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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's yakuza upbringing in spotlight See in context

I'm not sick of hearing about this case, but I AM sick of all the irrelevant little details the prosecuters and the media keep dredging up. It's like they've administered some sort of hypnosis/truth serum to find out every single time in her life that she ever drank too many cans of redbull, popped a sudafed, or inhaled a puff of ventolin. Slight exaggeration (barely) I know, but we get it already. Noriko Sakai tried illegal stimulants, 0.008 of a gram of them. Maybe even more than that. And not just once either, possibly several times over the last few years. Shocking! I wonder if she ever drank alcohol when she was underage? Perhaps they should try to squeeze that out of her as well. How old, 14? 15? How many times? Wine, beer, sake, or the hard stuff? Shocking.. Why, they ought to pull her records off the shelves, cancel her contracts, fire her from her management company, lock her in jail and treat her like the arch super-villain she is. Oh wait, they've already done that..

I admit that as a fan I'm biased in her favour and I registered specifically to comment here, but I'm pretty confident that I'd feel the same way even if I'd never heard of her before today. It's stupid. She grew up in weird circumstances as a yakuza kid, being shuffled around between different drug using family/gang members. She spent half of her life being expertly sheltered and "handled" by the idol makers who she made very wealthy in the process along with the presidents and CEO's of quite a few big companies - all of whom have turned against her now that they've determined she's in league with Osama bin Laden. She's been in the public eye for close to 25 years and has always been a squeaky clean model of goodness and purity and sweetness and light (ad nauseum), despite her own best efforts to shed the cute and perfect "Nori-p" image - never a hint of scandal in all these years. Now that she's a grown woman who's been out on her own for a decade or so, of course she's going to make a mistake eventually. I think people are having a hard time accepting that their perfect princess Nori-p isn't perfect after all and that's why this case is so "shocking". Well good morning Japan, nobody's perfect, not you, not me, and not even super-idols like Noriko Sakai. Get over it. These self-righteous and no doubt hypocritical (many of them, at least) prosecutors, journalists, industry executives and media figures who've been condemning her should .......well you get the idea. My two cents.

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