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Haha never thought japanese were good at these things, haha and yeah, that's a big trophy

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JHansen, I was thinking about the same, some of us started reading and after a few days realized that there were murder news almost every day, and then we say "what the.." because it's something we didn't expect to be so common in a country like Japan. THe truth is that these things happen everywhere. Like you said, these things of news are so common in my city that they stopped publishing murder news on front pages long time ago, and sometimes the event is not worth the space in the paper.

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I agree with Ratpack

The WORST teacher i have ever seen was a trained (fully qualified) teacher. The BEST teacher i have ever seen was as untrained (not qualified) teacher...actually she was a housewife. One taught with commonsense. The other taught directly from the text.

I met a teacher in Kyoto whose mother tongue wasn't english, he told me the company he works for liked him, as he learned english in school and by practicing it. He knows what would be best for his students.

The same happened to me when studying japanese, the teacher who took lessons for teaching wasn't exactly what I expected, later another teacher (she was 24) replaced him. She used common sense, and it worked.

The only people who become english "teachers" are the desperate and otherwise unemployable.

What's with this? I do believe a high percentage of the english teachers in Japan do what they do not because it was the only option, but rather because they just like it, I find it myself very interesting. And yes, as some say, it is a start. Do whatever makes you happy.

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Moon beams: the poster tries to compare the rape of a woman (something which often destroys a person's life) to the groping of a man (something that boosts self esteem in men).

I wasn't comparing, rape is a serious crime and I don't even have to say it.

Where I live a 16 boy can be treated as an adult as 2020hindsight said. And I mentioned men groping because the fact that a man could enjoy it, doesn't mean it stops being a crime.

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After reading about all these stories, I have wondered if there have been cases where women were accused of groping men, Does anyone knows about reported cases like this? And in such case, is the sentence the same?

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S7ro9kGm3aQ, I was wondering the same thing...

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ca1ic0cat: You really can't legislate away human behaviour. You just have to deal with the mess after the fact.

100% Agree with you, people can't be stopped from doing what they have always done culturally, that is why, just like you said the government will be "hypocritical on prostitution" and a bunch of other things. Isn't that why there exist places like red light districts?

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Prior to my first trip to Japan, I started investigating all I could about that country. I read that age of consent is 13, however 20 is the legal age for drinking and voting:

Japan — Age of Consent: Although the age of sexual consent in Japan is 13 years of age, prefecture law usually overrides federal law, raising the age up to 18.

So, "usually" means that in some places people 20 and older may have sex with girls as young as 13, as long as they do not offer money in exchange.

Japanese law is taken too literally, same happens with porn censoring.

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Naaa.. the guy's arm doesn't look like that of a young, also look at the clothes of the woman, hairdo and kaban.

I think it will work

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What happens with the body once the person has committed suicide? Do they stop the trains and pick up evey piece, then clean the place right away?

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I believe this things happen even more commonly in other countries, it is just that in Japan, these sort of things get to be known, and we find it surprising maybe because it is Japan, and not just another third world country.

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Yes, it sucks. I currently live in the city where most casualties have been reported throughout the year, about 385.

Tourists may be losing faith in Mexico govt and Mexico police. How many killed this year in 2009 via drug cartels.

Yes that is true, that's is why Mexico started a campaign to attract more visitors, but isn't working out as expected, and add influenza to that.

I would really like the US to help us over here dealing with these difficulties, as it isn't tourists, but us who have lost the faith in our goverment.

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