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Posted in: U.N. commissioner urges Abe to meet 'comfort women' See in context

To those arguing that Korea and the rest of East Asia should move on, as everything was settled in a 1965 agreement, what you fail to understand, is that unlike Germany with WWII, or even Great Britain with the misery caused during the expansion of the British Empire; the Japanese state keeps retracting/revising apologies, and generally trying to look as favourable as they can make themselves to be - i.e., showing little to no remorse for what occurred during the war. It's like a child being reprimanded, and instead of acknowledging fault, learning from it, and moving on, they come out screaming with "But he did it to me too/I didn't do anything wrong/She's exaggerating!" - which in turn only draws out the issue, making them look unrepentant!

In trying to save face, Japan is no-longer appearing like a victim of WWII (hiroshima and nagasaki) to those with little to no knowledge of what transpired in the pacific theater (i.e., almost everyone outside East Asia because you don't learn about it in school), and is actually starting to look like the aggressor it was. Japan's stubborness in acknowledging suffering caused is only drawing attention to itself and its past, to those that don't know much about modern East Asian history =/

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