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Posted in: Japan says it will respond appropriately to disorderly yen movements See in context

So how much is the fair rate for yen ? 100 ? 200 ? Let's leave to the market. Then the market gives it a rate. Noo it's not like that they say, it's not fair. So much is the fair rate for yen ?

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Posted in: Foreign traveler caught trying to sneak into Japan by climbing down rope from cruise ship See in context

The things a European would do to flee their dystopia

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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

Japanese should travel locally ? That could work if not because of a million foreign tourists with much more spending power causing hotels and onsen to triple the prices.

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Posted in: Japanese opt for short, cheap overseas trips for Golden Week holidays See in context

Rise minimum wage, the boss will simply fire you.

Rise it even more, the boss will close the company and move it overseas.

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Posted in: Yen falls to lower 155 zone against dollar after suspected intervention See in context

The two times when the yen was strong were during Lehman crisis and Covid lockdown.

So there are only two options really:

Work with low pay or be jobless.

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Posted in: China-friendly Manele elected as Solomon Islands PM See in context

Well if you side with the west they will sell you out to China. This way is faster.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context


Actually I just got back from long trip in Thailand and Indonesia. I can see from my bills I spent a little bit more there on comparable items in Japan like dining out or rent. This is not just anecdotal. You can see SEA people coming here on shopping spree.

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

To recap:

Cheap abandoned houses exist only in Japan.

The owners don't renovate because they're lazy not because the area is dead and everyone's moving to the city.

These akiya are good investment because when the economy and population are shrinking you can bet they will fetch higher price in the future.

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

So they placed the tripwire at 150 and 160. So much for "we're not defending a line but trying to reduce volatility".

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 34-year low past 160 per dollar See in context

As someone who earns in USD I suffer too. I mean should I sell my dollar now and live like a king or later and live like a god.

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Posted in: Kishida to unveil measures to protect Amazon rainforest during Brazil visit See in context

You have money problem ? Come to Japan. Japan is the world's ATM.

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Posted in: Australian PM calls X's fight against removal of church stabbing posts 'extraordinary' See in context

Try convincing an Australian jury or Judge on the merits of Elon's ego versus keeping some semblance of social order.

Sounds just like Chinese politburo.

In fact if a Twitter post could destabilize your social order then you had no order to begin with. Western society is collapsing and instead of confronting the liberal values that brought you killers and jihadist, blame Elon Musk. It's much easier.

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Posted in: Biden suggests he may block Nippon Steel deal, seeks to triple tariffs on Chinese steel See in context

Build Back Better is actually Make America Great Again plus dementia. Who could have seen it.

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Posted in: Japan says 'all options' on table to counter excessive yen moves See in context

But how could it be ? Isn't muh stock market hitting record high every day ?

Could it be publicly listed companies like Toyota are doing great because they are selling their products in China and making money in China ?

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Posted in: Scotland's government says a new law will tackle hate crime See in context

Seven years for misgendering people !

Some dictatorships today are more free than the west.

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Posted in: Japanese generally sleep badly - why, what effect does it have on body, mind and country as a whole? See in context

It's not "badly". It's "poorly".

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Posted in: Record 63% of Japanese in financial stress, poll shows See in context

Minimum wage is Australia is $23/hr at current exchange rate 2300yen

Not everyone took over a massive bountiful continent and got rid of the owners.

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Posted in: Japan to OK home care visits by more foreign workers See in context

Nurse, care givers even taxi drivers are much useful professions than e*glish teachers.

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Posted in: Japan has no 'defensive line' against yen's fall, says finance chief See in context

Why is yen going down ? Why should it go up ? Even with weak yen Japan has been running trade deficit. And amid the noise, raising interest rate is a tool central banks deploy when the economy is overheating. Japan ? It's gasping for air. But it's not so bad. Japan is already undergoing transformation into Bangkok e.g. selling everything for cheap for tourists. And I earn my money from abroad so things couldn't be better.

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Posted in: Uber Eats starts robot deliveries in Tokyo See in context

Nobody trashed it ? Wow imagine living in a society where people don't trash or vandalize these things.

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Posted in: Google CEO slams 'completely unacceptable' Gemini AI errors See in context

If you think this was a "technical issue", do you seriously think Google is not capable of generating a white man ? Or such error would escape the watch of an army of brilliant programmers and Q&A ? This was not a bug, this was THE design.

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Posted in: Japan, now world's No. 4 economy, on steep road to reverse low growth See in context

So the stock market is on a tear but the country is in recession. It just goes to show that Japan Inc has nothing to do with Japan. They produce their things elsewhere, sell their things elsewhere and make money elsewhere. Really the smart move for Japanese today is to go elsewhere.

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Posted in: Jetstar cancels 2 domestic flights due to crew shortage See in context

Of course this company is not paying wages it's a Japanese company aftera...wait Jetstar is actually an Australian company. Move along, nothing to see here.

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Posted in: Biden believes U.S. Steel sale to Japanese company warrants 'serious scrutiny' See in context

Capitalism for thee protectionism for me.

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Posted in: 'Blue Eye Samurai': Historian explains what Netflix series gets right and wrong about real Edo-period Japan See in context

"Yasuke was a samurai"

"Japan had female samurais"

What else can you tell us o most knowledgeable experts ?

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Posted in: Musk uses expletive to tell audience he doesn't care about advertisers that fled X over hate speech See in context

If Trump is re-elected....dog forbid.....he will make Musk his foreign secretary, because Musk is so worldly and intelligent, what could possibly go wrong?

What hasn't gone wrong today ?

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Posted in: Musk uses expletive to tell audience he doesn't care about advertisers that fled X over hate speech See in context

Based Musk. I will now pay for his subscriptions.

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Posted in: Europe's far-right populists buoyed by Wilders' win in Netherlands, hoping the best is yet to come See in context

How long does it take until "extreme far rights" to take power ? Maybe between 8 years after one million migrants arrived in Europe to 15 years when Geert first said to ban Islam ?

So heed this Japan. If you let liberals run your country after some time you will need radicals to reverse the damage.

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Posted in: SoftBank hit with ¥931 bil quarterly loss as WeWork, other tech investments go sour See in context

Son is not an investor but a gambler. He made one or two good bets, he lost almost everything else. And he doubles down when he gets called. Like how he bailed out WeWork and gave the founder golden parachute. Could he still win in the future ? Yes, there are days when your luck shines after all. But anyone pondering investing in him may as well invest in a poker player.

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