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It's too cold to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

How do people 'enjoy' them? I am confused? Do you come from a country with no trees so you therefore find looking at a tree enjoyable?

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Posted in: 2nd Moscow suicide bomber was teacher See in context

17-year-old widow of a slain Islamic militant,


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Hoping there isn't "creative reporting" in these numbers.

Could be. USA invaded plenty of other countries for less than this. I wonder what's stopping them this time.

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This is exactly why I love Japan.

The more primitive a nation, the more superficial it is.

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Obviously radar cannot spot mines it seems.

They were probably all too busy talking about how bad North Korea is and how North Korea is the cause of all problems etc, etc.

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and two flight attendants

It's funny how a terribly unattractive person from one culture can be seen as attractive in Japanese culture.

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Cool thing about cheerleaders in the US is during highschool they are there to represent and encoourage their school field sports teams, not just random events.

And that makes all the difference too.

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Posted in: S Korean ship explosion cause unclear; 46 still missing See in context

Other news sources are saying it was not North Korea's fault:

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They are killing the whales, yet they are revering them at the same time.

Welcome to Japan

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Posted in: China begins trial of 4 Rio Tinto employees See in context

An Australian executive

It should read, a man who was born in China but holds Australian citizenship while he lives in China has been arrested etc, etc.

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Posted in: Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako told the media in a statement that they feel distress for causing public concern about their 8-year-old daughter Princess Aiko, who stayed away from sch See in context

What do you think about all this?

I think this is normal in a country which allows people with no formal training to become language teachers, who also do not require a licence to teach.

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Posted in: Mexico's drug war takes growing toll on Americans See in context

Then you can stop sending $billions to countries to stop the transportation of pot.

Good idea. Also, USA invaded Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan etc, etc, for less than this.

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Looks like he's trying to put it out.

Looks like he's stuck 5000 years in the past.

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Posted in: All members of the Ski Association of Japan must provide strict guidance to the athletes. The JOC will also try to lend its weight to the moral education of the athletes. See in context

Japan’s skiing officials have been read the riot act after one of their snowboarders wore his Vancouver Olympic uniform in “hip hop” style last month.

I think they all should be forced to commit seppuku. It's just not good enough for people to not be wearing their uniforms exactly the same as each other. What is the world coming to! Anyone would have thought the Olympics were about sport rather than what it's really about which is how neat you're wearing your uniform.

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Posted in: Australia concerned about Rio Tinto espionage trial in China See in context

All the way back to Australia

All the way back to the country he was born in, which is China.

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Who's looking at her hair?

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Posted in: The nation is treading a path toward doom. See in context

Most try throwing the blame card around.

Yeah I do. It's easier that way. Just like when people have a problem in their life that they can't explain, they come up with 'god' did it.

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Interesting statement of a politician.

Interesting coming from a Japanese polititian. Maybe he's never read a history book. But then again, the Japanese government changes the history books for students anyway.

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Aki Hoshino celebrated her 33rd birthday

My friend's name is Aki Hoshino and his birthday is today and he's 33. What are the odds?!!

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Posted in: Vatican denies celibacy requirement led to sex scandal See in context

When I was a kid we were told if we so much as took a bite of a hot dog on a Friday we'd wind up in hell around a camp fire with Pol Pot and Hitler; but I guess the rule book is different for priests...

Yeah also if you touch you will go blind. The same people said this. One dau people will realise there is no god and priests having sex with children, is NOT god testing their family's faith.

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I have to call my friends and family before making a bank transfer...

Hello mum/dad it's me! Hello. Send me some money I need some. OK. What's your account number? It's XXXXX. Don't worry, I'm so lonely that I won't ask you your name.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 5-year-old stepson See in context

The wife should be in jail too for allowing it to happen.

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Posted in: 11 Siberian tigers starve to death in Chinese zoo See in context

China has a long history of using herbal remedies in treating illnesses

China also has a history of killing animals for their body parts. Ever heard of a giant panda? Tiger penis soup?

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Posted in: Israel seals off West Bank to prevent unrest See in context

That is where the believers get indoctrinated and riled up.

Yeah I know what you mean. Christians and Jews in many countries go on killing sprees all the time! There is no excuse for it ever!

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Posted in: U.S.-Israel row highlights quandary over settlements See in context

refrain from actions “that inflame tensions or prejudice the outcome of talks.”

Too late.

and of course Israel doesn't want them either, they need a country, so let em have the place they're in

You mean Palestine. Their country that they live in that they are being pushed out of by invaders?

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Posted in: Dead baby found in bag of man arrested for trespassing See in context

Officers rushed to the scene.

Really? no, REALLY? Rushed because there was an unkown man there?

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Posted in: Law bars Myanmar's Suu Kyi from elections See in context

Human rights groups say the junta has jailed about 2,100 political prisoners.

Do they have oil? No? Then why should the world care?

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Just stop bankrolling them to the tune of $60 billion a year and use the money to bail out California

This is good advice. I agree.

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Posted in: It's a positive trial for a future cyber-forum where anyone can pose real opinions freely. It has both a light and a dark side. See in context

It has both a light and a dark side

By this he means it's full of racism and has a couple of jokes in there too. Anyone who has used it would know this already.

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Posted in: Japanese women are outstandingly tense and critical of each other. There is a pervasive habit among women to monitor each other with a serious sharp eye to see what kind of slimness they have. See in context

Women are outstandingly tense and critical of each other

No. This only happens in Japan. Japan is unique. But seriously, this person has obviously never spent any time with women. His boss probably told him about it and then he made the comment.

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