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@ itsonlyrocknroll

 let review the the European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly recommendations...... 

Ombudsman says Member States must open up their opaque negotiations on EU laws

The Ombudsman brought up legitimate concerns that should be addressed....

Heard of her but never saw her page so the link is going straight into my EU file, thx.

...but to say that there 'no minutes' taken all the time and that all processes lack transparency is not true ..

Please excuse my silly apology, put it down to my English sense of humour. excuse me if it irritates

Not at all as I'll take your English sense of humour ..actually sumimasen for not recognising you directly as we had another 'session' on another thread. I would have approached you differently, so next time I will say, if necessary, gomen nasai :)

As a hafu, the English half sometimes displays a satirical absurdity.

Is that so, interesting... :)

History dictates that Eastern European states were unlikely candidates for centralist liberal policies of the European Union.

Politically “one reaps what they sow”.

Agree but there were probably geopolitical drivers who prevailed..

*Actually Prime Minister Viktor Orban, is not a fascist, however that doesn't excuse Viktor Orban fragment disregard for democratic freedoms and fundamental human rights**.*

True, he's elected democratically, but I called him a 'little fascist' for the reasons you pointed out above...

Yesterday I saw some footage on TV about Hungarians interviewed in the streets what the thought about the Art. 7 measurement. Some hailed the EU report as they see the issues on human rights and democracy disturbing their lives. Others said that not Orban but the people voted against refugees / immigrants and that the Europeans loved them except for those in Brussels. There's not much to argue about other Europeans supporting the stand of the Hungarians against immigration.

*H*onestly, Netgrump we are not going to agree are we​?

Certainly not on the issues surrounding the UK leaving the European Union.

We can agree that there are issues about transparency and decision making in the EU but with every new generation we get better MPs, better communication.

Like many others in the North we wished that the Eurozone would have been smaller in the first place and that the acceptance of new members should be based on strict rules and on shown economic and financial performance. The silent entrance of Bulgaria is a joke.

Exaggerating the Brexit 'thingy' is partly banter from my side as I really don't care how things will turn out at the end.

It's not like that the Atlantic Wall will be reinstalled in the future.

But yes, we always can agree to disagree concerning the UK leaving the EU :)

The financial institutions associated to the City of London, banking, brokerage, insurance, trading, employs over one point three million people but its history and diversity is remarkable. Ownership? That politics …....Don't you think?

Sure, the City will remain playing an important role globally as you can't replace all the expertise and, not unimportantly, the mentality that belongs to the financial business, embedded in many Anglo Saxons :)

However what power politically does the European Ombudsman process other than to boo from the gallery.

More or less like the National Ombudsman, media coverage but not always followed up and addressed by our elected MPs..

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The power of legislative authority is the sole responsibility of the European Council there's no minutes taken, any discussion, debate, every policy decision is made in secret.

Based on what knowledge? :)

The EU parliament is a farce, an illusion. A yes/no talking shop where yes means maybe, and maybe morphs into never.

The problems with the EU parliament are based on cultural differences and inequality between the economies and the level of the MPs. With every new generation the communication get's better, produce better educated MPs and growing economies in the Eastern territories. The challenge belongs to this adventure. The Union will be one of nation states and no a USE but with the benefits of integrated defence, intelligence, labor and social conditions etc etc.

Look, an example is Government of Hungry, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the triggering of so called Article 7 mechanism.

Given your silly apology to the Hungarian people I presume that your an admirer of the little fascist Orban :)

Humbly the UK gross contribution is the real deal-breaker, game changer, deducting the rebate is a red herring …...The number inclusive of GNI,VAT, and customs contributions

Like most Trumpists many Brexiteers have limited knowledge about math and stats ..

The current situation in British parliament and the Conservative Party particularly shows who's in charge with March 2019 in sight. Brexiteers always exaggerated their contribution. Per capita my home country contributes 4 times as much as the Brits. Some businesses on the continent will definitely be hurt by the Brexit but the UK will be hurt more. The EU has way more alternatives.

Who owns your industry for example? Who owns the City? :)

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Posted in: Abe says isle dispute with Russia must be settled before peace treaty can be signed See in context

Excuse me, not Canada but the UK :)

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Posted in: Abe says isle dispute with Russia must be settled before peace treaty can be signed See in context

Japan thinks it is rich but is it really that rich when a vast majority of the peoples standard of living is really low.

Japan is rich as it the world's largest creditor. The standard of living is comparable with Italy, France or Canada but below the standard of the Northern European countries and certain districts in the US.

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Posted in: Abe says isle dispute with Russia must be settled before peace treaty can be signed See in context

Japan has no card to play. You lost the war. How can you possibly think to gain anything from a defeat? You're bringing shame on the victors. There's nothing in this world which can be called an integral part of one's nation.

Who are you addressing ? PM Abe, the three ghosts of Yoyogi Park ? :)

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Posted in: Women in management at Japanese firms still a rarity: poll See in context

Men also often support their families, a basic practice in Japan, whereas career women live on double incomes or often chose not to marry. Supporting a family is better for society (children=future).

More women are joining the labor force in Japan and more and more will make careers one way or the other.

The glass ceiling may be thicker than in the West but even in a conservative country like Japan the old boys will give in at the end as the majority of the population doesn't want too many foreigners either.

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After four decades of integration there is bitter disappointment that a key member state has elected to turned it back on a union that I feel has politically and economically lost its way. It is time to look beyond the EU there is a world out there.

Many continentals are not bitter at all that the UK is leaving and the UK will be the underlying party of any deal. The 10 billion net contribution is no problem for the 27 remaining members and the UK will have to pay 50 billion as leave fee anyway ..

Hundreds of companies from the UK arrived already on continental soil from fin tech, traders, banks as well as European HQs for non-European companies.

In my hometown we've problems housing the high educated newcomers and international schools have capacity problems.

Within 2 yrs after the 29th of March 2019 border control will be reinstalled and may lead to, for example, less lades and lassies trashing continental inner cities.

There always be trade between the EU and the UK but there will be different price tags.

And what the world 'beyond the EU' concerns, the EU made already excellent deals with a.o. Japan, South Korea, South Africa, implemented CETA with Canada, and is busy with Mexico and the Mercasur...

With Theresa May insistent that leaving the EU will involve exiting the customs union and the bloc’s external commercial policy, the announcement from Brussels opens up the possibility that the EU could enjoy better terms with the two Commonwealth nations { Australia & New Zealand ] after Brexit than the UK will.

The Guardian- May 22, 2018

The Brits have made some tours and are thinking about joining in TPP..

Is the island on drift? :)

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Posted in: London mayor calls for second referendum on Brexit See in context

This guy has no place to talk about such matters, given that under his mayoral tenure, London has seen a rise in knife crime of 47%, unemployment by 30% and immigration up by more than 40%.

Obvious the poster has a problem with a d.....excuse me, someone who doesn't resemble him or her, running the show in his/her beloved London and is using bs figures to make a point...

But you're right on one thing: leave of the EU :)

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Posted in: Russia holds naval drills in Sea of Japan See in context

In participating in this Russian military exercise, China is improving its ability to conduct a large scale military action and invasion. After the conclusion of these exercise, I too have complete confidence that China is preparing and building up to attack, invade and annex Taiwan within the next few years.

The Chinese have a longterm agenda and will wait till the right moment. The US will not back Taiwan and there's no way that the rest of the world will face China with sanctions afterwards by then.

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The truth is - get ready, liberals - 64 people died as a direct result of Hurricane Maria. Look it up. Add in all the people who died over the following 5 months mainly due to Democratic Puerto Rican government incompetence and ya got 2,975. Oh my.

Most Trumpists, never been great on math and stats, have an interesting way on dealing with the facts. 64 people died 'as a direct result' and those who died in the following 5 months died [ and ya got 2975] 'mainly due to Democratic incompetence' ..

The article above mentions a gov figure of 1400 deaths during the aftermath. A fact is that these figures are still uncertain.

But the wounded dying afterwards 'due to party political incompetence' is interesting..

Is the poster implying that with a 'competent' Republican gov with members appointed by the Leader himself would have given a way lower number of casualties?

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Posted in: Centenarians in Japan hit record 69,785; nearly 90% of them women See in context

However,I really don't know what to think if I hey are being drip fed and kept alive just because it is 'morally' right.

The poster says that he/she 'don't know what to think' but actually he/she gave the answer :)

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Posted in: Centenarians in Japan hit record 69,785; nearly 90% of them women See in context

@ expat

Imamura Shohei made a film about the historical solution to this problem.

So you would like the Japanese to reintroduce 'the historical solution' for this 'problem' ? :)

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

 I am not trying to make it seem that Whites did not do bad things to others - as surely they have. But to point out the reality that Whites are not historically unique in doing bad things to others. I know it isn't currently popular to make this observation but it happens to be true. A one sided way of looking at things also ignores the incredibly bad treatment that occurred among people of the same race but within separate tribal groupings (ethnicities, religions, etc.). People of all races are equally capable of evil. Highlighting only bad things done by Whites against non-Whites is to ignore history as appears to be a means to launch attacks upon another group of people that you dislike. That's called racism.

Always interesting to notice the tactics based on 'equality' conducted by the Alt-right movement :)

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Posted in: Packed fall TV brings Julia Roberts, life after 'Roseanne' See in context

Wow, John Goodman looks smaller than Aunt Jackie in that pic.

Yep, he said in an interview that he was depressive after ABC cancelled the show. In 'The Connors' he'll be depressed for awhile as his 'wife' died this summer :)

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

I doubt Australia has many racists in the manner of the Nazis or the KKK or their modern alt-right intellectual descendants..

The Alt-right movement has followers everywhere thus also in Australia. There's nothing 'intellectual' about most of them.. :)

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

Having said this Australia of today is a much different place than the Australia I grew up in, sure we have racist people but doesn’t every country? On the whole I’d say we have become more tolerant.

The poster captures it exactly: 'Australia of today is a much different place than the Australia I grew up in' and that 'we have become more tolerant'..

As it is 'we' that became more tolerant to...'them' ..shows exactly the problems that the descendants of earlier immigrants and convicts have with newcomers...

Right-wingers argue that Western values are at stake but their arguments are too often contrary to those values :)

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Posted in: Japan, Vietnam urge U.S. to rejoin Pacific trade deal See in context

It is clear what these other countries get - access to the huge USA market.

Is it much less clear what the USA gains.

It isn't like US rice will be sold in Vietnam or anywhere near the same amount as the goods they sell in the USA.

Trade needs to be win-win.

No trader at work here......:)

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

When you want to know if a country is racist, ask the POC from that country. A bunch of white folks from Australia or other countries holding forth and declaring it paradise for the browns is completely meaningless.


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Posted in: X Japan leader Yoshiki says he will never stop trying to crack U.S. market See in context

The difference between Japan and the rest of the world, in terms of the entertainment industry, is that in normal places the fans decide what is good. In Japan the advertising/entertainment industry decides what is good and the "fans" abide slavishly.

In the West it's more sophisticated..the sheepish masses think that they can decide and choose but are unaware about their enslavement :)

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Posted in: Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams cartoon See in context

Define what is 'vile' about the cartoon. Define 'cartoon' too..

Racist and sexist. Vile. It's interesting to see lots of people here telling a someone who experiences racism and sexism that they are wrong to feel that way.

Racist and sexist is a mention the details that makes the cartoon 'vile' for you...

If you don't know what a cartoon is, I suggest you look it up.

Weak reply but, to simplify it for you, how should, in your opinion, a 'decent' cartoon about Williams and Osaka look like ?

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

Australia is by most measures one of the world's most successful multicultural societies,

Laughing stock really........

but a controversial cartoon of Serena Williams has rekindled accusations it is also inveterately racist.

...the proof is in the pudding :)

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Posted in: Pioneer gains $540 million rescue from Baring Private Equity See in context

First Sharp becomes Taiwanese, Toshiba large stakes by US companies and others and now Pioneer slowly becoming Sinaporean company.. Whats left...

So how about SoftBank buying American and European companies to show off that they are leading on robotics ?

That's how the Corporate World works...

Baring Private Equity is from Hongkong, not Singapore.

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in Australia when tests revealed what was meant to be Australian honey actually has a heavy dose of foreign syrups and sugars, mostly from China, in them. That sort of thing needs to be dealt with using testing, fines, jail etc etc.

Now isn't that amusing these charlatans from a country that often accuse other nations of fraud :)

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What about the iPhone 6 plus? Around the same size as the iPhone Xs Max and has been selling since 2014.

Samsung was the first to introduce a 'phablet'. In this silly discussion one thing must be clear : the first smartphone was an....

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Posted in: Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams cartoon See in context

Vile cartoon, disrespectful to both Williams and Osaka.

Define what is 'vile' about the cartoon. Define 'cartoon' too..

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Posted in: Stormy Daniels promises to tell all in memoir due out Oct 2 See in context

Problem for liberals is that only 29 percent believe Trump did something illegal about Russia. Only 31 percent believe the same about “porn star payments”. Gallup poll.

As always most Trumpists have little understanding of math and stats and reading polls..

It's coming....

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Posted in: Woodward book goes on sale as ex-Trump aides push back See in context

What Woodward seems to forget is that comments from people who remain anonymous and unverified is called gossip

Nah, that’s not called’s called the Buzz.. :)

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Posted in: Woodward book goes on sale as ex-Trump aides push back See in context

on their heads **

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Posted in: Woodward book goes on sale as ex-Trump aides push back See in context

Most Trumpistas will pass Book Reviews by nature and go straight to the Sports and Comics.

As there is less to laugh about these days for them and are facing kneeling NFL athletes and Nike ads they should try a book for a change...

When Trumpists would go to Barnes & Nobles and buy Woodward's book with their red caps on their hats they might even get a discount for bravery :)

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Posted in: Serena Williams fined $17,000 after U.S. Open final outburst See in context

Mentioning the racist /sexist card a cliche is an often used tool by racists :)

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