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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

Mr Obama, You have shown you are a TRUE GENTLEMAN that knows the customs of Japan. I respect you for that. Thank you!

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Posted in: Should President Barack Obama have bowed to the emperor while he was in Japan? See in context

Should President Barack Obama have bowed to the emperor while he was in Japan?

Yes, end of story!

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Posted in: Frustrated Palestinians to appeal to U.N. for state See in context

Maybe Israel should return all the land they have stolen since the 1947 UN partitioning of the land was created.

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Posted in: High school employee arrested for paying girl for sex See in context

DXXJP - Numbskull if you want to get technical its 13

That is wrong Prefecture laws says age of consent 18, Japanese federal law was set at 13 but prefecture laws are used in age of consent cases. Japanese federal law was then changed to 18 years old in 2004 to be in line with prefecture laws. Western sites have not updated their information and still show the age of consent for Japan as 13.

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Posted in: Is chivalry dead on Tokyo trains? See in context

We have been fighting for so long to gain equal rights (which arguably have not yet been fully achieved), to say we can do things just as well as men. And, indeed, I support equality

Jessica, remember in the west men and women are EQUAL, so do not come to Japan complaining you are treated equal and forced to stand on a train, Japanese know western females are equal to western males so will treat you the same way they treat a western male.

I will give up my seat to the Japanese mothers carrying babies, pregnant Japanese ladies, elderly Japanese ladies even though I have a disability and need to walk with the help of two crutches. I will not give up my seat to any students, gaikokujin male or female(with child, pregnant or whatever) or Japanese males.

It really annoys me to see western females always wanting to be treated equal and when something does not go the way they want complain they are the weaker sex and need special treatment!

Want to be treated like a lady and have men open doors, give up seats, walk closest to the road etc, then accept you are not equal to a male, but if you want to be equal to a male then do not complain if you slap a male and he turns and gives you a knuckle sandwich, remember you are equal and he would have given any male that slapped him a knuckle sandwich also!

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Posted in: More Tokyo train stations start using lights to stem suicides See in context

Do not think it will work. Most do not kill themselves at the station they do it along the line. I know I tried back in May this year. Living in pain for the past 3 years because of major hip problems which I need operating on pushed me over the edge and I wanted to end the pain. The doctors here in Japan do not like giving out strong drugs for pain and leave most people in pain in pain until they become like me and end the pain by committing suicide. When you cannot sit, lay, stand or walk and the pain stops you from sleeping and your life is nothing but pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week and doctors will not help by giving you pain killers, then you take the matter in to your own hands and you try and end the pain yourself and for most it is a train that does the job.

I was about to stand in front of an express train when someone jumped on me. Some workers driving pass seen and jumped me while one of the workers phoned the police. Never had handcuffs on before and do not want have them on every again.

Finally the doctors have done something about the pain and put me of Morphine, I need dual hip replacement and I am only 41 years old the doctors will operate on me in Feb 2010, but I understand why people attempt or commit suicide and the blue lights will not help, It was a bright sunny day with a clear blue sky the day I attempted to end my life in front of a train and the blue sky did not have a claiming effect on me one bit.

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Posted in: Snow White Gold See in context

I would have done a solid gold Stitch, not snow white!

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Posted in: Authorities drop child-snatching case against American man See in context

FatherTed, you comment is wrong more American men would be abusive, conniving, deceptive, greedy, manipulative, insecure, selfish and child molesters then Japanese Women.

How many American fathers beat, molest, rape or kill their own off spring?

Leaving a child in the hands of an abusive father in the US or in the hands of a loving mother in Japan, I would give the child to the mother. The mothers never try and claim child maintenance from the fathers, the mothers just want to live in peace without the abuse the husband caused to her and most likely the child.

The biggest reason for international marriages to divorce in Japan is because of the gaikokujin husband assaulting/raping his Japanese wife or because the father was cheating on her.

I understand a Japanese Mother wanting to return to Japan with her children instead of leaving them with a husband that was abusive towards her and most likely the children or was cheating on the wife, how can you trust someone that cheats, you have no morals if you are married and cheat and a child left in the hands of someone that cheats would also grow up with no morals.

If the American husband assaults his Japanese wife who he claims to love then you can put money on it he is assaulting his half Japanese child.

The reason why the American fathers want to keep the children is so they can try and claim child maintenance in the US family courts from the Japanese Mothers.

The US courts should look at why the marriage ended and if it was because of domestic violence then the father should be banned from ever seeing the children and ordered to keep away and not to contact the mother, child or mothers family. Once an abuser always an abuser!

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Posted in: Authorities drop child-snatching case against American man See in context

So many Western Men marry Japanese for a Spouse Visa to live in Japan it is not funny. I know of 1 African American who was married to a Japanese Friend and claimed to love her but was always cheating with half a dozen other women when she was working nights at the hospital. 2 other females have kids to this low life pond scum who refuses to pay child maintenance. On investigation this person it was discovered he is wanted in the USA for not paying child maintenance to his American x-wife, funny thing is he tells everyone he use to be a New York Police Officer. He is hiding out here in Japan and got married so he was not forced to return to the USA were he would be arrested, as soon as he got his PR Visa he divorced his wife. This is why so many Japanese look down on international marriages. I agree with the mothers bring their children back to Japan. If the marriage fails and the mother wants to return to Japan and her family then she should bring her children with her, a child needs its mother more than it father. Christopher Savoie should be deported end of story!

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Posted in: Fort Hood suspect charged with murder See in context

This pond scum needs to be put to death, Anyone that kills his own men in the military is a TRAITOR and should be put to death! I hope Mr Obama signs the death penalty for this person. I will be writing to The White House on this issue.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for rape after threatening victim on cell phone See in context

Now this annoys me, he is old enough to know what is right and what is wrong, he should be charged as an adult. Anyone that rapes a female or child should hang in my books, you behave like an animal then you have no use on the planet, if you cannot execute scum like this then give them the same punishment.

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Posted in: Funeral held for murdered Shimane University student See in context

They need to find this person(killer) or persons(Killers) fast, to kill and cut up the body like he/they did is really bad. This Killer/s will hang for this crime even though they only killed one person, it is what they did to the body that will make the prosecutors call for the death sentence.

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Posted in: Lawyer asks investigators not to question Hasan See in context

Sorry 13 US Heros ... My mistake!

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Posted in: Lawyer asks investigators not to question Hasan See in context

My heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones on this terrible day. May the 12 Rest in Peace and be Honored for what they did for the USA.

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