, really

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Posted in: High school girl stabbed to death; 35-year-old man turns himself in See in context

Until the couple are married the man cannot possess the woman. Just my rules.

A man cannot "possess" a woman. Period. If you're hoping that any of that changes in marriage, then you're better off avoiding marriage.

Honestly, men are better off just avoiding relationships with women beyond the first romp in the bedroom. Just do your business and then get out of their way. If they want to stick around, they'll make the effort themselves. Men aren't supposed to be domesticated.

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Posted in: Australia, Toyota at odds over manufacturing halt See in context

I'm afraid that's it. It's the unions in Australia followed by the lunatic left that is rogering the country.

...but that's Australian politics for you. The left come into power and bankrupt the country. The right then come in and make the hard decisions to rescue the country's finances... but eventually they become so hated for their tough decisions, that once the country gets back in the black, the populace are praying for the left to come back in again and splash the money around again. Then they bankrupt the country again.... Rinse, wash, repeat.

That's why Australia can never seem to get ahead in any big way.

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Posted in: Masuzoe says he wants to make Tokyo No. 1 city in world See in context

People in Tokyo are too busy working to think about politics, and it almost seems as if the media doesn't tell anyone where and when to vote on these issues.

In the end, it seems to me that the only people who have time and inclination to vote are... old pensioners.

Most everyone else working is too busy and apathetic.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe 'Asian Hitler' See in context

This is not even "Pot calling kettle black"

This is "pot calling shiny mirror black"

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Posted in: Foreigners reveal when they felt they really 'got this whole Japan thing' See in context

I only really got Japan after I left.

People kept saying to me "Grow up, and come back home to the real world, and away from that fantasy land" ...and when I did, I realised something. The real world can be a sucky place without multiple levels of feigned politeness, and Japan was more mature than the rest of the world gave it credit for.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

No-one's going to like this comment, but here goes:

Women have to juggle two types of men in their life. There is no "the one" magic man who fits everything. It's impossible.

Women categorize men into two categories: The "quick fling" and the "provider". If you're the quick fling, sex happens pretty quick and then you're let go to meet other woman and do the same thing to them. If you're the provider, you're the workhorse who is supposed to pay all the bills. To a woman, a man cannot fill both roles at the same time. They are mutually exclusive by their very nature.

Women only respect horn-dogs who love them and leave them, but then they go around saying that these guys are somehow "bad" in order to trick a provider men into a relationship where they are forced to work and disrespected for doing it.

And when you point this out this fallacy, women will categorically deny it and start with the ad hominem attacks.

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Posted in: Gov't blames translator over Abe's World War I remark See in context

I remember once being the translator who copped all the blame once.

I translated everything for the Japanese client into matching English as best I could, but apparently it turned out that I was REALLY being hired to mistranslate everything by speaking a lot of BS to this client in order to make the sale go through, and my translation wasn't helping. I guess they figured that having a foreigner talk a lot of nonsense would be convincing.

So I got fired.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

I think relationships require mutual trust, communication, and honesty. Most importantly love..

what I was trying to say (before being rudely bumped by the moderator for being too blunt), was that IN GENERAL, MY experiences taught me that western notions of love and romance and happy "together forever" are somewhat alien concepts to Japan. Love and sex is something of a primal urge, and seems to be understood in clinical terms by the Japanese. It's not too unlike some other primal urges, some of which are dirty and messy, that you may not really want to do, but are instinctually driven to.

I think Japanese look at western notions of romance as some kind of weird anomaly... and where it works for foreigners probably has a big part to do with how much the Japanese woman truly understands and buys into the whole thing.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

My experience has been that by having many different girlfriends in Japan, I actually started to feel bad about the idea of getting married in case I upset one of the girls.

And besides... why feel the need to flip any of them off unnecessarily? I just don't get it.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

Uh maybe to have children, for love, for companionship, for tax benefits?

You can do the first two without getting married, and if you get married for the third one -- you might want to reconsider your life priorities.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

Then maybe the wives should get out and work if they are complaining about the guys income being too low.

If you're a woman, what's the point of getting married if you have to go back out there into the woman-hostile Japanese workforce, and work some more? Isn't that what husbands are for?

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

I'm sorry but pretty much every relationship eventually goes to pot. Either it ends with them vanishing into thin air and never seeing you again... or it ends acrimoniously.... but either way, they all end, and in the cases where they don't end both people are made miserable.

The thing is this: as men, our job is to go around and get laid a lot. It's not to let some woman domesticate you. As soon as you succumb to domestication, and a desire to establish a romantic relationship, suddenly you are not a "real man" anymore and she eventually loses interest.

There are good Japanese women out there, and they're hard to find, but they will let you go out, get drunk, have mistresses, never fight, never argue, and will still cook for you and continue to enjoy sex with you, and let you do pretty much whatever you want as long as you love them..... BUT... if you don't marry those ones, they get broken hearted and will simply vanish on you and marry some other idiot.

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Posted in: Grand Theft Console: Pirates steal video game riches in China See in context

Difference between Chinese and Japanese: Chinese: you make it, we take it, and make it worse. Japanese: we make it, you take it, we make it better.

The real difference is that China is leftist, Japan is rightist... and never the twain shall meet.

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Posted in: 80% of 'black companies' guilty of illegal business practices, survey finds See in context

I worked in a Japanese company who indulged in labor law skirting. Here's what I experienced:

1) A cultural expectation to stay until the boss leaves (of course he stays incredibly late himself) 2) More jobs seem to come in right before you're about to go home for some reason. Of course, the sycophantic culture has you being polite and staying back to do the work 3) Not staying late gets you glass eyed dragon stares for daring to leave early. Literally , time will seem to stop, your heart will race, and you will feel as if you've a ring surrounded by people who want you dead. 4) Of course no overtime is paid 5) Asking for annual paid leave and time off gets you branded as "selfish", and the company makes up other non-enforceable rules such as "we're not giving you time off unless you are sick" etc. 6) There is always the threat of no career advancement and you will lose friends in the company.... and if all the friends you have are at the company, due to the overwork, this is sufficient pressure to continue to work. 7) Legally you only have to give the company two weeks notice of quitting. To be even more fair, I gave them a month. According to them, this wasn't long enough because of their "contractual obligations" meaning that it would only be fair if I stayed for another year at least. Of course, by which point my new job position would be closed and they would just renew their "contract" anyway as soon as the last one finished. 8) When I told them I quit they convened a private meeting of 5 versus 1 and framed it as if I was going to be in big trouble. 9) I was accused of "betraying" the company, and threatened to "ruin my name" in career circles, and had the attitude that they were doing me a huge favor by offering pathetic little me a job. and then they had the audacity to ask if I would be doing work for them after I had started working for the next company. They mentioned that they would feel free to call me up and demand me to take on the work that I hadn't finished before leaving (Of course, the work I did had no clear defined "end" to it anyway)

Of course I politely told them where to go in the most honorific keigo I could muster, and left. They deserved much less for the deliberate bullying and mind games.

The Japanese headhunter that got me my new job (which didn't treat me badly at all, and paid me more for less work) mentioned that many Japanese don't have the courage to go through with a job change and feel pressured to go back and work for their bullying company. Those ones are treated like dirt for the rest of their careers, and the company then ratchets up the pressure on them (probably until karoshi) knowing that they can get away with it.

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Posted in: Kerry says U.S. backs Japan's military buildup See in context

The "human extermination business" is one of the oldest in the world. Very profitable, and helps countries maintain control over their respective populations. Definitely a good thing for the ruling elite.

All one country has to do is find another with the same population problem. Then stoke the populations fragile little primitive emotions with fear and doom, evoke nationalism, praise dying for their country, etc etc, and incite them all to want to fight.

War occurs. Population problem solved, and wealth created.

Rinse, wash, and repeat.

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Posted in: Kerry says North Korea's leader reckless, ruthless See in context

He's tough and ruthless... .... and rough and toothless.

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Posted in: Fukushima remains very complex despite progress: IAEA See in context

That would make sense except for that fact that groundwater coming down from the mountains is likely hitting the melted cores that are somewhere in and below the basement and getting contaminated.

Either they have to pull the cores out (which they don't even know where they are), or divert the groundwater. Both being nearly impossible tasks.

I mean, the cores have likely eaten through the containment and are in the earth's mantle by now.

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Posted in: Japanese gamers debate Red Cross’s call for virtual crimes to be punished See in context

At it's very core, a shooting game would still be fun if it were red blocks versus blue blocks, shooting blocks at each other. It's just that such a game's presentation would be very dull on it's own. So why not make the blocks soldiers instead? It doesn't have to be hyper realistic or anything. Just something to make the game slightly more presentable.

Next thing you know, the Red Cross will be aiming to mess with the rules of chess. We'll have to wait for the chess-ambulance round to get pieces off the board, and hold a war-crimes court once the King gets checkmated!

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO slams Abenomics failure over online drug sale limits See in context

Having met Mikitani, I can say that he's a smart operator and wants to take a wrecking-ball to Japan's "old guard" because he knows that they can't and won't sustain Japan's economy into the future. Remember, that this is the guy that wants all his staff to speak English with some competency.

He also knows how to get things done about it the Japanese way. He had his own candidate in Japanese elections at one point, who would vote to overturn the drug restrictions, and encouraged the whole company to vote for him (IIRC he never got in) - so THAT'S how dedicated he is to getting this drug law squashed.

He was quite open to having webcams on the Rakuten website with live customer to pharmacist live chat to get around the law or requiring a pharmacist to prescribe drugs (or whatever the detail of the law is), but didn't have much success getting the law changed.

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Posted in: How to split from your boyfriend without turning him into a stalker See in context

Boys and Girls in Japan are growing up with media over-emphasis on that there's just one-and-only soulmate for them, a.k.a. the red thread of fate. So they can't let go. There'd be a lot less stalking when it's emphasized that "relax, there's other fish in the sea."

The thing is that with women being upwardly mobile in this day and age, women have no need of the caring, doting husband who pays her paycheck. Men's traditional role is redundant, and the only thing a woman needs a man for is a sampling of DNA.

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Posted in: How to split from your boyfriend without turning him into a stalker See in context

Women should look at how they 'use' men and how that affects a man's psyche.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

Men are trained to be loving, faithful etc etc, and to maintain good relationships.... and when they discover that most women are actually using them parasitically (for money, sex, etc), and then ditched when they are no longer of any novelty - they get rightfully pissed off.

Until men learn to not give a stuff about what women want in a relationship, and then go about having sex with as many women as possible, as they see fit... then they will get over this.

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Posted in: Japanese women list the worst gifts they ever received from boyfriends See in context


...anything that's not cold hard cash.

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Posted in: Investment giant Blackstone gives thumbs up to 'Abenomics' See in context

I can imagine what's going on in their offices...

They're probably saying "Keep going Abe!", as they continue to rake in millions in profit as they short the yen.

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Posted in: No Fukushima radiation effect on bulls' sperm: study See in context

You have two cows...

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Posted in: China warns U.S., Japan, Australia not to gang up in sea disputes See in context

Australia just wants to do business and for state actors to all get along. We don't consider any country an enemy in any sense of the word. We have friends in the US military, but we also trade a lot with China. We're not going to be forced to "pick a side" between the two powers. We have our own agenda that goes beyond petty nationalism and neo-tribalism.

Let's face it. This world is not really a world of nations and peoples anymore. It's a world where the major corporations of the world are the nations, and their employees are the people... and they are all global.

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Posted in: Microsoft unveils upgraded Surface tablets See in context

It's a nice piece of kit, but it's still too expensive. Microsoft is getting destroyed on price, and doesn't have the "cool" factor to argue for the higher price point. The lack of users means developers won't write the applications, th elack of applications means that people won't buy the device. Microsoft can only rely on people needing legacy applications to want their platform, and those people likely have a computer already.

The tablet boat has sailed...

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Posted in: Tritium levels spike at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The worst comes in November when the fuel rod removal begins...

That assumes that the radioactivity levels are low enough for workers to remove those rods. With all these water spills, my fear is that the place will become so irradiated that they won't be able to reach the rods without surpassing the limit -- and then we're all in deep crap as if we weren't already. In such a case, Japan is going to need a lot of kamikaze.

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Posted in: Japan says it is in touch with U.S., others on Fukushima water crisis See in context

I think we can probably encourage the Japanese to accept international help and technology if we propose setting up an international super soldier team.

Each different member comes from a different part of the world, has a different color uniform, is skilled in martial arts and has their own large mecha robot resembling an animal. Then they can all get together, form a large mecha robot and fight the monster Fukushima has caused and clean it up.

Perhaps we can call them..... the Mighty Nuclear Power Rangers

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