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Posted in: Canoeist banned for 8 years for spiking rival's drink, causing positive drug test See in context

Why isn't this guy in jail?

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@Kniknaknokkaer. The next one is "getting the mind out of the gutter"

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Sometimes you need dollar bills..... and lots of them....

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Posted in: Japanese designer refutes plagiarism claims in Olympic logo See in context

The logos are virtually identical. Which brings you to the conclusion that either this is a case of:

Stupidity - which would mean that he plagiarized it thinking he would be able to get away with it on a worldwide stage. Unlikely.

Big huevos - which would mean that he plagiarized it thinking that he is too well regarded and that people would give him the benefit of the doubt. Which would also mean that he would not care about public global ridicule. Again, unlikely.

Ignorance - which would mean that he had absolutely no clue that this was identical to an existing logo. It is, after all, a rather simple logo. They researched logos that were trademarked so this one likely slipped under the radar. What is rather remarkable is that no-one along the way said "Hey! I think I've seen that before". There must have been hundreds of people who saw the thing by the time it went to print and no-one raised that concern? Logo should have gone through a thorough vetting process and the mistake wasn't caught. So assuming that he came up with it on his own, it wasn't just the designer's mistake.

The best thing that the designer and the olympic committee can do now is say, "Our bad. It was a complete and total oversight. We'll replace the logo with something else."

But before that happens, I want one of those souvenirs they've already printed. I should be a nice collector's item now ;).

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