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Posted in: U.S. Republican Senator Paul opposes Pompeo, Haspel nominations See in context

Paul is an idiot wasting his time. There are enough idiot republicans to confirm these idiots to the positions. Paul should save his breath given the idiot-in-chief will probably fire these two idiots straight away.

It's political grandstanding, but Paul happens to have a point.

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Posted in: Police confirm safety of 2 Frenchmen who went missing at ski resort See in context

Just so I understand this, all this information was put into this "story", but they couldn't even get their names? 

What would that add?

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Posted in: Games of growth: How the Olympics help develop cities See in context

That's a lot of words about the waste of my taxes.

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Posted in: 86% of go-kart accidents in Tokyo involve foreigners: NPA See in context

Looks like the J-satsu have a title for their 2017 White Paper on Crime.

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Posted in: Tomato grower arrested for stealing cabbages See in context

Off with his heads!

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Posted in: Fishermen seek compensation over U.S. fighter jet fuel tank incident See in context

"Just put it on my tab." -- US Military

Probably the fishermen have been fishing there for hundreds of years.

More like tens of thousands of years.

Does anyone know if there are US nuclear missiles installed in Japan aimed at its neighbors?

Yes, everyone knows that there aren't.

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Posted in: Silky leek soup makes a memorable meal See in context

A versatile soup. You can throw in some potatoes or kabocha for body.

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Posted in: Fukuoka Pref to aid gangsters seeking to leave crime syndicates See in context

I hear some casino jobs may be opening up.

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Posted in: 20-year-old student sent to prosecutors over fatal bike crash See in context

I think that this is one of those stupid mistakes that we all make from time to time,

Yes, from time to time, many people are criminally negligent. And they should face the consequences of that negligence. She gives a bad name to law-abiding cyclists.

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Posted in: Trump lawyer says he paid $130,000 to porn star linked to president See in context

 if charges are brought up, even if trump is acquitted, will hurt republicans in the midterm elections. they can kiss the women vote goodbye.

("not on the lips")

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Posted in: Is a unified Korea possible in the foreseeable future? See in context

I have a feeling a good chunk of people who voted no are non-Koreans who want to see Korea remain divided.

Most non-Koreans are virulently anti-North Korea (and rightly so) and would welcome reunification, as they did for Germany.

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Posted in: Trump lawyer says he paid $130,000 to porn star linked to president See in context

If people don't care about all the contractors Trump stiffed, they're not gonna care that he stiffed a lawyer.

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Posted in: Trump wants military parade in Washington See in context

Tinfoil tyrant

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Posted in: Deputy PM's affair with staff member grips Australia See in context

After renouncing his New Zealand citizenship, Joyce won a crucial by-election the following month, during which he campaigned as a pillar of the community who upheld conservative values, including marriage.

So yeah, it is our business. You made it our business.

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Posted in: Godiva runs full-page ad asking Japanese women to stop buying so much Valentine’s chocolate See in context

Godiva playing 3D chess.

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Posted in: Kanagawa to give foreign tourists free-to-use smartphone See in context

It's a free service provided for you. Don' be such a snob thinking you're entitled to an iPhone. Learn to appreciate things.

I don't plan on using the service regardless of what platform it's on, so "entitlement" and "appreciation" have nothing to do with my opinions. The target market has everything to do with the service, and the municipalities are not gearing it properly to that market. If they're spending all this money, I want a good return for my taxes in terms of tourism revenues.

And I'm commenting as someone who has actually been involved in one of these programs, unlike someone I know whose handle rhymes with "blat blurson".

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Posted in: Trump says Republican memo vindicates him in Russia probe See in context

The FBI should never ever espouse a preference for any candidate of any party in any election, period.

Right, it shouldn't express a preference. It should go after criminals like Trump (money laundering, influence pedaling, abuse of power). Which is what it's doing.

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Posted in: Sapporo snow festival gets under way See in context

AirB&B seems popular, judging from the unusual concentration of continental Asian visitors in non-hotel districts of Sapporo. The streetcar is chock-a-block with visitors heading just beyond the downtown area.

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Posted in: Chicken nugget French fry instant ramen will fill you up with two comfort foods at once See in context

Cup Noodle maker b


The Potenage’s marque ingredients

Marquee, no?

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Posted in: Kanagawa to give foreign tourists free-to-use smartphone See in context

Not a bad idea, but "lending" is not "giving". And I've been involved in government attempts to promote tourism through smartphone apps. Several problems:

  • The apps are buggy and hard to use. For example, they list restaurants without breaking them down by cuisine. There's no way for a tourist to know what's what without going through each restaurant's Japanese site.

  • The service is based on "push" information delivery.

  • They're geared to michi-no-eki use, so it's a roundabout subsidy to the michi-no-eki industrial complex.

  • They're Android based, and a large share of tourists are more used to iPhone systems.

I hope the government figures out a better way of doing this.

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Posted in: China orders Muji to destroy catalog over 'problem map' See in context

I hope China confirmed this with the local government in Chinese Taipei.


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Posted in: 11 die in fire at Sapporo facility for people on welfare See in context

1.5 kilometers north of Sapporo railway station

Do they mean JR Sapporo Station?

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Posted in: Abe disagrees with calls to drastically rewrite war-renouncing Article 9 See in context

This "bad cop / worse cop" charade is fooling no-one.

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Posted in: Won't you be his neighbor? Tom Hanks to play Mister Rogers See in context

He looks nothing like Rodgers, but he has a similar demeanor. I think he'll hit it out of the ballpark.

My parents lived in the same building as Rodgers back in the day, and they said what everyone else has said: He was a warm, wonderful human being.

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Posted in: Man admits murder of woman, but denies abandoning body See in context

Well there's a twist.

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Posted in: Japan seeks upgraded whaling ship in sign hunts will continue See in context

Throwing bad money after bad. Keep your whaling hands off my taxes.

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Posted in: Trump says 'I'm not a racist;' keeps door open for DACA deal See in context


> Sounds like "he's racist because he's racist" circular thinking to me.

He's a racist because he supports racists, such as the Tiki Torchers in Charlotte, by making a false equivalent between them and Antifa. There's nothing circular about that.

Or do you think there is a legitimate moral equivalence between a racist who kills someone with a car and the Antifa protesters in Charlotte?

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Posted in: Hot air: Study finds bikram no healthier than other yoga See in context

A better control would have been a group that sat in a room three times a week without doing yoga, or doing some other exercise like walking. It's possible that the time that would've been been spent on yoga was spent on snacking, for the control group.

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Posted in: Egyptian sumo wrestler denies driving car that caused accident See in context

So to protect his pregnant wife, the sumo wrestler sat on her? I guess "I was drinking" wasn't an option.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan in 2017 drops for 8th consecutive year See in context

Number of suicides is going to drop because the population is dropping. What is important is to see if it is dropping per capita- that will give us a better assessment of whether or not the RATE of suicide is on the decline.

A small year-on-year decrease in population can't explain a large percentage decrease in suicides.

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