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This is a nice picture. I wonder if the two women are friends, or if getting used to foreign customs is just what first-ladies (or the non-America equivalent) are expected to do.

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Those guys on the bottom have a lot of strength! Energetic crowd, I see!

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Posted in: Woman robbed by intruder at her apartment See in context

Why is everyone blaming the woman? That's stupid.

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Posted in: Megumi Yokota's mother tells U.N. team of heartbreak years See in context

I cried reading this. Awful.

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Posted in: Civic groups angered after kids handle assault weapons at U.S. Navy open house See in context

I'm not a fan of guns at all, but even I looked at guns as a kid and went 'Mommy! I wanna touch it!' Kids are curious. It's better to let them satisfy their curiosity and be properly educated about gun safety then pretend guns don't exist.

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Posted in: The 10 most common surnames in Japan (and their meanings) See in context

Thank you for this fantastic article. This is really good to know and a great thing to study when learning kanji names. I do admit, however, when I saw Kobayashi, competitive eating wasn't my first thought. Kobayashi Maru. May you live long and prosper!

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing 200 bicycle seats for their 'scent of a woman' See in context

Usually I would never ever use an emoticon, but this sums up my feelings perfectly: O.o

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Posted in: Masked hero helps carry bags, babies up and down Tokyo subway stairs See in context

I was a little mislead by this story's title. When I hear/read "Masked Hero" I think of Batman or even Kick Ass, someone who fights crime by night and makes a city safe.

If you think being a hero is just beating up people who do bad things, you don't know what a real hero is.

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Posted in: Fujitsu develops accurate handwritten Chinese character recognition technology See in context

This is amazing!

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Posted in: Four teenagers mug man to buy special attack uniforms for meeting AKB48 See in context

So a group of guys mugged someone and everyone's focus is on 'OMG I don't like AKB!' Priorities: They are not straight.

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Posted in: Will No. 1 reactor at Fukushima become a future tourist spot? See in context

Disasters do get a lot of interest. Speaking of, did you know an Australian businessman is building a replica of the Titanic? There will be some changes, though. Lifeboats come to mind.

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Posted in: Suicide attack kills 38 at Pakistan police funeral See in context

Cowards. Every one of them.

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Posted in: Five things not to do on a romantic getaway in Japan See in context

Aren't all of these pretty obvious? Especially the last one. Keeping in mind physical limits is nice though. No, John, I don't want to go hiking. I never EVER want to go hiking.

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Posted in: A Japanese perspective on traveling in the U.S. See in context

Jeeze, I'm American and I would complain about a lot of these things. This isn't our American 'culture', it's poor service!

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair struck, killed by train at railway crossing in Kobe See in context

To those of you saying it should be mandatory to help people across the tracks: That is a completely overreaction and worse, an insult to those in wheelchairs. Not every person in a wheelchair wants to be dependent on someone else every minute of their waking life. By saying that, you're saying people in wheel chairs shouldn't be allowed out of the house on their own. That's incredibly insulting.

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Posted in: Chiba man first to be arrested under new anti-stalking law See in context

Well, it's... a start?

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Posted in: Ellen DeGeneres to host 2014 Oscars See in context

Can't wait!

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Posted in: 10% of all high school students can't live without Internet: survey See in context

Wait, so if we take away the internet, the students will suffer mass heart attacks? Medicine! Get on this!

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Posted in: Snowden walks free in Russia; Obama-Putin summit in doubt See in context

For those of you thinking Putin is all about doing the right thing, that is not what this is about. This is an easy way for Russia to say 'Hey, US! You don't control us! We don't care what you think!' and win political points while suffering no actual repercussions. Obama has made it very clear he doesn't really care about Snowden and isn't going to take action, meaning that this is a perfect way for Russia to show off a little without making any real political enemies.

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Posted in: S Korean court rules against Mitsubishi Heavy on forced labor See in context

This isn't accomplishing anything but keeping hate alive.

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Posted in: Manning convicted of espionage, but not of aiding enemy See in context

On the one hand, I approve of wikileaks because I don't like the government keeping secrets. On the other, wikileaks is giving out the name of spies and putting a lot of people in danger. Not to mention, despite how much we hate it, there are certain parts of the government (only certain parts) that should be kept secret.

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Posted in: New immigration laws hinder some married expats returning to UK See in context

"Poor people come to the USA, and to EU countries and immediately get assistance" HAH. Which country is that? Because if you were to step away from your 3 car garage, born-in-America, Fox-news watching paradise, you would realize illegal immigrants put way more into the economy than they take out. If you're illegal, you get no government handouts, but still pay sales tax and income tax. Not to mention paying for SS you will NEVER receive. And, psh, it's not like we need them. Just because we have hundreds of jobs down here unfilled and vegetables rotting in the fields because no one will pick them when anti-illegal employment rules were put into practice doesn't mean Americans won't do those jobs! Oh wait, yes it does! Because they AREN'T doing them.

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Posted in: Get your car washed by girls in swimsuits for Y10,000 See in context

@ falseflagsteve As a feminist, what does this even have to do with feminism? I mean, they're objectifying themselves, that's something. But they're very aware they're doing it. Are you even aware of what feminism is? At all? places dictionary in front of

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Posted in: Korean divide lives on 60 years after end of war See in context

Unifying North and South Korea at this point would be like unifying America and Mexico. They've become two very different cultures.

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Posted in: No death penalty for Snowden if convicted, U.S. says See in context

I think the people who thought he would get the death penalty at all were morons. It's America. There's a difference between 'squirrely and incompetent' and 'Darth Vader.'

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Posted in: Abe may push nationalism after election See in context

In a global world where lots of people already dislike you, 'nationalism' is not an effective policy to have.

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Posted in: Lifelong sex? Men say yes; women not so sure See in context

Errrr, C-ko, that's sexual harassment.

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Posted in: 94% of Japanese women don’t feel confident in a swimsuit, survey reveals See in context

And yet they go naked to public baths. Culture is weird.

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Posted in: Newly married man learns wife is working at cabaret club; asks for advice on Internet See in context

I'd say the job was less of an issue than the fact that she kept it hidden so she'd have spending money. How can a marriage exist without trust?

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Posted in: Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan See in context

I was waiting for a quote that said: "It made me feel pretty." Well, uh, to each his own! I won't judge!

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