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Posted in: Trump says he did not record conversations with former FBI chief Comey See in context

The only question now:

Is he the worst president in the history of America? Or is he the worst president in the history of the Americas?

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Posted in: Cosby plans tour to educate youth on misbehavior See in context

Takes one to know one.

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Posted in: Trump says he did not record conversations with former FBI chief Comey See in context

Answer: "Donald Trump"

Question: "What folds like a cheap orange tent?"

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Posted in: Russell Crowe to lead new Asian film jury in Australia See in context

I'd've thought Crowe would shy away from juries.

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon calls for official apology over 'comfort women' See in context

What, another one?

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'witch hunt' but lawyer insists no probe See in context

Some many hunts. Maybe he mis-typed "which hunt".

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Posted in: Muslim teen assaulted outside U.S. mosque; found murdered in Virginia See in context

I wonder how long it will take Trump and the GOP to comment on this.

It all depends on how it affects his approval ratings.

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Posted in: Decades later, Yoko Ono to be credited on 'Imagine' See in context

She's an artist in her own right. A songwriter? Uh, no.

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' law enacted through rare Diet tactic See in context

Great catch, Alfie.

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Posted in: Japan aims to cut suicide rate by 30% in 10 years See in context

Where do these folks come up with these numbers? The rate is going to naturally decline as the population grows smaller.

As Stranger points out, population size should have not effect on rate. Rate is a share of the population. Demographic aging, on the other hand, will have an effect.

I've read an academic paper saying that they could cut the number of suicides by banning insurance payments to people who commit suicide. My friend who works for an insurance company says that suicides are unreported here because the police sometimes rule suicides as accidents to spare the family. She also sees an uptick in "accidents" in the springtime accounts-closing season.

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Posted in: Manager of adult entertainment business stabbed; assailant jumps to death See in context

Didn't like his daughter's choice of career? (if we're going for idle speculation)

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Posted in: Clinton to graduates: 'Never let anyone silence your voice' See in context

'Never let anyone silence your voice'

*offer not valid if you're Bernie Sanders

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Posted in: Abe delays goal of no waiting list for daycare centers by 3 years See in context

So now a waiting list for a waiting list. Progress?

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Posted in: Hokkaido firm turns oil from unwanted wild deer into shampoo See in context

More people in Japan get 0157 from produce and other sources than deer, by far

More people in Japan eat produce than deer, by far.

Some of the animals that can exist in these extreme conditions are deer and wild boar. Albeit, they end up with illness and parasites like leeches, which would not be around if not for the lack of deciduous, complex forests.

What does deciduous forest have to do with leeches? We have leeches here in Hokkaido, and very little cedar reforestation.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile that falls into Japan's EEZ See in context

Final score

NK: 10 / Poseidon: 0

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Posted in: Hokkaido firm turns oil from unwanted wild deer into shampoo See in context

Freshness? Just how much more "fresh" can a live deer be?

"Captured" is almost certainly a euphemism for "killed." Killed dear are fresh, unless they aren't.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing commuter against moving train See in context

Arriving train, attempted murder. Departing train, maybe not.

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Posted in: Green laser pointer can be continuously used for 60 hours See in context

If they haven't gotten the point by the 59th hour, they're not getting it by the 60th.

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Posted in: Häagen-Dazs Japan gives us glorious Banana Chocolate ice cream See in context

Banana with chocolate? Who would ever have thought of that?

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Posted in: Armed forces to be deployed to key sites in Britain after Manchester suicide bombing See in context

There are hate preachers in the West who are not Muslim. Should all white people be demonised because of their actions/words?

No, but absolutist ideologies should be criticized, whether that means white supremacy or Islamist supremacy.

The military on parade is window dressing. It wouldn't have prevented this.

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Posted in: What is your biggest pet peeve about your workplace? See in context

Shacho manages by panic. Completely disorganized. I have never gotten a work e-mail whose subject was not "EMERGENCY".

Most recently, I sent the work the same day from the hospital and called to follow up. She's not there. Two days later: "Nessie-san, what's taking those files?"

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Posted in: Drug addict spared prison in rare court decision lauded as example See in context

Unfortunately, my understanding is that most users will break the law to support their habit and then have to go to jail; although I am for a first chance for non-violent drug users. 

Most users function in society.

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Posted in: Tiny house by Muji finally goes on sale in Japan See in context

Can be used as a holiday home or an everyday villa

Imagine you've told your date you're taking him or her to your villa and the two of you arrive to this!

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Posted in: 30% of all Japan's medical diagnoses said to be mistaken See in context

The emergency rooms are particularly bad. Unless you're dying, they just patch you up and send you home.

But the stat is a bit misleading. In some cases, there are two or three possible diagnoses, and part of the process of getting the final diagnosis means evaluating the patient's response to the first treatment.

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Posted in: Tiny house by Muji finally goes on sale in Japan See in context

The initial rollout at the Shirahama School House requires purchasers to pay a one-off fee of 500,000 yen to cover establishment costs and a monthly administration fee, which is commonplace in Japan, of 15,000 yen per month.

I've heard of leasing with an option to buy, but never of buying with an obligation to lease. Who do they think they are, Microsoft?

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Posted in: No end in sight for Japan's potato chip crisis See in context

you are blind to the problem, they should be importing US chips, not potatoes

Potato chips are notoriously expensive to transport because of the low density of the product: The bags need air to insulate the chips against damage.

I haven't noticed any shortages but that be because I'm up here in Hokkaido. The butter shortages were definitely a thing, though.

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Posted in: No one is interested in the issue of past abductions of foreigners by North Korean agents. See in context

The abduction issue is a stick that Japan enjoys irrationally beating itself with, to the great amusement and benefit of Kim after Kim.

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Posted in: Japan’s love affair with pasta goes off the rails See in context

There's nothing wrong with the pasta cooked to order at decent Italian restaurants in Japan. It's the bento pasta that's nasty. Pasta isn't meant to sit around.

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Posted in: Japan’s love affair with pasta goes off the rails See in context

Following the same logic, within the orderly bento boxes that are a lunchtime staple, it is always a pleasant surprise to find a little coil of red napolitan as a side dish to a bun-less hamburger.

Ketchuppy pasta is never a pleasant surprise. That and mayonnaisey pasta are constantly marring otherwise edible bentos.

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Posted in: Minister calls curators of cultural properties 'cancer' that need to be eradicated See in context

The government has been trying to make more use of cultural properties by opening them to the public. This is official policy.

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