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Posted in: U.S. moves ships, bombers toward Korean Peninsula ahead of Olympics See in context

What on earth do they do that for?

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Posted in: Four Japanese women chosen for world’s 100 most beautiful faces; 4 men make handsome list See in context

You guys are naive enough to think it is only Korean entertainers who get plastic surgeries? Japanese, Chinese, etc they all do.

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Posted in: China proposes talks aimed at easing Fukushima-linked food import ban See in context

@Disillusioned You can support by eating them then.

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Posted in: Russia accuses U.S. of breaking treaty over defense system sale to Japan See in context

You just defined america as well. Meddling in South American and African elections, invasion of iraq and murder of political dissidents that dont walk the line in again, South America and Africa.

I can't agree more with you on that. US can't blame others for being a hypocrite. No way!

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Posted in: Star's suicide highlights dark side of the K-pop dream See in context

@Alex80 "professional is way different from talented" I can't agree with you on this. Singers of today are not only singers. They are called entertainers. Without relentless practice, they might not even better than some, heaps out there actually, youtube celebrities.

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Posted in: Abe hopes to visit Russia in May to attend events with Putin See in context

@burningbush Japan is a sovereign country. Isn't it?

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Posted in: Trump threatens to cut aid to U.N. members over Jerusalem vote See in context

Recently, I see more dignity in Chinese government and their staffs than those of US.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 inmates; first executions since July See in context

@EvilMonkey Some people change in the prison. I witnessed it while serving as a guard there. Incarceration could be harsh enough to make inmates think differently and that is why it is being used as punishment.

I have a question. What if the victim of murder doesn't have any family or relatives to whom authority can contact?(homeless, street people, gangs, etc) Who is going to make a decision?

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Posted in: Japanese firm says it will pay part of salaries in Bitcoin See in context

"If the employee want."

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Posted in: It’s complicated: Companionship dating in Japan See in context

Maybe he was answering to her prior message.

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Posted in: Why going to a hostess bar in Japan can be a huge waste of money for otaku See in context

I just wanted to ask not to judge or marginalize certain group of people because they are different from the norm which is believed to be normal , even right. Also, I am one of many people so happy with the progress of LGBT getting their social status where it should have been already.

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Posted in: Why going to a hostess bar in Japan can be a huge waste of money for otaku See in context

Just leave them alone. They don't harm your life and some of you guys seem to be so full on ready to judge, despise them. They have their own life style no matter how you evaluate them. People think highly of the rights of LGBT people to enjoy their life in their preferred way and why so harsh on the otakues?

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Posted in: AKB48 and S Korean idol groups perform hits at music awards; turns out to be a disaster See in context

Japanese have Japanese pop culture and also have a domestic market big enough. AKB's main target is guys who is attracted to young, cute, school girl like chicks. You can call them lolicons if you want to. If their, performers, choreography and singing is perfect it would rather discourage those loyal fans since it is not what they want from those idol girls. In other words those girls might look superior to them who doesn't need any care. Again, you don't need to understand Japanese or their culture.

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Posted in: Australia, citing concerns over China, cracks down on foreign political influence See in context

What about those political influence from US and UK? Are they not 'foreign' countries to Australia as well?

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Posted in: 42-year-old woman arrested a second time for stalking See in context

She looks younger than her age. Maybe she ran out of money to financially support the young fella.

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Posted in: Abe says N Korean missile tests are 'imminent threat' See in context

Japanese don't believe there will be a war between US and NK. At least, the latter one won't start war first.

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Posted in: Russia worried Japan becoming base for U.S. military build-up in Asia See in context

Japan has been a political and military wise defacto colony of America for ages. (72 years now!) Isn't it easy enough to see for everyone?

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Posted in: Money-less diner offered chance to pay later, phones police himself See in context

It won't be easy for him to find a job anymore at the age. Especially when he has a criminal records in Japan. Bitter reality there. I can kinda understand his action. It might have been a right, practical decision for him to go back to the prison. The winter is coming.

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Posted in: Japan to take part in drill with U.S. carriers near Korean peninsula See in context

They are provoking.. Anyone with some education would easily find out what's going on there but they won't say anything because it's against their interest.

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Posted in: North Korea says sanctions hurting women, children See in context

I'm not a sympathizer of NK's dictatorship but one shouldn't hold civilians hostage. It is so inhumane since we all know very well who's going to be the victims of the economic sanction.

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Posted in: Japan's quirky, quake-resistant dome houses prove a big draw See in context

They look like capsule houses in manga, Dragon ball.

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Posted in: Securing N Korea's nukes would require U.S. ground invasion: report See in context

As far as US do not invade NK, there won't be any attack on US territory because it is suicidal. People all know that and still jumping on to the wagon. I don't understand why.

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Posted in: 26 killed, 20 wounded in Texas church shooting See in context

Again!! When is the next one? RIP people but you were in America.

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Posted in: 9 dismembered bodies found in Kanagawa apartment See in context

@nakanoguy I guess it, dismembering bodies, was for the convenience of storing the remains until you find a safe and relatively easy way to dispose those bodies. Keeping the dead body without dismembering would take too much space and make it hard to move them. He might be a helper for people who want to finish their lives.

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Posted in: Member of Nobel Peace Prize winning group raps Japan over nuclear weapons treaty See in context

Japan does not enjoy her sovereignty after WW2 at all so it is up to the decision of US not Japan. Why don't they put the blame on the US directly?

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Posted in: Lolita maternity wear lets you keep looking girlish See in context

@bosphorus Oh, yea, I heard that line a lot from feminists that women dress up, go for a diet, expose their body and so on for their own satisfaction and so as to impress other females rather than to seduce the opposite sex. I can only guess though that most instinctive decision is based on basic human nature and this fashion trend is also a clear reflection of Japanese guys preference. It's not like young mommies are in competition to impress each other.

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Posted in: Student arrested for allegedly smuggling cannabis in hotdog buns See in context

Yes, it was really lucky of her not getting picked at the airport in China. For someone here complaining about drug control or unfairness between alcohol/ tobacco and weed, as someone up there mentioned already, just go live where smoking weed is not taken as a serious crime or even where it is legal.

Why don't you go China smoke weed and argue back, to the judge, it harms no one and all the first world countries began to slacken the reins on MJ?

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Posted in: At least 50 people killed, 200 wounded at Las Vegas concert attack See in context

Another sad and tragic shooting spree there. I'm very sorry knowing that it has been happening all the time and, to make it worse, it won't stop in the future unfortunately. The fact that US people do not make an action on their stupid gun law makes me deeply confused and frustrated.

My condolences to the victims and their families/ friends and hopefully no more further casualty among the wounded.

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Posted in: France to skip 2018 Winter Games in S Korea if security risk too great See in context

Trump --- Macron --- Flessel


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Posted in: Japanese firm to offer 'drive-thru' funeral service See in context

Is this a joke? How can one pay respect to the deceased in a disrespectful way?

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