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Posted in: Japan defense paper expresses deep concern at Chinese coercion See in context

The military industry is kinda like a business and to look for money it need justification. China, Japan and US are not that dumb to go to war cause it makes no sense but problem is if not then how those military companies and such ensure their budget in good shape for times to come?

I'm not saying they are "acting" but it's kinda like opportunities where parties involved started to hype things up and giggles when those nice military budget figures started rolling in.

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Posted in: China protests over Japan's comments on border dispute with India See in context

How would Japan feel if China said Takeshima belongs to South Korea?

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Posted in: Japan to send 100 SDF troops, radar to remote western island See in context

China's major concern is the disputed islands.

Since it is deployed on Japan's territories, China would just express regret as usual while probably increase patrol near the islands or such in response.

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Posted in: Abe to push security agenda next year with fresh urgency See in context

As long the economy permits, military spendings are no problem but take note China's economy is bigger and growing faster than Japan thus if we were to think of such solution, it is obviously counterproductive as the other in return would increase its budget as well leaving Japan behind even further as China's economy continues to grow each year.

China is also Japan's largest export market from consumer products to high tech components but as time goes by, China would eventually develop or improve their own stuffs which makes their economy less reliant on Japan thus lessen the impact if a conflict occurs but most not likely for Japan unless they can find another similar market.

I understand military is very important but as we all know especially working adults like me, stable economic growth has always been a priority and I believe as someone like me born and working in Malaysia, my sentiments are shared by many others throughout the world including China and Japan as the last thing that anyone would endure is an economic collapse on their country shattering happiness and dreams which previous generation has work so dang hard for us.

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Posted in: China sends fighters to ID flights by U.S. and Japan See in context

If the current ADIZ is not scrapped then it would serve as an excuse for them to establish another one at South China Sea in the near future where the previous would set as an example which we are witnessing right now, identification and monitoring but no shots being fired thus making it look "nice" if you know what I mean.

The aircraft carrier sent for training in my opinion would meant for its future carriers alongside with stealth drones, fighters, missiles and such as once the next ADIZ is established, they would have more effective monitoring than right now and its hard power would feel much harder than before.

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Posted in: China sends planes into air zone after Japan, S Korea defy rules See in context

I would consider China's ADIZ into two stages, beta and final implementation.

The current stage is pretty much gaining feedback from time to time and tuning itself to such response until they satisfied but their main objective as mentioned in the article would be the changes of status quo.

The ADIZ is merely a part of its A2/AD strategies and expect more of such things to come as once its military grown stronger we might see ADIZ at South China Sea as well.

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Posted in: U.S. vows to defend Japan after China announces new air zone See in context

It depends on the situation but frankly for US, Japan and China it is more of psychological rather than physical confrontation as they know their limits pretty well. It always end up with economy being the crucial factor.

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Posted in: China's behavior jeopardizing peace, Onodera says See in context

I hardly see any changes from this article as both of their economy is still kicking which maintain the current tension.

How many nation out there voices out the same thing as Japan?

If very few people complain his food is terrible would the fast food outlet take it seriously compare to half of its customers started to complain?

What we should concern is the future outlook of both Japan and China's economy which I believe would change their mindset on such issue as stronger economy would lead towards stronger military.

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Posted in: Secret Japan-China talks held over island dispute See in context

Readers need to understand there is absolutely no evidence of acknowledgement of third party on the owner of those islands.

When Japan mentioned it was incorporated in 1895, show me the official documents from other nations which approve such thing.

When China mentioned it has belonged to them during ancient times, show me then official documents which approve such thing.

Ask yourself how can you claim the car belongs to you? Don't tell me you're the seller, the banker who provide the loan, the government official who check the license and so forth. The car belongs to you as there are multiple individual of different profession who approves it through various documents which includes signature and so forth.

This is why no nations today would intervene as the sovereignty of those islands can only be resolved between Japan and China whether you like it or not. Once Japan and China agrees only then they can forge a document which can be acknowledged by other nations for the verification of the agreement.

As I mentioned countless times, the most likely thing that would affect the current status would be the economic decline or collapse of either China or Japan which we would not know when it might happen.

Secret meetings such as this one has been conducted in Shanghai on October 2012 last year and I think it has been conducted on both sides without us knowing for a long time but do we see any signs of improvement? I'm not surprised the conversation would be "NO! you do this! NO! listen to me, you do that!" during those meetings.

In other words, we would have to see the economic outcome of Japan and China in the upcoming years as I believe it is the only thing that would affect deeply the attitude of those nations

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Posted in: Secret Japan-China talks held over island dispute See in context

Secret meetings are kept from the public as I think it would contain information which may bring negative impact on doing business between both sides and such meetings has been going on since last year but so far the result is what we looking at right now.

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Posted in: 'De-Americanized' world needed after U.S. shutdown: China media See in context

It may sound like conspiracy but I always feel China is up to something. New world order they say, where we heard that before?

I think they are considering of eliminating US economy as well others like Japan while making sure their own economy is not heavily damaged. China's transformation from export oriented into a more domestic oriented in coming years would reduce such damage and allowing them to have better influence in the region as more would depend on their economy.

After all with such huge market, resources as well being a world manufacturer not mentioning having such tight rule while innovation and creativity on its way, it is among others the most likely to tank such impact and rebuild itself faster during the crisis. It would be ridiculous to say China has never think what would happened if the US economy collapses.

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Posted in: China warns U.S., Japan, Australia not to gang up in sea disputes See in context

I have a good idea, how about we stop bickering each other knowing it would not affect anything at all on the situation while wait and see whether China will become the next Nazi as some of you believe or end up doing business as usual.

The US government is shutdown at the moment so let's see the outcome. If US do default then we might see China's true colors but if not we can discuss whatever comes next.

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Posted in: Japan seeks biggest defense budget rise in 22 years See in context


You can voice whatever you want but the reality is the world is not doing anything towards the issue.

The fact is both are still in the game which means their economy is still kicking regardless whatever negative stuffs you can find for both of them and as I mentioned only when one of them collapse financially then I believe we might see some new developments on the issue.

It's between Japan and China only, nothing else, no ICJ, no US intervention, no compromise, no backing out, just two of them playing cat and mouse unless someone took the bait which in my opinion very unlikely to happen.

That is why I believe economic warfare is the most likely thing that would change the current status of the dispute and not to say it's a good thing but better than conventional warfare.

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Posted in: Japan seeks biggest defense budget rise in 22 years See in context


Unlike PRC, Japan wants to defuse tension not build it up by constantly contesting challenging Japan by intruding Japanese territorial sea.

Another point would be Japan is more worried of another rioting mob trashing Japanese property within China. Something Chinese corporations has no worry of here in Japan.

I'm sorry if I may sound harsh but do you understand the difference between disputed and non-disputed? Remember when a Chinese fisherman enter Japanese waters which was not in dispute? All goes well and yes you can find the article in JapanToday, no riots, no objection, just the usual.

You said Japan is worried about another riot but not China which you actually helped me to prove my point earlier:

It all ends up on who has the better economy. Japan raise their budget, so can China. The question is how much they can afford to maintain such spending.

If Japan decided to let go its largest market for the sake of those tiny islands, how are they going to maintain their military budget? Japan still need China's market for their economic growth as there's no simple alternatives otherwise what the heck they are still staying there as you said about the riots. China obviously on the other hand can afford to lose Japan's market.

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Posted in: Japan seeks biggest defense budget rise in 22 years See in context


If China took the island by force then what is the meaning of dispute and negotiation? No offense, that is the bait and you going to fall for it?

By your logic, if Japan was confident enough they would chase those patrol ships away and build something around those islands but since they can't do anything much about it does it proof Japan's military cannot stand against China?

The trap here is firing the first shot. Do you remember Japan considering of fire warning shots at Chinese planes. What happened when China response that Japan would bear the consequences? Japan did not took the bait.

What happens when one of them took the bait? An excuse for the other to do the same but take note the aggressor is always at the fault if you know what I mean.

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Posted in: Japan seeks biggest defense budget rise in 22 years See in context


The difference between China during World War II and the current one is very different when it comes to military power. They have put a man in space and building a bigger space station. They have current most powerful supercomputer, they are developing better drones, stealth fighters and even their own engines as well other crucial components. They are building more aircraft carrier as well researching anti ship missiles. They have the capability to destroy satellites. They also have many navigation satellites in the orbit.

If we are talking full scale war does Japan really has the ability to defend those small islands? If it was like 50 years ago I think Japan can even invade and hold on to a few provinces in China for quite some time. China's military may not be the best but as their economy grows stronger it is evident such gap would become narrower each day.

PRC has only one important front which is Japan as others like India and Philippines are on a different level and they are not disputing the islands except Taiwan. PRC do not need to concern about USA unless they make mistakes which allows USA to intervene but as we all can see, China isn't falling for such trap and willing to play cat and mouse as mentioned in this article. As long Japan unable to have full possession on those islands, China in my opinion is pretty satisfied at this moment.

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Posted in: Japan seeks biggest defense budget rise in 22 years See in context

It all ends up on who has the better economy. Japan raise their budget, so can China. The question is how much they can afford to maintain such spending.

China's economy is larger and growing faster than Japan, the longer it goes, the more money they have to increase their military power which would widen the gap even further unless Japan able to catch up with China's GDP.

The Soviet Union lost to the US and collapsed not due to military but economic power. I believe we are looking at a similar scenario between China and Japan. Which would end up like the previous USSR, we can only wait and see.

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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

This is just my opinion, I hope readers do not get the wrong idea as I believe it influence the way on how some judge on this issue.

If Japan do not have things such as anime, video games, gadgets and such, do some of you would make similar defense on Japan pretty much everything they do such as this article?

If China and South Korea has similar soft powers would you make the same analogy on those countries?

I know what you guys are thinking, I'm in my 30's and have embrace Japan stuffs since I was in high school. It was anime in the beginning that let me hook up on Japan and It really does influence my view on Japan regarding their actions related to World War II. I'm from Malaysia in case you wanna know.

I used to believe Japan has moved on and others should do the same but as some you might guess it, I was wrong. I judged Japan through its soft power but I realized it is not tied closely with politics. Actually if we want to point our fingers, it would be the government not its people.

Why Japan has not signed a peace treaty with Russia?

Why South Korea despite supposed to be ally of Japan has gone so bad?

Why China being Japan's largest market still face such problem from time to time?

Why Taiwan is protesting recently despite has such decent relationship with Japan for a long time?

Don't be surprised we see comments which has two ways in nature if you know what it means.

Pretty much everything I see is repetition and barely any progress. I know if I voice out my view I would receive a similar response and this is why such things would only solved when one nation's economy is on the verge of collapse cause words simply does not work well here as far as I concern.

The East Asia nations would be so great if worked together, can some of you including the moderator actually see it? That for me I think it's just a silly dream. The comments around here just enhance its silliness.

I used to came here for Japan animation, gadgets, culture and such but now, I feel we have become a part of Japan's World War II, we all affected by its past one way or another and sadly as I mentioned I think it would only change when that day comes.

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Posted in: Japan summons China envoy over ships near disputed isles See in context

This all started because Japan did not get any official recognition when they said it was annexed in 1895. May I ask JT readers why is it done in such secretive manner? How come no one knows about it?

For those who are not lazy take a good look at the map, it is closest to Taiwan and centuries old China never been there before? It's true China acknowledge it when Taiwan was invaded in the same year but after the war ends, all those invaded by Japan is to be given back to China and this is where the confusion started.

No solid documents supported whether those islands belong to Japan or China BEFORE THE WAR as come on, how big those islands compare to Taiwan? Even today I think some islets are not yet named which located near China and Japan.

Now readers should know why countries do not dare to even mention about the issue and US avoid it as much as they can. This is between China and Japan, nothing more, nothing less.

I stand on my ground that Japan started the problem last year and so far I have not heard of cooperation as an option which they did it before and should consider such option seriously so both may return to the point when they are doing so well together before it's too late.

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Posted in: Japan unveils biggest warship since World War II See in context

I believe it will be a cold war until one of them collapsed financially which is something more likely to happen these days that I have said few months ago.

Both of them are well trained not to make mistake and currently readers should take note on the ECONOMY not MILITARY where one cannot stay for long if the first perform poorly.

We all have seen how such issue affect the economy both sides since the last incident, imagine a simple hit from Japan on China's ships might bring an end to relationship on both sides, good for China and foreign companies to grab whatever Japanese market has left out.

Yes that's how China still able to progress and the next few years would be interesting, I highly doubt ties would become better and I anticipate one of them to have economic problems but when or if it will come, only time can tell.

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Posted in: I think there is an argument that Japan and other countries should form an alliance to stand against China. This makes the situation worse. See in context

How would Japan feel if China, Russia and South Korea work together to pressure Japan?

I understand the alliance if China send their military ships into disputed area but they have remain resilient, did they shoot down fishermen like what Philippines did towards Taiwan or similar for the last couple of years?

Time have changed and why in my opinion Japan has yet receive strong support because those countries understand what Professor Yan Xuetong said where it would make things worse. Remember how a mere data on weak manufacturing in China caused Japan's stocks to tumble more than 7% in one day?

If Japan wishes for such alliances, it would need to prepare and embrace an economic crisis.

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Posted in: Sony books first annual net profit in five years See in context

I think we would have to see how well Playstation 4 can sell but if Sony decided to sell at a loss or very minimal profit then that would be pretty risky as console gaming isn't what it used to be thanks to smartphones and tablet as well the possibility of cloud gaming.

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Posted in: U.S. naval shift to Asia on track despite budget cuts: admiral See in context

Under automatic budget cuts, the Pentagon faces a reduction of $41 billion this fiscal year and possibly up to $500 billion over the next nine years if U.S. lawmakers fail to break a political impasse.

The most important thing is the economy. I believe both US and China knows this at least a bit of it thus I highly doubt there would be anything serious because China seems to have that economic stability first, military development last kind of mentality as they are currently busy developing a high quality oriented economic model while for US as the article mentioned it need to settle problem that affecting its military budget cause reduction of that amount might not do much against China's military presence in the region for the next decade.

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Posted in: U.S. study sees China using 'coercive power' on Japan See in context

China is a developing country and has made many progression and yes I know, I know there are many problems from pollution, corruption, disputes, copying and so forth but surely other countries have their own major issues as well from the past till the present. It's ridiculous to expect a standard formula to solve all the problems where each has their own unique environment and culture.

Take a look at China and North Korea, non democratic but the gap between them is evident. India and Unites States, both democratic but why such huge differences?

I hope readers would open up their perspective and deeply understand the problems in China as well how its development goes along with its environment. We all make mistakes, but the matter is how we confront them and improve ourselves.

If we keep on bashing one another on every China related topic in Japan Today we can only see China's growing power from the outside.

The 395-page report was written by nine experts led by Michael Swaine, a veteran US specialist on Chinese security. It faulted previous studies for looking only at military factors or making worst-case assumptions on China.

Now for this topic, I think such studies should be taken more cautiously as false judgement would lead to bad decision resulting bad results. I have mentioned this before that China is using soft power to handle this issue. China would respond every action with similar forces on the dispute, if it's patrol boats then it would counter with its own, if it's fighter jets then it would counter with its own as well.

China right now has that advantage while Japan is struggling with its economy. I feel acknowledging the existence of dispute, look towards cooperation is the best way as China's market still welcome Japan but if the day comes when China able to produce what they need by their own, Japan might lose one of their best market.

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Posted in: China says U.S. should be concerned about Japanese nationalism See in context

I believe China is not that worry about rising Japanese nationalism but some have got overacted by such comments which are more of advice rather than demand towards US which has influence on Japan in some way or another. It mentioned that US to take note of the current issue and avoid heating it up after more than 100 lawmakers visiting the shrine and 10 boats protesting near the islands.

There is a cause for every reason but I'm shocked at the readers here bashing China like there's no tomorrow even though this is a Japanese new site. I'm from Malaysia and yes I do concerned about Japan's nationalism not as a threat but isolation towards others mainly South Korea and China.

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Posted in: Top U.S. general tells China U.S. committed to defending Japan See in context

First of all, China is not dumb and they are handling this issue much better than most people can think of. China is not affected much economically by this issue compare to Japan since the conflict started last year and there's hardly any much involvement from the international community. It's pretty much between Japan and China.

China is maintaining the status quo very carefully which Japan cannot do much about it. Action speaks louder than words, under control? Try building something on those islands or take down those Chinese surveillance ships for intrusion instead of just reporting it over and over again.

The U.S has mentioned it is not siding anyone on the dispute and I do not think they would protect Japan if the later made a mistake by altering the current status quo through heavy offensive means but of course Japan know this and would not allow China to take it as an excuse to advance their move which is why they do not allow even their own people to land or build anything on those islands.

Right now it's all about looking for "reasons" to pursue their goal, China is waiting for Japan's mistake, Japan is waiting for China's mistake. In my opinion China is winning this very slowly through economic means and Japan need to do the similar thing by improving their economy as soon as possible before China become too strong to handle with.

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Posted in: Japan's automakers lose ground in China See in context

SamuraiBlue, there are also other automakers from France, US, South Korea as well local ones like BYD and Geely.

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Posted in: China blasts Japan ahead of legislative session See in context

Japan of course. Japan holds the Senkaku Islans and repelling Chinese ships that are trying to come into the territorial water around the islands. Did you think that China holds the islands? I just feel sorry for you because you are just a victim of information manipulation by your country.

China should stop sending patrol ships to Senkaku. If it continues "might is right" policy, Japan will no longer continues its soft policy. It will unite all the countries surrounding China, especially India, Vietnam, Soviet Union, to demand China to stop its expansionism, and to demand independence of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and Uyghur. If you do not want that head on clash and possible war against all of your neighbors, stop that stupid gunboat diplomacy.

My suggestion is peaceful resolution though ICJ.


I'm from Malaysia.

I think this would be my final comment for this article as I believe you are offended and I apologized if you got heat up by my comments. If you believe in freedom of expression then I hope you can respect my opinion as I would respect yours.

I'm not sure but from your comments, I sense anger and discomfort when you mentioned of getting many countries together to bring this conflict into a possible war as well referring me as brainwashed for my opinions.

Please calm down we all want to see this incident to solve as peaceful as possible, don't we? Soviet Union no longer exist by the way.

Anyway here's my final comment, I do not think neither China or Japan holds the islands completely. I do not see any country in this world shown any intention of intervene despite Japan has mentioned this issue during UN meetings as well visits to Europe and South East Asia.

I'm afraid this dispute is between China and Japan only at the moment as there's nothing out there that is changing the status quo we looking at right now.

Let's us hope this dispute would not escalate much further and an official peaceful agreement will be made.

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Posted in: China blasts Japan ahead of legislative session See in context

That is because Japan is a defendant in Senkaku case. The party who has a complaint, which is plaintiff and in this case China, starts the legal procedure. If China started the ICJ procedure, Noda would have accepted the case. Abe may not. China has lost a very good chance of getting Senkaku.

Yes, I know that story. China unilaterally shelved their claim to Senkaku, which was under Japanese control then and is under Japanese control now. We can safely say that China knew very well that their claim to Senkaku was very weak.


China has been sending patrol ships since last year and Japan do nothing much about it. If China's claim is really that weak why Japan does not accuse China of territory intrusion by bringing this matter towards ICJ?

I can understand if China do nothing about it except babbling but that's definitely not the case as we can see right now, who is defending those islands at the moment?

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Posted in: China blasts Japan ahead of legislative session See in context

You are under false assumption that Qing Dynasty relinquished the rights of Senkaku as a result Treaty of Shimonoseki when there are no such evidence to support this.

nigelboy, I did not make any false assumption, I said China not me and I did not assume or mention anything that those islands were belong to China.

Everything happens without any significant notification by both sides since 1895 until around 1968 about those islands being incorporated into Japan. There is absolutely no official documents signed by both sides verifying the ownership of those islands.

Have you own a car nigelboy?

Now a scenario, I found your car near my house with your keys inside and I immediately changed its plate, color and then drive around few days posting pictures on facebook of my ride while all my friends believed I bought the car.

I was however caught and fined, why? I do not possess any legal documents but nigelboy you have those stuffs. Those loan agreements, insurance, receipt, car grant, servicing records and so forth is what verifies the ownership as my plate was found to be fake.

Now where's the official documents on those islands? Don't tell me it came from China or Japan or some maps or newspapers and such but I want to see officially signed agreement between them not blank signature. I want to see exact descriptions of the area preferably with detailed illustrations. I want to see them signed by the appropriate officials not some unrelated people that might not even work with the government.

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