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NetteMarie comments

Posted in: Ex-LDP lawmaker referred to prosecutors over rape allegations See in context


The article says she was asleep.

And I don’t care if she invited him over on his birthday and walked around buck*ss naked, he wasn’t invited to physically touch her and he did. Probably without a condom too.

You can internalized rape culture if you want to but hopefully the law won’t.

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Posted in: Profit or patriotism? What's driving fight between U.S., Apple See in context

Both commenter and writer seem not to really understand what the FBI is really asking Apple to do.

They're not just asking them to hack the phone, they're asking them to make code for them that would allow the government to hack into anyone's phone in the future.

Now knee jerk reaction is, but oh terrorism!, however the government isn't good with technology in general. In no time that code would be in some Internet hacker enthusiasts' hands and everyone personal information would be accessible.

They're asking Apple to weaken everyone's security mostly because they don't understand how the Internets and cyber security work.

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Posted in: Ueno zoo gives pandas privacy as mating season starts See in context

Could we be more concerned with animals that don't seem to sabotage themselves so much? I mean they don't want to breed, they eat food that provides near 0 health benefits and they do nothing beneficial but entertain people while they sleep and eat.

More tigers, less pandas, please.

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Posted in: Whenever you read about random knife attacks in public places, does it make you more attentive to what people around you are doing when you are walking along the street, waiting on train platforms and See in context

I pay attention to people around me anyway because it's usually entertaining. But sometimes you do see someone and think something isn't right about that person there....

I caught a pedophile on the bus one day, and my Japanese isn't very good, but luckily just an angry look caused the sicko to get off at the next stop. What angered me most though, is all the Japanese people sitting around watching this man petting the shy little boy's legs. Makes me think that even if I was being stabbed in broad daylight, people might just watch.

I also hate those tiny shorts from those stupid prep schools but just because the poor darlings are usually ashen with cold.

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Posted in: Yakuza gang membership falls to record low See in context

Why join a gang and do stuff under the threat of death, when you can be a NEET and hangout at home.

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Posted in: New NHK head's 'comfort women' remark stirs controversy See in context

You can't use 'forcibly' and 'recruit' together. I'm pretty sure that doesn't make sense.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

LOL! The headline of this article is a laugh in itself.

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Posted in: Head of NPO promoting motherhood arrested for beating his wife See in context

Maybe he's in charge of the Japan Mother's Society because he only loves his mother and not his wife. She might not be enough like his mother.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening ex-girlfriend, demanding money See in context

@offwithyourarrogance - I would guess, probably text

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Posted in: 10 reasons why ladies love a Ghibli guy See in context

I'm a pushy, secretive/cursed Haku girl all the way. And a dragon! Even better!

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Posted in: Woman arrested on harassment charges after using 'proxy stalker' See in context

People have too much time on their hands. The time she spent finding a proxy stalker online she could have spent finding a new boyfriend online. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Renoir stolen in Tokyo in 2000 auctioned in London See in context

Maybe the International list is in English and the Jcops didn't want to bother with it.

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Posted in: Has preferential treatment for women gone too far in Japan? See in context

False flag, you talk nonsense. Aggressive men have been so beneficial to society after all.

The rest of this "there should be men areas" and "preferential treatment of women gone too far" is nonsense. Women are forced out of their jobs or forced to become part time the moment they have kids and sometimes the moment they get married. None of you are crying for equality for work or pay, so let women have their own car and makeup cafe.

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Posted in: Following poem, Israel bars entry to Guenter Grass See in context

Oginome maybe it sounds better in German, but he has a point no matter his past.

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Posted in: Following poem, Israel bars entry to Guenter Grass See in context

Virtuoso thank you for the poem post. I would have thought a news item about a poem that ruffled Israel's feathers would have a few quotes, but das ist Japan Today.

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Posted in: Ex-Olympus boss has no memory of cover-up See in context

Amen SmithinJapan and hilarious!

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Posted in: Man accused of scalding baby son with boiling water See in context

My nephew was scolded with hot water as his grandmother (not my mom) was transferring hot water from the stove to the bath. He accidentally stood in front of her.

If the family couldn't pay their gas bill and he had to bring hot water to the bath, it could just be negligence. I would hope so, but don't judge so harshly, the article is quite thin for a hangin'.

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Posted in: Japanese whaling: Why the West is in the wrong See in context

I think I should also point out, that the reason Japan can't hunt whales in it's own waters any more is because they're all eaten. That should be scientific enough research as to why Japan should be allowed to hunt whales period. Just wait for them to come back to Japan.

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Posted in: Strauss-Kahn accuser says she wants justice See in context

Amen! I'm glad this woman is standing up for herself.

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Posted in: Gingrich's campaign in tatters as top aides resign See in context

I think Gingrich has the fork in him....

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Posted in: Republicans assail Obama in opening big debate See in context

What a waste of airtime

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Posted in: May the horse be with you See in context

I think I know that horse, he attacked me in an izakaya a few years ago...

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Posted in: Sapporo city employee arrested for molesting woman See in context

Rubytree it depends on the kanji, not just the sound.

Glad she reported him. Mysense I agree with you, what more do you need to relieve yourself?

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Posted in: Police unravel Chiba arson-murder See in context

Kids think 10000yen is a lot of money stashed away, the adult in this case should get a long sentence.

Horrible the man had to die, probably just a jar of 500yen coins. sad.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy falls to death from 13th floor of Nagoya apartment See in context

TV's are not babysitters.

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Posted in: Child's body found in car of couple caught stealing at supermarket See in context

Wow people, no compassion here!

They were living in a car, stealing food, probably putting any wages into gas, and they made the hard choice that only one of the children could live. Obviously they felt they were in desperate situation, and maybe they didn't know about the help that is afforded them as a Japanese citizen. Many Japanese people know nothing about their rights, available welfare, or the government in general. If they were both junior high dropouts, they could have a very limited understanding of many things and thus make choices that an educated and aware person would not make.

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Posted in: Oh my darling See in context

I'm not in a relationship with a Japanese person, but from the little I read from the manga it seemed like an insight into the need for communication and understanding in bi-cultural relationships.

Not just a my darling "loves" everything Japanese type of story.

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Posted in: Reaching for the Universe See in context

Namabiru thanks for the link

Her face looks better on the other photos, but her swimsuit photos make me want to go back in time and give her the oreo I just ate.

Good luck to her anyway.

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Posted in: NEC research chief arrested for molesting girl on train See in context

So women should appear submissive and fully cover themselves. Women are molested in Muslim cultures, and they do all those things.

This girl probably tried to avoid this guy and he kept finding her, she realized no one else on the train would back her up, and eventually told the police.

Stop blaming women for the weakness of men.

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Posted in: Man attacked, robbed in elevator See in context

LOL cliffworks, brillant!

It is strange that they never describe anyone in Japanese crime articles.

However, I have never heard a Japanese person describe another Japanese person, besides he has black hair, black eyes and is an average height.

You think it would be easy to describe what the foreign person looked like more than description of the language.

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