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Posted in: Quiet hybrids: An end to their sounds of silence? See in context

Why aren't there devices on bicycles, and blind person's canes that can emit a signal that warns drivers of a real person? Same for backing up? Aren't our electronics up to such a TRANSMITTER? COULDN'T WE EVEN HAVE such a device,IN OUR CAP BRIMS, OUR SHOES, OR BELTS, or PURSES AND WALLETS? wHY is the US and other countries? creating artificial noise? (For safety?) Now what do we do for people who are DEAF? And when might we have infra-red in our cars for fog, snow, and, hence, people?

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Posted in: Modest civil servant transforms into Miss Universe Japan 2010 See in context

what a brave, brave, girl! Very heartwarming, and she speaks 3 of my favorite languages. Now does she; LAMBADA, and, sing like, Susan Boyle??? And maybe with that dress, she's letting us know, she can Hula?

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Posted in: Grammy winner Taylor Swift arrives on 1st visit to Japan See in context

good on taylor. now if she wants more publicity?: visit, Raratonga, and watch their dancing. Wear one of their black cocunut shell bras; put on a skirt of her own tahitian influence and, DANCE, YEAH! I want to see her belly, legs, and feet. I've seen a video of her rolling her hips. She can DO IT to it; she works her mojo!

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Posted in: Bestseller by hearing-impaired Ginza hostess - truths and lies See in context

brave, salicious, and noteworthy. You go, girl!

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after car chase and strangling ex-girlfriend in Chiba See in context

"love hurts", and some men just can't deal with their pain. The "macho" man is a wuss? And aren't j-cops macho men? They were when I was there 50 years ago. They sympathize with the man? Misogynists at heart maybe?

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Posted in: News Corp seeking to form online news consortium See in context

I thought collusion was illegal?

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Posted in: Murdered Tokyo couple had cash stashed all over the house See in context

In wonderful Japan, couldn't the wealthy be encouraged to make others wealthy also through the growing of algae in community reactors so that crimes involving money lessen, especially now as so many are in need of work? As a tribute from these people's relatives maybe? This is so sad, but, out of the mud grows the lotus. WTF

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Posted in: 52-year-old fireman arrested for molesting 19-year-old girl in Saitama See in context

for being drunk it was good thinking: start her fire, then offer to put it out. He's already there and doesn't have to go for the hose truck. BUT maybe he was too drunk for his hose work? You can't be a phoney about these things. 19, she wants hard not limp.

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