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Posted in: U.S. Navy holds memorial service for 7 sailors killed in collision See in context


I heard that as well and, if true, I agree with you completely.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy holds memorial service for 7 sailors killed in collision See in context

Burning Bush

"If this happened to an airplane, all similar aircraft would be grounded until a safety investigation would absolve any mechanical safety system or procedure."  That is not true.  Planes crash and the same types keep on flying.  After an investigation the FAA gives their understanding of the cause or causes and makes recommendations.

"A modern destroyer was totally blind to a 30,000 cargo ship."  Again, we don't know that for a fact.   I don't believe in "accidents."  Something or someone was responsible, but  don't  you think we should wait for more information before jumping to conclusions?

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"Those systems failed and these men paid with their lives."  This is a rush to judgment.

And so are many of the other comments.

Let's wait for all facts to come in.

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The obsession with teen idols is global and covers both sexes.

I don't think "global" is the right word.  I guess you haven't been

to any Muslim countries.

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My post was what I thought the U.S. reaction would be if North Korea launched a nuclear missile against a civilian or military target.  Whether North Korea would launch such a missile if, "backed into a corner" is speculative at best.  However, I think you underestimate the instinct to survive even amongst "aging geriatrics."  And, I think that instinct to survive includes the leadership of China and Russia as well.  You are the one who is nuts if you think they will kill them selves for Kim or any other Koreans.

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Posted in: Gov't starts airing announcement on protection from N Korean missile attack See in context

If North Korea launched a nuclear  missile at any civilian or military target the U.S. retaliation would destroy the country....period.

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"the Aegis system has nothing to do with navigational radar systems."

Thank you forzaducati.  It's about time someone pointed that out.  The Aegis system is  a defense system against missiles and its radar is used for that purpose.

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Posted in: Destroyer came close to sinking after collision; bodies found: Fleet commander See in context

So is this going to be written off as an accident or is someone gonna be charged for the deaths.

In my opinion there is no such thing as an, "accident."  Someone made a mistake, or was negligent.  Whether someone will be found responsible remains to be seen.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to toughen penalties for sex offenses See in context

"The law will also raise the minimum sentence for rape resulting in death or injury to six years from five years."  I'm having a problem understanding that.

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I'm no fan of Perry, but I hope you do realize that the Onion quote is satire.

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"The government, he said, simply can't achieve its goals without more money." 

This is the "bottom line."  Turmeric,  and other "remedies," etc. for dementia is like

putting a band aid on a hemorrhage.  The Japanese have to face reality.  There will be a need for people to staff whatever facilities the government can establish to take care of the old.  The answer in the face of the reality of Japanese demographics is immigration.

Simply put, more people means more tax payers.

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I can assure you that most Americans don't even know Japan was in WWI, let alone what role Japan played in that war.  If it hasn't already been done the story of the Sakaki would make a good movie, and  Japan's role in WWI would be great for the History Channel.

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"There is no safety problem as the premises of Tsukiji are covered with asphalt," a Tokyo government official said.  Well if there's "no problem" now, why would there be a problem at either location?

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Posted in: 11 countries agree to keep TPP deal alive despite U.S. rejection See in context

The U.S. should have never pulled out of the TPP.  You have more influence inside the camp than outside.  China will take the lead and increase its influence in the area.  TPP like any "Free Trade" agreement would, if implemented properly, create competition and that would lower costs and benefit the consumer.  But, granted, there is always a gap between  theory and practice.  The U.S. excuse for pulling out is that it will cost jobs.  Those jobs will be lost anyway.  The problem is the U.S. does nothing to assist those who lose jobs because of Free Trade agreements.  These people should be educated and trained for jobs in areas where the U.S. has a competitive advantage.

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Posted in: Japan sees record employment for university graduates amid labor shortage See in context

Laguna.  Not necessarily so.  A portion of that 2.4% could be those who simply want to take a break, travel or whatever knowing that a job is there.

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