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Pfizer/Moderna COVID VAX "testing" April-May 2021

Both Pfizer and Moderna are already testing their experimental COVID vaxxes from infants (6 months) and up. Children are already asymptomatic except those few outliers which pharma is this reason using to inject all children with. Goal in the USA now is have all infants / children experimentally COVID vaccinated at the beginning of the school year in September 2021.

Children in Japan up to 7 years old are not required and don't wear masks. This is the entire country of Japan. Knowing that children are deemed by Pharma to be the superspreaders why in the world have schools been open for the past year? Schools should already have 100% infection rate by now yet they haven't closed. The staff have not been infected. Where are their cases?

Knowing that these jabs aren't effective at all (lower cough / headache worth the risk??) with risks of negative adverse events (not just fever or muscle pain, the infamous blood clots, permanent or temporary disability, stroke, heart attacks, death) this just feeds into Pharma's control and profits.

PRO SAFE VACCINE here...but the COVID vax is not SAFE and they are liability free for vax companies (whatever happens to your children you are on your own - any deaths "ARE NOT LIKELY" related to the vaccines)


There have been many attempts to make viral vaccines in the past that ended in utter failure, which is why we did not have a coronavirus vaccine already in 2020.

In the 1960's, scientists attempted to make an RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) vaccine for infants.

In that study, they skipped animal trials because they weren't necessary back then.

In the end, the vaccinated infants got much sicker than the unvaccinated infants when exposed to the virus in nature, with 80% of the vaccinated infants requiring hospitalization, and two of them died.

After 2000, scientists made many attempts to create coronavirus vaccines.

For the past 20 years, all ended in failure because the animals in the clinical trials got very sick and many died, just like the children in the 1960's.

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Big pharma will make much more from vaccinating everyone (yearly) than having a very tiny fraction of them visiting the ICU once.

That is false, first because until now there have been no evidence whatsoever that a yearly vaccine will be necessary (even if CEOs say it), and because you seriously are understimating what is the money that moves from even one day in the ICU, or for hospitalization, rehabilitation or even house treatment and following.

No, that is actually TRUE. Vaccines are the most lucrative investment a pharmaceutical company can make ESPECIALLY if they have no liability through the Emergency Use Authorization. When CEOs of both Pfizer and Moderna have already voiced it you know their intention. Although it may not mean it will happen you know they are pushing to make it happen and knowing Pharma's history...they are putting massive efforts to make sure it comes to fruition.

A Lucrative Investment

"A vaccine is Pfizer's best-selling drug"..."Sales of the vaccine are set to bring in about a fourth of Pfizer's total revenue this year. That would be nearly as much as its three best-selling products combined"

A Product That is Liability Free (100% profitable - once approve it is risk free for the company)

"You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either"

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It is also known that the vaccine is 100% effective against serious infections leading to death.

Oh how I wish that were much has happened since the first injections started happening in December last year. Check their sources. Pharma is also liabilty free in all the cases. We're on our own with each shot.

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Most kids who had COVID-19 don’t develop the post-infection illness. Almost 3.5 million U.S. children and teens have tested positive for COVID-19, according to data compiled by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association.

COVID VACCINES DO NOT PREVENT DISEASE - What? Isn't prevention of disease the reason why people are looking forward to injecting in the first place? Pharma: Well....vaccines aren't perfect you know but they do reduce cough and headache while risking some negative adverse events (see below). Pro Pharma Lovers want to inject? No one is stopping you. You have the freedom of choice to do so for you and your family.

AGAIN YOUR BODY YOUR CHOICE BUT MAY CAUSE DEATH - 6000% jump in deaths (36 vaccine related deaths reported 2020 over 1st quarter VS 2,249 deaths (added COVID vaxxes to VAERS)!!! as of 3/26/2021 listed on VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system - about 0.8%-1.2% actually reported so multiply that by 99x for a more realistic number). The difference? And they will still say it's not the vaccine and blame it on COVID even if you're fully vaccinated. VAERS DATA (FDA / CDC government data) COMPILED and MOST RECENT UPDATE: 3/26/21

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Dr. Sean O’Leary: The best way to prevent it is to prevent COVID-19 infections, ‘’which vaccines are very good at doing,’’ he said. COVID-19 vaccine studies in children are underway.

Hmmm....MORE "Breakthrough COVID Cases" are showing up in FULLY VACCINATED individuals months after shot 1 and 2. At least some outlets are reporting these "Breakthrough cases" cause Pharma can no longer say that they did not have their 2nd shot OR it takes 2 additional weeks for the immune response to be effective (these vaxxes are not working to prevent disease):

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Now we are finding out more and more that these COVID19 vaccines DO NOTHING to protect you and your children from getting COVID. Statistically, significantly children (99.97% survival and asymptomatic non-spreaders) are NOT in danger of nor do they spread COVID BUT Pharma wants to vaccinate them: 6 months to 12 years old so they can make it a requirement in September 2021 for school. They are NOT spreaders of SARS-COV2.

Risk you take if you vaccinate:

DOES NOT PREVENT COVID - "Breakthrough COVID Cases" are showing up in FULLY VACCINATED individuals months after shot 1 and 2:

3/30/21 - Florida: 38 “fully vaccinated” people test positive for COVID-19 (months later after 2nd shot)

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Thanks for the link to Dr. Cole's video (

An excellent and succinct video!

You are very welcome @Raw Beer

Was hoping you would catch it! He has an incredible understanding of COVID data from the past year up until now...what is working, what is not working, what the studies around the world already show.

They invited him back for a 2nd discussion (March 18th, 2021) on COVID and do we really need COV19 injections for children?:

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Nobody knows how safe these vaccines are long term.

And as some have already mentioned on this forum, they hat not yet received FDA approval, other than for emergency use.

We ABSOLUTELY have no idea of the long term effects...and Pharma calls that science? More like Pharma Based Science to push their product(s).

Dr. Ryan Cole of Cole Diagnostics (17 years) in Idaho discusses the safety of the current COVID19 vaccines:

Mayo Clinic trained - Board Certified Pathologist - Board Certified in anatomic and clinical pathology.

Expertise in immunology, virology and subspecialty expertise in skin pathology.

Seen over 350,000 patients in his career - Done over 100,000 COVID tests since the beginning of COVID (March 4th, 2021)

"What we're doing right now does not fall under the definition of a vaccine. They shifted the verbiage in some of the federal register back in October so they could approve this. So it was a sleight of hand to change the verbiage. What we have right now is an experimental, biological gene therapy, immune modulatory injection.

We are injecting people with a synthetic sequence of nucleic acid. We have never done this on a large scale in human history. mRNA trials in mammals have led to odd cancers. mRNA trials on mammals have led to autoimmune diseases...not right away 6-9-12 months later so this is...what we're doing right now are not approved vaccines.

And so everybody, how do you create demand? You create scarcity. Oh gosh we can't get a shot. We can't get a shot! Well it's a beautiful marketing ploy to be able to say "gosh, there's a low supply" so everybody wants it now. Well everybody may want it but the long-term safety data is not there 50% of health care providers are absolutely not getting this injection and that's a reason we don't trust the data. The fox guarded the hen house.

The companies did their own data there were no independent observer groups looking at the data. You know do the shots decrease severity of disease and hospitalization? Well they seem to be but they don't fall under the definition of creating pure immunity and preventing transmission. If you're immune after an injection why in the world would you still have to mask in social distance? That is an admission that they don't know that it's a vaccine and that's an absurdity. There's no long-term proven safety.

My biggest concern honestly just is antibody dependent enhancement reaction. You get a shot. You're fine... look it's preventing, this preventing that. I'm not anti-vaxx...tin foil hat...I've had lots of vaccines. My kids have had vaccines. That's fine but if you get a coronavirus shot historically SARS, MERS, animal coronaviruses you get a shot...when you're exposed to a wild-type variant of the virus 6-9-12 months later the immune system can go haywire and the SARS vaccine trials in the ferrets and the monkeys 100%, 100% of the animals when exposed to wild-type virus ended up with immune reaction (immune response went haywire resulting in death)."

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Adjuvants are safe, but designed to inflame

No they are not. They cause encephalitis (brain swelling) 100% of the time. Ever wonder why some have seizures. Pharma says it's to kick start your immune sure does but those adjuvants (or toxins) are not for the virus in particular.

It’s impossible for experts to predict who’s going to feel fine and who’s not. In the vast majority of cases, any side effect you feel will be over within a few days, and there is no reason for concern.

But it is important that the medical and scientific communities talk about the temporary side effects from these vaccines – and that the public know that there is a very small percentage of adverse reactions.

I am an immunologist who studies the fundamentals of immune responses to vaccination, so part of that responsibility falls on me.

Receiving these vaccines will likely make a lot of people feel crappy for a few days. That’s a far better prospect than long-term illness or death.

[RISKS of COVID vaccine injection #1, #2 and soon #3]: Let's dig into the Negative Side Effects shall we?

Chest pain, Headache, Nausea, Dizziness, Vomiting, Blood pressure increase, Hives, Facial swelling, Lip swelling, Whole body rash, Itchiness (eyes, throat), Analphylactic shock (get your epipen ready), Belle's Palsy (paralyzed on one side of face), Blood clots, Miscarriages, Permanent Disability, Emergency Room visit, Hospitalized, Birth Defect, Life Threatening, Death

Yes, these FDA unapproved, Emergency Use Authorization only, that may void your life insurance (being experimental - check with your provider) vaccines are perfectly 300% safe according to Pharma with a few major caveats here and there of course.

First, these injections do not fit the definition of a vaccine (which is supposed to prevent disease) -

You still can contract the disease and infect others - What in the world? CDC says now you are free to return move around (and infect others?)

Does not prevent hospitalization or death - What? All that waiting for nothing? I cough less. My headache is somehow feeling better than what I would have gotten?

Instead will reduce your cough or severe headache but can give you major headaches, severe fever, weakness and put you out for 24-48 hours PLUS risk of permanent disability, death WITH ZERO LONG TERM DATA (Pharma - Um, science says we don't need long term data so you should be fine and those deaths have nothing to do with the vaccine)

YOUR BODY YOUR CHOICE if you want to inject but make sure you get informed consent because these details will not be presented to you. Risk / Benefit is totally worth the reduction in headache and cough right?

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FALSE: What a joke. When you think "vaccine" you think it will stop transmission, infection, hospitalization and death. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

according to Dr. Tal Zaks, Moderna’s chief medical officer.

“I think we need to be careful, as we get vaccinated, not to over-interpret the results,” Zaks told Axios in a TV interview released Monday. “When we start the deployment of this vaccine, we will not have sufficient concrete data to prove that this vaccine reduces transmission.”

3/30/21 - Florida: 38 “fully vaccinated” people test positive for COVID-19 (months later after 2nd shot)

Already know that these experimental and dangerous mRNA vaccines not FDA approved and ONLY approved for Emergency Use Authorization only:

DOES NOT prevent transmission

DOES NOT prevent infection

DOES NOT prevent hospitalization

DOES NOT prevent death (they will mark your death as COVID even if you are vaccinated)

Reduces cough and headache IF you contract COVID (Injectable Liquid Nyquil)

Not even helpful for these "variants" and pharma based medicine couldn't produce vaxxes fast enough to combat them (South African variant at 10% efficacy - joke)

Puts you at risk of negative adverse events and risk permanent disability, even death

US Government VAERS Data (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System - only about 1% actually reported) provided directly to CDC / FDA each week:

UK Yellow Card Coronavirus Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting (GOV.UK):

Vaccine Analysis Profile - Pfizer/BioNTech

Vaccine Analysis Profile - Oxford University/AstraZeneca

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Vaccines have been proven safe and effective? The science is settled?

The science is DEFINITELY NOT SETTLED. It is being censored and any differing voices are being suppressed.


The most recent data from the CDC shows that 1 in 36 children born this year in the United States will develop autism. This is a true epidemic. The CDC’s response has been to spend a treasure trove of taxpayer funds waging a media campaign against parents that claim vaccines caused their child’s autism.

To their credit, parents with autistic children have never backed down. In the face of incessant brow beatings by public health authorities, studies have found between 40% and 70% of parents with an autistic child continue to blame vaccines for their child’s autism, typically pointing to vaccines given during the first six months of life. They experienced the truth of what happened to their children.

CDC retracts claim “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”

Despite a lack of evidence, the CDC for years made the claim that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.” This claim has been used to block federal funding to study whether vaccines cause autism. ICAN’s legal team, led by Aaron Siri, therefore spent the last three years fighting to have this claim retracted by the CDC. 

In the end, the CDC could not produce a single study to support that the vaccines given during the first six months of life do not cause autism and had to capitulate and remove from its website that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.”

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This is very depressing. They have to deal with pharma science promoters telling them at every turn to get experimentally vaxxed (ultra corrupt Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) when it doesn't do much (DOES NOT STOP TRANSMISSION NOR INFECTION) except reduce cough and headache but puts them at risk of adverse events, permanent disability or even death. American Pharma influenced media only gives you one option to return to life: vaxx for your freedom or we will take away all options.

Had a friend who just got vaxxed with Pfizer's 1st jab...thought his heart was going to explode.

Nervous about the 2nd shot and the vaxx passports they already rolled out in NY state. Even if you have a passport to travel you still must show your vaxx QR code to show you comply with pharma....or else. Sad day for society.

Early treatment with pharma sabotaged Ivermectin is vital to stop transmission, infection, symptoms and protect family members living with you so everyone can recover safely:

Pharma will try their best to bury Ivermectin by quoting pharma paid experts to "debunk" or mark as "false". Pfizer's jab is the 2nd most profitable product on the market from the selling of FEAR. Ivermectin does nothing in profits for them or their shareholders. Wholesale cost is less than $1 and can end this entire pandemic and save lives / prevent infection / transmission / symptoms from the beginning....naw Pharma needs a non-working patented product instead or else we take away your freedoms.

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US health officials have confirmed that anyone who has a PCR positive result at time of death is considered a covid death. We also know that hospitals receive lots of extra money for any patient that tests positive. The US covid deaths have on average about 3 comorbidities.

Correct. For 3 months after diagnosis...anything that happens to you will be classified as COVID19 death.

And Yes...hospitals are receiving the most incentives to diagnose as COVID:

$9,000 to $13,000 to diagnose as COVID (How do you think they achieved these number of cases to instill more fear?)

$30,000 to ventilate each patient (90% risk of death when they should have just done high flow oxygen nasal support - well lesson learned and now they do) - Ended up causing untold numbers of deaths and then the cause of death? Massive COVID19 deaths in NYC? They were ventilating everyone and labeled those deaths as COVID19. Shame on Gov. Cuomo. Remember when they started mass manufacturing ventilators at auto plants? It's insane to think what would have happened if they received all those ventilators and continued ventilating everyone.

One huge hint of pharma is they will mark everything outside of the vaccinate narrative as false and attack everything else. As soon as these new experimental mRNA vaxxes were available you see all forms of media push vaccinations daily with censorship of anything differing from the pharma narrative.

Pharma and representatives of pharma will continue to attack and label anyone who questions or contradicts their narrative as "antivaxxer" with the most negative connotation.

Bill Gates is already using the "variants" to push the 3rd shot of already 2 shots for your "well-being". Bless his heart...he absolutely cares for you and your family just like pharma (planning to covid19 vax you annually until the pandemic becomes endemic). Go pharma! Hooray

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The majority of kids and young healthy people shouldn’t have to fear this virus, I don’t, no one I know, stay safe, vigilant and if you feel you need to get vaccinated do so, other than that, live your life.

Pharma will have you believe vaccines are the only solution to this entire pandemic: injections! I mean...what else have they been pushing other than injections and attacking any other solutions??

Inject: We'll give you a vaccine passport for freedom to travel

Inject: We'll let you being around friends and family again

Inject: We'll let you go to work again and feed your family

Don't inject?: We'll ridicule you and attack you for even hesitating to inject our product

Again and again they will downplay, dismiss and negate all other options and promote the latest vaccine developments using pharma controlled "experts". If any doctor chooses to speak out against pharma they would risk losing their license or attacked by pharma controlled media while being censored on social media in order to maintain the narrative. From now on "true health" according to Pharma = Following their vaccine schedule requirements to the "T".

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It is not the virus that kills, but rather our response to it. Healthy people with a healthy immune system can handle this virus with little or no problems. People should focus on improving their overall health and more specifically their immune system. Relying on vaccines will adversely affect our immune system. Once you go down that road, you open yourself to a number of problems and will likely end up needing to rely on vaccines for everything, rather than the natural abilities of a normal healthy immune system

Absolutely true. The most adaptive response to mutations would be a healthy immune system.

Pharma would have you believe that their jab will work for any and all variants regardless. How many variants now? Good luck with that flu shot then. You get the flu shot and still get the flu. Pharma: educated experts didn't quite get it right this year but we will next season. Sound familiar?

They won't be able to keep up with all the variants...and what is the goal?

All just a shot in the dark with their "educated guesses". Skip the healthy eating habits / nutrition, exercise, mental health, fresh air, clean water, sunshine, etc. they just want you to use Pharma's product. Got a problem? We have a jab for that.

Their experimental, not FDA approved, only for Emergency Use Authorization Vaccine (which may void your entire life insurance policy - you need to check with your provider because it's experimental) does not stop transmission or infection - just cough and headache. And people glued to Pharma controlled news will line up for it like it's the next best thing. Marketing at its finest.

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....while being deprived of sunshine, movement, and fresh air, and probably munch junk food. You do realize that degrading peoples health by keeping them indoors is one of the best aids to help this virus, or is that new to you?

Exactly. Pharma knows that and they want you to live in fear....em...."caution" while even masking indoors, masking while driving, masking while showering, masking while swimming. Don't hug your kids, don't hug your spouse because they might have it. In fact don't live in the same household.

The virus is everywhere and sticks to the petals of cherry blossoms. Tonight on NHK they will discuss "sakura variant" that just surprisely jumped from humans to sakura trees during the hanami season from people being outside taking way too many photos and embracing the changing of the seasons. Soon you will need to social distance with cherry blossoms. 6 no...CDC just changed it to 3 feet.

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Great weather for cherry blossoms time to get out and about grab some beers with friends and embrace the day...If you worried about covid stay home nobody will miss you...

I’m witnessing this too I’m at Hanami and it jammed crowded with a mini festival. Fun to be out instead of being a Kermit

Normally hanami is cloudy over the years but this week has been great with blue skies and comfortable temperatures. Can't imagine a better time to enjoy the outdoors and the changing of the seasons.

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Sorry, what's happening now? A worldwide pandemic? Never heard of it.

Now move, so I can get my necessary sakura selfie on, because I haven't taken any in about a day.........

Yeah...Pharma's talking about a worldwide pandemic and that we need to keep masks glued on forever (smell 2nd hand smoke? Then not effective) and also prevent people from going outdoors until you take their jab x 2.

CDC's own multi-million dollar study on masks over major cities/counties all over the US (over several months from 2020) shows exactly how effective masks are (not):

Sakura selfie? No need. I'd be glad to take that shot for you.

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People in Tokyo flocked to admire cherry blossoms in full bloom at parks, shrines and rivers on Friday, despite coronavirus warnings against holding traditional parties under the delicate flowers.

We can't have people out in the outdoors / open air for hanami right? Oh no! The open air! Fear of transmission even if you have a mask on (does air pass through the sides? Then it doesn't work)! The "Experts" worry about cases going up! (and then they go down...crickets) "Hide your kids! Hide your wife!" But we can be out in the open air for business / work / office environment.

C'mon son! If you lived your life according to pharma controlled media you'd lock yourself and each of your family members in a separate box indefinitely. No more cherry blossoms until 2030.

If you are really living in fear of COVID then you shouldn't take the subway to work...EVER. Those are the highest risk supposed hot spots (according to pharma based science detailed "risks"). Yet people still bunched up face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder like sardines in a can with exhaled air mixed in at every station along the route throughout Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, etc. Those train lines are your super spreaders! And yet, they are not. Subways never shut down since this whole thing began over 1 year now.

End of the world should have happened already in Japan right? It must have been the nattou (Kantou) & okonomiyaki (Kansai) or misokatsu (Nagoya).'s gotta be the EGCG in green tea nationwide (definitely helps though).

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"We fear there may be a sudden spread of infections -- bigger than the third wave -- if the number of people going out increases, as it does each year with cherry blossom viewing, welcome parties (for new employees and students) and graduation trips," said Norio Ohmagari, director of Japan's Disease Control and Prevention Center, on Thursday.

Third wave, Fourth wave....Tenth wave....cases will go up and cases will go down until natural herd immunity and the virus will fizzle out with everyone already producing natural antibodies. No need for any injectable nyquil (although Pharma would beg to differ and say who knows how long your "natural antibodies last" - you must inject 2-3 times per year indefinitely).

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Despite a third wave of COVID-19 infections over the winter, Japan has had a comparatively small outbreak overall with around 9,000 deaths and has not imposed the blanket lockdowns seen in other countries.

People are just living their life here according to the rules set by the state of emergency now set back to 9pm. They'll probably move it up to 8pm again if the numbers rise again.

If they were really worried about the spread of COVID they would have shut down all Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo train routes

Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo should have been the highest in the world for COVID but they are not vs the rest of the world. ZERO "social distance" breathing each others exhaled air through their "protective" masks. Masks don't work if the air passes through the sides. May capture some particles but you already know you're just wearing it to make the other person feel better.

So if they never shut down the train routes why are you worried about hanami?

You shouldn't be. If you've been to any ramen ya then you know those areas should be shut down too but they are not. Zero masks, shoulder-to-shoulder, ramen slurping going on all day long across the entire nation from noon to evening. OMG - so scary! Lockdown! Run for the hills! as usual.

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This isn't really news. It was known last year that kids were less susceptible. Not completely immune, just less susceptible.

Agreed. Kids are surprisingly not susceptible and unlikely spreaders (although pharma will point out the RARE "outliers" to recommend masking). That is why in the UK, children ages 11 and under (in Japan age 6 and under) are not required to wear masks (they already know children are fine) (not that they really work - if you can smell 2nd hand smoke it's not working or maybe 1.8% effective).

CDC's own multi-million dollar study on masks over major cities/counties all over the US (over several months from 2020) shows exactly how effective masks are (not):

It's so funny that in the US if you're 2 year old doesn't wear a mask on the plane the entire family gets kicked off the flight yet everyone takes off their masks for peanuts and refreshments. Bon appetit

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Actually it has nothing to do with actual safety.

The reality is money and politics.

Pfizer Vaccine is a USA/German developed Vaccine, costing 5 times more than AZ a UK/Swiss Vaccine.

Germany wants it's BioNtech Vaccine to sell more and is also upset with the UK over Brexit.

The USA wants it buy America Pfizer to be number one abd make more money.

It is not anything more than straight up greed and money.

Agreed. Actual safety...can be downplayed, doctored and/or thrown out the window.

In the end it would be profits before people and selling the

Greed, money and power to whomever takes first prize to vax the world for "herd immunity".

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In reality Pfizer has had more instances that AZ and the data in the UK is available, I have already given the info on past comments.

True and unfortunately none of those instances are reported in the US mainstream news to maintain the "narrative" that vaccines are 100% safe (and worse free from liability - you are on your own).

[VAERS US GOVERNEMENT DATA]: The general public is mostly unaware that there is COVID19 vaccine voluntarily reported reaction data information available - US Government VAERS Data (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) provided directly to CDC / FDA each week:

[UK Yellow Card Government Data]: As for AstraZeneca in the UK here is their recent (March 16th, 2021) compiled data of negative adverse events:

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All this will make some people extremely rich and powerful as we know not what is in the vaccine

You know it and now they are going after children in the name of "herd immunity" when they ARE NOT spreaders and asymptomatic (pharma will differ in their opinion with single outliers). Oh and Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is set to be one of the most lucrative drugs in the world.

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Certainly glad I'm in Japan where covid is low, who did or is doing what I don't know,/don't care as long as its safer here than most other places in the world so pledge away

It's amazing that they are ONLY testing those who are symptomatic (to allow them to manage hospital resources for actual cases better) instead of mass testing the population (leading to false positives and unwarranted quarantines). The number of cases are nothing compared to what is happening in the states. Mainstream is pushing the narrative: Asymptomatic people are spreaders as well!!! In that case Japan should have had massive COV19 cases everywhere all across the country. Didn't happen. Only more symptomatic cases were tested. People in Japan were turned away from being tested if they did not show higher severity of symptoms.

Tokyo and Osaka should have been the center of the world for COVID due to RUSH HOUR alone. Should have been the highest number of cases. Highest number of deaths. It is not. Trains never shut down and were jam packed like sardines in a can every single day with ZERO social distance (since the emergence of SARS-COV2 in late 2019). You're breathing every person's densely exhaled breath on the train even if every single person is masked. It's an incredibly different world in Japan. Thank goodness for that alone. Everything here goes against what the American mainstream news is pushing.

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Exactly @Raw Beer and CDC's multi-million dollar study over major cities/counties all over the US (over several months from 2020) shows exactly how effective masks are (not):

Again, you are confused between mask use and mask mandates, your mistaken interpretation of the results have already been debunked and I have already provided links to studies that prove that Masks are a very useful tool for the containment of the infection.

If you can smell 2nd hand smoke your mask is pretty much useless (basically air just passes through side openings) BUT it does make people around you who are uneasy feel more comfortable.

That is false, and against the professional opinion of every scientific and medical association of the world, your personal opinion without basis on scientific data cannot be compared with that.

No one is stopping you from believing what you believe. This multi-million dollar massive study is from the CDC over many months. If you feel you are above the CDC and "every scientific and medical association of the world" on masking up then more power to you.

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How long do we have to keep wearing them?

Until pharma gets to their beloved "herd immunity" including all children (trials on infants and children under 12 have already begun with Moderna...Pfizer starts in April and J&J wants to inject pregnant women along with children - Go Pharma).

Masks are useful and should be worn by those who treat Covid and those who have Covid. But for the general population they provide very little benefit. Mask mandates are pretty much useless.

Exactly @Raw Beer and CDC's multi-million dollar study over major cities/counties all over the US (over several months from 2020) shows exactly how effective masks are (not):

If you can smell 2nd hand smoke your mask is pretty much useless (basically air just passes through side openings) BUT it does make people around you who are uneasy feel more comfortable.

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Here's some more eye opening insight on China's cover up from Jamie Metzl when he was last interviewed on Joe Rogan:

In 2019, he was appointed to the World Health Organization expert advisory committee on human genome editing. Jamie previously served in the U.S. National Security Council, State Department, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and as a Human Rights Officer for the United Nations in Cambodia.

"So um...we know. We have a long history of these pathogenic outbreaks and they tend to happen in more tropical parts of of China and Southeast Asia and just tropical parts of the world. So when SARS...when this outbreak began for me I had a little bit of background.

One of the reasons why I started to get suspicious very early on is I recently before then been in Wuhan and I knew Wuhan wasn't a place where a bunch of yokels are eating bats. Wuhan is a really sophisticated city. It's their Chicago and I knew that they didn't have horseshoe bats in Wuhan. As a matter of fact when the outbreak happened it was winter there and so there weren't bats there and I knew early on that this whole story of the wet market was a lie and as the Chinese government knew and they for many many months pushed that story even knowing it wasn't true."

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But what some people are doing is to downplay or even ignore the risks these vaccines brings.

Absolutely. That is why governments of certain nations (that Pharma has influence and control over) are taking a hard look at the data and negative adverse events that are happening:

As of March 12th, 2021 Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Italy have now to stopped the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to "of possible serious side effects" and life threatening blood clots.

Germany and France now too? Thailand too? Total 13 countries so far. Pharma says this is perfectly normal. Even after Phase 3 trials they still need to suspend the use of the vax? I thought all the kinks were worked out already. Guess not cause we're still in the "testing" phase.

Australian Health Minister develops severe case of cellulitis just two days after AstraZeneca shot

"While the definitive claim that his condition is “not considered to be related to the vaccine” was made almost immediately by Hunt’s office, medical research into cellulitis following various vaccines including Pneumococcal, Influenza, and DTaP is well-documented." But he's still pushing for the roll-out.

Estimated survival rate across age groups from last year (even better now which is incredible!):

Here are those estimates, stated as the percentage of all those infected (symptomatic and asymptomatic) who are surviving (old data from 5 months ago and it is generalized without breaking down comorbidities and health level):

0-19: Years 99.997% (even less risk for children)

20-49: Years 99.98%

50-69: Years 99.5%

70-79: *94.6% (**80+ not included)

Data Source: CDC (remember that this is 5 months ago and survival rates have definitely improved since then)

Quite amazing. People are actually surviving and building natural immunity (WHO and Pharma now downplaying the effectiveness of the immune system and these ineffective injections as the ONLY OPTION)! Who would have thought? Mainstream news would have you believe this is ebola by reporting the cases going up (prepping people for the jab - sell the fear like their is no tomorrow).

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